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Through A Horoscope Darkly.. Here follows a shady, yet comical look at the 2016 Horoscope for Libra. The forecast includes the effects of the 2016 eclipses, inner planet retrogrades, the year’s mutable grand square and the movements of Jupiter and Saturn. These horoscopes are much less technical than the 2015 Horoscopes, without the decans and simplified so non-astrologers can understand them. The reports are a 1000 word summary of the years cosmic energies for each sign.  I suggest purchasing the report for your rising sign if you know it, as well as your Sun sign. To find out your rising sign use the Horoscope Maker.

Libra 2016 Horoscope ~ Excerpt

Libra I have some wonderful news for you, super-luckster Jupiter enters your sign from Sept 9, and boy do you deserve a break. Libra has been having some radical and sometimes painful transformations with the field of home and relationships over the past few years. This has been particularly hard for you because you are THE relationship sign. Libra does not cope well with disharmony and confrontation, but this is exactly what you have been forced into dealing with. Thankfully the worst of the paradigm-shifting, cosmic fireworks are over, although the fall-out for the collective at least will be felt for many years to come. You have been one of the signs ….

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Author: Marina Macario