Libra Horoscope 2018

For your Libra horoscope 2018, taskmaster Saturn travels through your domestic/parental zone all year. This is a foundation house so therefore an extremely important 2 and a half years lie ahead for you. You might have to learn not to become too reliant on any ‘parental’ support this year whether it be actual parents, the nanny state, our father who art in heaven or a ‘sugar daddy’. Becoming too attached to these ‘parents’ could mean that they abruptly withdraw their patronage from you just when you need it most. Saturn wants to teach you a lesson of self-sufficiency, and push you to attain enough strength so that you can easily function without a crutch in the future. While you may attract many wiser, older influences during this transit, they will only stay long enough to give you a nudge towards building more willpower and strength within your self.

Libra Horoscope 2018 ~ January to March

The Jan 31 Lunar Eclipse means that pursuing a creative hobby could bring you a whole new set of friends. Somehow you stumble upon an evening class or a ‘meet-up’ group and feel compelled to go along. This step into the unknown could bring a totally out-of-the-blue friendship that activates gifts that you didn’t realise you even had. What annoyed the hell out of your past acquaintances, is suddenly seen as a really good thing! With the Feb 15 Solar Eclipse, children can become very demanding of your attention, just when you are least in the mood to be a responsible adult! This eclipse forces you to include more leisure time in your life, whether you have children or not. Fun is healing and can recharge you enough so that you don’t bumble into perilous relationships.

Libra Horoscope 2018 keywords

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Mars enters your foundational 4th house to join Saturn on Mar 18. Maintaining agreement with those you live with can be quite difficult at this time as you are much less willing to compromise than usual. You will certainly need some space from the rest of the household, so don’t let others enforce too much intimacy. If you find you need to go out more or barricade yourself in your bedroom then do it. You are easily irritated at this time so respect your need to disconnect, or risk majorly offending a family member or flatmate. If you live alone, then you will enjoy making it your sanctuary. Put energy into your living space, by clearing out clutter and refreshing the décor.

Black Moon Lilith is also riding her broomstick alongside the so-called ‘malefics’. From the beginning of the year until Aug 11, she is in your 4th house. (Pluto is also in Capricorn for the long haul also.) So, you have a lot of shady characters in your most private zone, lurking in the very bowels of your chart. Potentially Lilith in this sensitive zone can be very destructive to a marriage, as this can activate a rage against all authority or parental figures. Your partner (If you have one) may not understand this is rooted in childhood trauma and take the rejection or rebellion far too personally. If you are going through this, make sure you are not projecting all your old wounds back onto your spouse and are demonizing them for no good reason. Lilith transiting through this parental zone is very good at pulling family skeletons out of the closet. This is also good opportunity to heal toxic shame which may have come from a narcissistic parent.

Libra Horoscope 2018 ~ April to June

Saturn continues rummaging among the roots of your chart. Saturnian type folk, (your real parents, grandparents or counsellors )will dish out ‘tough love’ and train you hard, rather like a martial arts guru. Saturn in your intimate zone can feel like a firm mattress for a bad back in the beginning, but as the period progresses it gets easier as you adapt to Saturn’s slow home groove. You may find you find you need to renovate your house at this time or another possibility that resonates with this transit would be to go through a course of psychotherapy.

Saturn’s self-reflection compliments Jupiter’s position in your self-esteem house nicely. Like attracts like so if you are a person that lives frugally, then this period might make you question why you think spending money on yourself is a waste of resources. Living like Gandhi is very honourable if you have renounced mammonism already. However, it is also easy to be virtuous in one’s anti-materialism if are in no danger of rising out of your benefits trap. Condemning hard-working people who are financial secure as materialistic, greedy capitalists is cop-out in that case. Acting with entitlement often comes from a narcissistic personality which in turn stems from feelings of very low self-worth. If this is the case then Jupiter will only exaggerate that low personal value.

Ceres spends an extra long time in your friendship zone in the first half of 2018 as it turns retrograde and remains in this zone until Jun 27. Ceres here could inspire you to be more socially aware and support the underdog. So working for charities that deal with abuse, addiction or those in need of refuge may appeal. On the less practical level, you may want to join groups that focus on the occult, spirituality, divination or meditation. If you have been in a co-dependant relationship or have addiction problems, you may be drawn to connect with others who have similar issues.(Like a 12 step type program.)

Libra Horoscope 2018 ~ July to September

With the Jul 13 Solar Eclipse you are no longer content to stand on the sidelines cheering on other less worthy peers. It’s all about confidence! If your parents were not inclined to champion your efforts and were rather critical of you, then you must address whether this same programming is what is holding you back now. The Jul 27 Lunar Eclipse falls in your lover’s house. The craving for pleasure is acute, so of course love affairs can feature at this time. However usually an eclipse forces some kind of change through crisis, and this could be your unfulfilled desire to have a romantic connection. The Lunar Eclipse could find you pining for someone unattainable, or it might actually manifest the much longed for love affair.

Mars Retrograde takes place in your lovers and pleasure zone from June 27 to Aug 12. This is where you want passionate Mars Retrograde to be! Oh yes, the zone of lovers, fun, leisure time and children. Mars here is not going to start any wars or get silly and resentful as it will be too busy bounding around with the dogs or ab-sailing down a cliff to be bothered with petty squabbles. Make time then to take advantage of the enthusiastic and motivating energy of the red planet and go on an adventure. Of course Mars will be going backwards, so there can be a certain amount of frustration here too, but not if you give Mars a free rein and let it play. It just won’t be taking its usual direct route that’s all. How can you be passive-aggressive while holding a multi-coloured swirl of ice cream smothered in hundreds and thousands?

With the Aug 11 Solar Eclipse in your friendship and wishes zone, you should feel motivated to reach out to your fellow human beings. At its most basic sense, this means connecting with your immediate friends. You might suddenly feel exiled and that you do not share the same common interests any longer. Mars retrograde returns to your foundational house again on Aug 13 and turns direct on Aug 28. This is your territory! If you actually work from home this is also a useful transit because Mars is well suited to wheelin’ n’ dealin’. This way you can do your best Trump impression from the comfort of your own home. Don’t get the two mixed up though, you don’t want to act Trump out in the bedroom… unless your partner likes belligerent role-playing in a blonde wig. The point is you will need a sense of humour with Mars in this most sensitive zone!

Libra Horoscope 2018 ~ October to December

Venus retrograde takes place in your possessions zone. During the first half of this period from Oct 6 to 26, Venus is in her more sensible, prudent phase where she will want you to wisely invest her money or save it. Financial opportunities should come your way and your ability to make magic with those pentacles is heightened. The very worst that could happen is that you could be seduced by a gold digger, especially during the second stage of this period. Be wary of anything that looks a little too shiny and good to be true if you want to hang onto your gains. This is also a good time to reflect on your feelings of self-worth and how it relates to your income. If you have been working on self-esteem issues, you could see the fruits from that inner-work blossom now externally. In the second half of the period Venus retrogrades back into your own sign. From Nov 1 to 16, you are given the opportunity to really reinvent yourself. On the most basic level this transit can prompt a make-over. Changing the style of your clothes, going blonde or starting a fitness routine that alters your bodies appearance on the outside are all possibilities. But it does go deeper than that, and the shiny new packaging is really a symbol of internal changes too.

Jupiter moves into your 3rd house on Nov 8. Relationships with siblings and neighbours are likely to be much better than usual and you may well feel a much closer bond towards your neighbourhood than in the past. Jupiter will be encouraging you to connect with local groups and involve yourself more in the community. A nice bit of luck can come your way through these new ties and you might find an unexpected new client base. Mostly though you should just feel very fortunate to be part of such a thriving network. You feel a very strong sense of camaraderie with the folk you come in contact with on a day-to-day level. One of the best uses of this time would be to do local research or a course of home study.

Ceres joins Venus in your cash house from Nov 11 to 16 and is solo there until Dec 28. This at a time when materialism can so engulf the true spiritual meaning of yuletide. Cooking from scratch, and eating magical, seasonal foods will infuse your body with live, solar energy. These fruit and vegetables have been kissed by the Sun so you are actually taking in light! Instead of negative Ceres craving fake bling bling, positive Ceres has you consuming produce that will have you really sparkling, from within! What an appropriate way to celebrate the return of the sun at the winter solstice.

LIBRA 2018 ~ The Decans

Libra Decan 1 ~ Sep 23 to Oct 2 (0º to 10º)

Libra Horoscope 2018The main backdrop for the whole year for you Libra is the Saturn square from Jan 1 to Dec 20. Saturn square your decan means you will be forced to learn discernment. This is because conflicts with those of a higher status will mean you won’t have the energy to waste time on projects that are more trouble than they are worth. This works out well in the end because it will force you to rip out all the draining weeds in your life. You won’t be happy at the time, but will feel wonderful in a few months, trust me!

The Lilith square from Jan 1 to Feb 6 introduces you to some of Saturn tests where you will learn to draw boundaries around yourself from vamps. You will learn to be objective and transcend those lower chakra impulses! The first half of the year is nice and busy starting with a lovely Venus trine from Jan 18 to 25. When you get harmonious transits like this they will really help mould into being whatever Saturn throws at you. The Venus opposition from Mar 7 to 14 provides an opportunity for you to solidify a relationship. Any new relationship could become more committed at this time. The Mars square from Mar 18 to Apr 4 prepares you for a bumpy time ahead. You are in the mood for combat and find it hard to hold back your temper. If you do succeed in self-control then you will find misunderstandings with the Mercury Retrograde are less likely.

The Mercury Retrograde square from Apr 4 to 14 could bring some work challenges as having Saturn testing you at the same time is not an easy gig. Try not to fall into the trap of negative thinking. You are feeling much more positive with the Venus trine from 25 Apr to May 2. This also gives you a window of luck in love too. There are more relationship challenges with the Venus square from May 20 to 27, but this is short lived. Use that time to get stuck into any work that involves design and bringing harmony to people. Hurrah, your mojo is back with a confidence inspiring Mars trine from May 16 to Jun 26. This gives you the courage to push ambitious projects ahead and ask for a wage increase if one is long overdue.

July Onwards

The Saturn square continues until Dec 20. No pain, no gain is your mantra for this period. But it doesn’t have to be that painful if you ‘Let go and let god’. Sorry for all the cheesy metaphors, but that’s probably the only way you can get through this period without going mad. Grit your teeth and mantra yourself into a trance while the universe is bashing your knuckles with a hammer. It’s an endurance test. One thing you will learn is patience and how to stay grounded no matter who pokes you. Once Saturn has passed you can lean on this wall rather than being obstructed by it. At least the Mars Retrograde trine from Jun 27 to Aug 12 is here to help you bounce over any Saturn obstacles. You probably won’t feel the pressure so much in this half of the year because you have many helpful and optimistic transits. The first of which is the Lunar Eclipse trine of Jul 27. Soft aspects from eclipses are not felt very strongly, but they are a subtle blessing that you don’t notice. Like eating healthily, you only notice the advantages from that when you eat badly!

The fabulous Venus conjunction from Jun 7 to 16 is a real feast of delights. It will also help with the trance antidote to the Saturn square. Another nice buffer is the magical Lilith trine which lasts from Aug 11 to Nov 4. This is overlapped by a super-natural Ceres conjunction from Sep 6 to 27. During this period pagan treats await you if you take the opportunity to convene with nature and heal thyself with fresh air and good, home cooked food. After that you can look forward to the coming Jupiter sextile from Nov 8 to Dec 23. That will be your first hit and will be a welcome take over from Saturn’s examinations. Although it might be deepest winter where you live, prepare for an astrological springtime. You have worked hard on preparing and nutrifying the soil, now you can grow those Jupiter dream seeds.

Libra Decan 2 ~ Oct 3 to 12 (10º to 20º)

Libra Horoscope 2018Libra is still dealing with the long-term Pluto square of transformation and resurrection from Jan 1 to Feb 5. Then you get a nice break where you can rest those psychic muscles that have been stretched into a pretzel. A little bitchy Venus square starts the year for you from Jan 3 to 9. Silly lies or slander which you can ignore. Part of the Pluto square journey is about learning not to feed the trolls. There can be quite a lot of jealousy when Venus makes hard aspects to you at the same time as Pluto is. You will need to learn to trust your intuition and at the same time become more sceptical. Yes, some people just lie like its second nature unfortunately. The Lilith square from Jan 1 to Feb 6 can also be quite treacherous when she is at odds with a sullen Venus. Watch out for those triangular relationships. The rude awakening with the background Pluto square is that you are not on an equal playing field and people will use their victim status to drain you of your sympathy, and then your resources!

The Venus trine from Jan 26 to Feb 2 is sweet because it also shows you that there are like minded kind people out there too if you don’t allow others to divide and conquer you from those who are actually your brothers and sisters. Life gets easier as springtime starts to blossom with the fragrant Venus trine from May 2 to 10. This gives you that resurrection energy again. The Pluto square feels like a series of plunging into the volcano and then rising like that Phoenix from the flames, over and over again. But each time more purification occurs, coming off in layers, with each one getting clearer. The last Venus square of the season is from May 28 to Jun 4. This is an opportunity to get tough with relationships that are not serving you. At the same time you need to question if you are not getting, is it because you are not giving? Venus is about balance and fairness. Energy is levelled out.

July Onwards

The Pluto square lasts longer and intensifies in the second half of the year from Jul 14 to Dec 12. The Venus conjunction from Aug 17 to 27 gives you your big Persephone moment. This might be the time of the year that you make that brave move to dive into a collaboration or relationship that seemed too intense or demanding. Sometimes fearing something isn’t to do with gut intuition, but could be negative programming about relationships in general that is straightjacketing you. With this transit you at least give the prospective romance a trial run instead of running for cover. You never know with Pluto, what seems dark and scary are just demons that you actually need to confront and lay to rest. It may just be a short lived affair, but one that has the ability to blow away any long held phobias.

The Mars trine from Oct 10 to 28 does a wonderful job of giving you courage and passion to tackle people and projects that would’ve overwhelmed you before. Then things go relatively quiet so you can concentrate on the ongoing detox of your life. Pluto is also about empowerment to and being fearless. Part of the process is not being afraid of death. Facing the black hole of end times can bring hope for the future when you realise that life goes on and there are cycles. The supernatural Lilith trine helps you look into other dimensions from Nov 11 to Dec 31. This is comforting because when all seems chaotic in the present moment, the knowledge of other timelines means there is always hope and the ability to see the bigger picture. This attitude serves you well as you prepare for the Saturn square from Dec 20. This will work in tandem with the Jupiter sextile from Dec 24 to 31 so that they balance each other out. Pluto leaves your decan for good and is replaced by a far less intense Saturn. Both these dark lords work in quite a similar fashion. Now that Pluto has worked on the really deep cleansing, the Saturn polish should be really easy in comparison, plus you will have the buffer of a joyful Jupiter to keep you smiling on through. The demon slaying is now well and truly over, all Saturn needs to do is clean up the mess.

Libra Decan 3 ~ Oct 14 to 22 (20º to 30º)

Libra Horoscope 2018The main gig for you this year Libra is the electrical storm of the Uranus opposition from Jan 1 to May 14. Maybe storm is too strong a word, but Uranus is a sky god after all. There is a way to weather this whirlwind however, and that is by standing right in the middle of it. That way you can download all the thunderbolts of enlightenment without being knocked too far off centre. The area where you will get shocks, surprises, rebellion and even the possibility of a Kundalini boost will be in relationships, especially if you are reading this for your rising sign. Traditionally Uranus in this position can signify divorce, but it doesn’t have to be that way at all. What I have seen with Uranus here is the threat of a split and marriages going through a bad patch. Sometimes there can be a cyber affair also, but a strong union will regroup and become stronger than ever. Uranus is very good at refreshing what has become really stale and bringing the thrills and excitement back. Yes it will be volatile and feel like a rollercoaster at times. But hey what is the point of going to a fun fair if you don’t get the adrenaline rush of the unknown. That’s what Uranus can do for you.

The Venus square will gives you your first taste of a love affair from Jan 10 to 17, if no tempting propositions show up then maybe you just aren’t looking! Instead use the square to create beautiful art that has an edge to it. The Venus trine from Feb 3 to 10 is much kinder to your social life and brings out-of-the-blue invites to unusual events. This year there is a high chance you will connect with unusual and unconventional people. New friendships start unexpectedly but equally old friends might disappear in a puff of smoke also. Uranus is about change, and change is what you will get. Love changes are very possible with the Venus opposition from Mar 23 to 30, especially when Venus is conjunct Uranus on Mar 29. Put that date in your diary and do something really nuts and you could bump into another lonely nutter. There is a challenging Mars square from Apr 24 to May 15 where you are likely to have a very short fuse, Uranus and Mars are like firecrackers when they work together in your chart. But this energy is very inventive too and great for scientific endeavours, just make sure you keep grounded! You don’t want to be zapped. No more Uranus opposition after May 14 so you can relax now. After this live wire action you get a lush and restorative Venus trine from May 20 to 27, take a break and unwind from the sizzling energy that is now fizzling away. Venus will work to neutralise any remaining sparks and you should feel much less frenetic and calmer in yourself.

July Onwards

You get a break from the crazy fun-fair energy while Uranus makes its first venture into Taurus after seven whole years in your opposite sign. This sign-change signals a paradigm shift in the collective as well as in your own life. Uranus has been in your decan for the last two years so this is the end of all that unpredictable mayhem and bolts from the blue. Uranus in Taurus should be far more sedate! The Lilith square will give you some spice if you are having any Uranus scandal withdrawal symptoms from May 8 to Aug 10. One of the most romantic transits of the year is the extended stay of your lovely ruling planet Venus in your own sign. The Venus conjunction from Aug 28 to Sep 8 gives you the first taste of its beneficence. If Uranus hasn’t conjured up a new lover for you yet then Venus may do the job instead. Make sure you are available for all invites and events and get social. There are so many juicy transits going on in the second half of the year as well as the last thunderclap of Uranus before he leaves Aries for good. One of the more racy transits will be the Mars Retrograde square from Aug 13 to 27, this adds more emphasis on relationships and reviewing them. Your love relationships certainly are being tested Libra, but they are probably due for an overhaul anyway. With retrogrades there is always the possibility of old flames turning up, especially when both the Venus and Mars retrogrades are aspecting your decan this year. Thankfully Uranus is not adding to the intensity just yet, but the sky god will return to help jazz up any romance that might have blossomed under the love and sex planets later on in the year. In the meantime, the Mars square could bring up jealousy from your long term partner if there have been any flirtations going on. There could be silly arguments around Aug 28 to Sep 10. Then everything settles down for a good while.

There is the possibility that you need to take a break from any collaborations, business or pleasure until the dust has settled. A good time for a reconciliation is with the Venus Retrograde conjunction in your sign from Nov 1 to 16. The goddess of love works to make the peace and re-ignite passion for your regular partner. It also makes you appreciate what you do best in your job too if you have been feeling like you need to do something different. The grass is greener attitude operates not just in relationships for you, but also in your creative life. The Ceres conjunction from Oct 20 to Nov 11 reminds you what is really important in love when you get together with family or go visit relatives you haven’t seen for some time. You have the energy to travel, with the Mars trine from Oct 30 to Nov 15. You can use this energy with the concurrent Ceres trine in your work to make something classic and long-lasting out of organic or natural materials. The last visit of the Uranus opposition from Nov 7 to Dec 31 sees you through the Christmas period. This is exciting as you don’t know who is going to turn up to help stuff the Turkey. Make sure you get a big enough bird (or whatever beast or bean you like to have) and prepare for the unexpected. With Uranus there is always the chance that you might end up flying somewhere exotic for the festivities and having a very untraditional holiday season instead!

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