Libra Horoscope 2017

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Libra continues to benefit from the blessings of jovial Jupiter in 2017. Keep milking the generosity for all it is worth. It might be a good time to start an apprenticeship or start a course of study as you are at your best learning! This year there is more going on inside your mind than you are willing to divulge to others. You will be more comfortable taking in information than giving it out.

Social occasions will still be enjoyed, especially as Jupiter will throw you some fancy invites, but you will people-watch rather than be the life and soul of the party. Locally you will feel that your environment is quite magical, even if Saturn keeps forcing you off the beating track by throwing obstacles in your regular path. Random and seemingly fateful encounters should bring nice, new, neighbourhood connections in 2017.

Libra 2017 Horoscope Summary

The eclipses will throw you some curve balls amongst your close pals. Friends unexpectedly just fall off radar, while those you had lost all contact with, mysteriously turn up in odd places you wouldn’t expect. There is also the chance of an Ex making an out-of-the-blue appearance too, maybe just on social media, but it’s enough to cause a stir.

The planets are giving you a good chance to improve your health and fitness this year. You will use your Libra weighing scales to balance the Jupiter indulgence with detoxing and a new fitness regime. Much colonic irrigation has been taking place in the bowels of you chart over the last few years with Uranus square Pluto. 2017 is the year you get your Mojo back, and you should feel much more upbeat.

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