Libra eBooks

Each Libra decan is a 8 page, beautifully illustrated ebook in pdf format. The ebook includes interpretations for the Sun, Moon, AC, MC, Mercury, Venus & Mars in each decan. There are also detailed explanations of the fixed stars in the decan. Examples in the links below.

Libra Decan 1 ~ Libra Decan 2 ~ Libra Decan 3

More Decan eBooks

8 thoughts on “Libra eBooks

  1. Hi I just wanted to ask one question. I am a 3rd Decan libra born on October 14th and my boyfriend is a 1st Decan Aquarius. Throughout the entire relationship I have felt more in love than I ever have with anyone. He is so perfect for me no one has ever made me this happy in a relationship. Can someone tell me how compatable we are and what are some characteristics of our relationship? Thank you very much??????!

  2. Hey there, first off I LOVE your site. I read it regularly. I wanted to ask about decans for rising signs? I am Cancer Decan 2, my rising sign in Libra. What decan would you recommend I refer to for Libra? my rising calculation is: 9-Jul-81 born @ 1:00pm at 49.32Latitude -123.06Longitude. Thanks so much XO

  3. Wow this was super amazing I hope to be able to find more of your work 🙂 thank you

  4. As a libra decan 1…I don’t like triangular relationships… I only want one and i want to be the ONLY one…

    1. Yes it is like that but they tend to keep trying out new relations due to cosmic energy.

  5. i cannot access the libra weekly horoscopes.
    is there a problem with the connection?

  6. Can’t find how to access the monthly horoscope by decan. Did you discontinue?

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