Leo Horoscope 2021


In 2021 Leo will learn to...... Love!

Your Leo horoscope 2021 contains the best opportunities for meeting your soulmate that you will probably ever have in your life! This is because the rare Jupiter conjunction Saturn will take place in your marriage sector. This brings both luck, happiness and long-term security to all your relationships. It’s not just about romance either.

If you are already married then this golden pair could bring about an extremely fortunate artistic or business collaboration. You could feel very blessed this year in all your dealings with others. This is a fantastic year for reaching out to others so don’t be a sad soloist. Make beautiful duets, quartets, quintets… the possibilities are endless. Oh and if you have any battles with open enemies, you will be on the winning side. To paraphrase a certain Leo rising, there will be so much winning you will get bored of winning!

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Leo 2021 - Saturn & Jupiter

Challenges & Opportunities

Saturn has entered your house of relationships. This is a major transition house, where Saturn ascends out of the inner zone of your chart and out over the horizon. It’s time to test how well you hold yourself when confronted with the needs of others. Your capabilities will be tested too so give projects and people your best and you will get the best. If you find people do desert you, it is simply showing that you are not in the same league as them…yet!

This is where Saturn’s law of karma comes into play, where you have wisely invested will start to pay off. If not, more effort is needed. Saturn rewards hard work. A marriage break up is the traditional interpretation for Saturn in this sector, but only if your relationship had been left to rot. At least Saturn here can reconstitute any stinking residue to fertilise the romantic soil for new growth. The 7th house is one of the foundational houses of the chart, so this is one of the most important Saturn transits. Commitments made in partnerships over this period, whether to fix or finish them, will impact all other areas of your life.

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Leo Horoscope 2021 artwork: Mixed media collage by Marina using archive photo of Leo woman Mae West.

Leo 2021 Love Horoscope


January & February

leo 2021 horoscopeYou should know by now that you are the luckiest sign this year for love, because Jupiter will be in your marriage house in 2021. It’s going to be boosted by Saturn being in there as well. Because Saturn will bring stability and make this relationship stick for the next two and a half years. Whatever relationship you get into this year, it will make sure that it goes for the long haul. You also start the year with Venus being very romantic in your 5th house of love affairs, which is different from your marriage house. It’s more about casual sex really and recreational pastimes. Just fun, games and playtime. A very childlike energy, which is great for flirting. But it doesn’t guarantee long term love unless you have something going on with the seventh house as well. At least until January 9th you get the added boost of Venus being very romantic in that fifth house to really help Jupiter along the way.

But February is a phenomenal month for love because Venus is going to join Saturn and Jupiter AND the Sun and also mercury retrograde in your seventh house of marriage. One by one these conjunctions benefit you greatly. The first one on February 6th is Venus conjunct Saturn and helps solidify a relationship into something serious. You could raise the issue of commitment on that day and that should go down well. But then even better, is the mega romantic Jupiter Venus conjunction on February 11th. Not too far away from Valentine’s Day! So make sure you celebrate in style with that one. The day before Valentine’s Day February the 13th is when Venus joins Mercury Retrograde. So if there’s an old love that you still are holding a candle for, they may come back and you might get a second chance of a reunion with them. Just keep your mind open for that as long as there’s someone who is worth getting back with! Venus is there until February the 25th. Make the most of it and on go on a romantic holiday. A honeymoon would be perfect and especially getting married or engaged with Venus conjunct Jupiter on the 11th. So February is probably the best month of the year for love. It will be lucky most of the year anyway, but that is definitely the highlight.


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