Jupiter square or opposite Uranus can be quite fanatical in the pursuit of personal freedom. This is due to the dynamism of the hard aspects creating sparks from Uranus and amplified by fellow sky god Jupiter. This is an incredibly rebellious and forceful aspect and can bring great success for the individual who has this, especially if they are involved with spiritual or social reformation. They create exciting new utopias and visions for the future that can inspire others to follow them on their path to illumination.

Jupiter square Uranus:  17 January 2021

Uranus is the great enlightener, so it can be a Kundalini awakening also since with Jupiter spirituality and sex merge. Jupiter and Uranus also both share thunderbolts in common! Uranus is associated with electricity, so these fellows both need a great deal of space to allow that inspirational lightening to fizzle freely. Jupiter square or opposite Uranus is controversial, volatile, spirited but always unique and inventive. They come up with the most eccentric ideas, which tend to be rejected at first, until the world catches up with them.

Jupiter-square-UranusReligious Rebels & Sudden Departures

These folk are religious rebels who are not likely to take up their parent’s beliefs, as they want to be unconstrained by dogma. Often though, they will replace parental religious doctrines with some other ritual. Their replacement ‘God’ may be a footballer, or a rock star, but they will still be worshipped with the same kind of devotional fervour. Another manifestation of this aspect is a fascinated for other worlds, ancient wisdom and alien philosophies.

Jupiter/Uranus will feel more at home with foreign beliefs than with that of their native culture. Travel of course is extremely important to them, and they are the eternal gypsies, especially if they have personal planets plugged into this aspect. But with these hard aspects they may also be labelled commitment-phobes when it comes to settling down with a mate.

Yes, Jupiter was the nymph chaser and Uranus is unconventional in its relationship choices. These people need space like they need air to breathe and get claustrophobic if pressured into living within the boundaries of a timetable. Jupiter in hard aspect to Uranus always wants the opportunity to make a sudden getaway if need be.

These people thrive on sudden departures to exotic, far-flung places. They also love wide-open spaces, trekking up mountains and feeling the wind in their hair. Jupiter square or opposite Uranus natives have a dashing appeal and are sexually electric, but they are notoriously difficult to pin down.

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Jupiter/Uranus In Hard Aspect

Jupiter Opposition Uranus

No-limits navigator Christopher Columbus is a great example of the endless horizon generated by this aspect. The famous explorer is credited with bumping into the New World on his way to Japan in 1492. Columbus is no longer regarded as an honored, brave hero who sailed across what was thought of back then as a flat earth, but instead a genocidal, imperialist conqueror.

The historical context shows a more complicated story, however. Columbus could only have access to a ship and crew with backing from the monarchy. The prime objective was to find another trade route to the spices and herbs of India and China. “The Islamic powers had effectively closed the land routes to the East and made the sea route south from the extremely hard to access.” So after two rejections Columbus finally got backing due to Spain’s trade needs.

For Columbus, the religious themes of Jupiter shine through. In his own words: “took thought to send me, Christopher Columbus, to the said parts of India, to see those princes and peoples and lands…and the manner which should be used to bring about their conversion to our holy faith, and ordained that I should not go by land to the eastward, by which way it was the custom to go, but by way of the west, by which down to this day we do not know certainly that anyone has passed” 

Columbus was a genius navigator no matter what, and interestingly less of an entrepreneur/colonizer than you might think. “the admiral’s apparently high religious and even mystical aspirations were incompatible with the realities of trading, competition, and colonization.” It seems Columbus’s mission was mostly about religious conversion and being divinely ordained by ‘god’ to take over the lands that he ‘discovered’. This zeal for religious conquest was no unusual for the times though. Ottoman Empire. But Columbus was a great example of the transpersonal energy of these two planets embodied in an individual.

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Jupiter Square Uranus

Jupiter square opposite UranusJohn F Kennedy certainly was charged with the electric charisma that comes with this aspect. Much is made of the fact that JFK was TV friendly and that’s why he won the Presidency in 1960. “He was an immensely popular president, at home and abroad. At times he seemed to be everywhere at once…. bringing brilliant advisers to the White House..”

The only obstacle to the Whitehouse was the fact that J.F.K was a Roman Catholic. “He tackled the Catholic issue again, by avowing his belief in the separation of church and state in a televised speech before a group of Protestant ministers in Houston.” ~ Encyclopedia Britannica

Unfortunately, the assassination of J.F.K in 1963 put an end to some of Kennedy’s ambitious plans, like for example restructuring the federal reserve system. Kennedy “supported eliminating tax loopholes which benefit the super-rich. His economic policies were publicly attacked by Fortune magazine, the Wall Street Journal and both David and Nelson Rockefeller.”

Jupiter for J.F.K falls in his 8th house of death, debt, and other people’s money and is conjunct fixed star Algol, the notorious star of beheading and assassination. (Kennedy died from a shot to the head). The square from Uranus shows the far-reaching, radical changes Kennedy was willing to make as a President. Sadly the ‘sudden departure’ element of Jupiter square Uranus proved to be fatal for him. The controversy over the death of John F. Kennedy continues to this day.

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