June 23 2013

Mercury Retrograde July 2013Mercury stations retrograde from June 26 to July 20. It will travel between 13º – 23º Cancer. Mercury enters the shadow on June 10, which means Mercury starts the period aligned with Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. We are into the dog days when we all go mad and hysterical, according to the ancient Romans that is. The shock of the summer sun can jump-start our libido if it has been flagging though. Sirius also can be success that can burn, so this Mercury retrograde period we will look at “burnout” and what we can do to avoid it. The balancing of moods and the right and left sides of the brain is highlighted in the two zones Mercury will be travelling through. Cancer decan 2 are the devoted wolves, moody and with bolt from the blue emotions and the Cancer decan 3 are about polarity, good V evil and feelings that swing between two extremes. The themes of this retrograde period are about balancing the heat and water in our bodies and examining the ebb and tides of our emotions.

Mercury Rx Chart

Mercury Retrograde June/July 2013 will be all about the deep blue sea of our feelings and the equanimity of that water grand trine. That’s a pretty huge statement about balance there. The Sun, Saturn Rx and Neptune Rx form a grand trine. Saturn trine Neptune turns dreams into reality. It gives us determination to see that vision carried out. Goals seem destined, but one may need to sacrifice personal pleasures to achieve them. The Sun makes it a grand trine and this is brings Sun trine Neptune into it, which I found to be about imagination and glamour that comes with a price. The trine goes with the flow, so with Neptune it can make one easily suggestible. The willpower is easily swayed by smoke and mirrors with this aspect.

Ordinarily this trine could find it hard to resist escapism, drugs or alcohol, but I think the Sun trine Saturn at the same time will give it the whole pattern great willpower and stamina. What it might show is our will being tested. There is great structure here underpinning the Neptune shimmer though, so this trine has substance. Mercury on the chart is on Pollux the immortal, dark twin, so we will be utilising our shadow in balancing our psyche. He will also be testing our will and do this by triggering who or what really winds us up. Do we secretly actually want to be the person we really hate. Are covering up our envy? What qualities in them are we just too afraid to express in ourselves?

Mercury Retrograde June 2013This Mercury Retrograde period I think will be quite beneficial in the long term, but we will have to confront our “Evil twin” first. This will get us to revise and renovate how we build our dreams. It will enable us to find the balance with what we are willing to sacrifice for them. If we have been so obsessed with career goals in the past, but health or quality time spend with the family has suffered, these few weeks are for you. They can be used to finally find a way to balance mind, body and spirit if we do what the trine says and find time to look inward. Trines are about being more than doing. Mercury retrograde is a perfect excuse for just being then, especially if you are one of those electric types who only have to look at something electronic during Merc Rx for it to explode.

Mercury Rx Journey

Mercury Retrograde June 2013Mercury starts off in the shadow zone on June 10. The first star it hits is Sirius which is highly fortunate “Great business success, help through influential people, worries unnecessarily, associated with the Church.” We get this influence on June 11, July 15/16 Rx & July 26. Then Mercury on Castor, the “good” twin, gives “Remarkable psychic powers entailing criticism and ridicule but eventual prominence.” We get this influence on June 18/19, July 5/6 Rx & August 2. Lastly Mercury confronts Pollux the “Evil” twin “Unbalanced mind, unpopular and peculiar occupation, trouble with father through relatives or enemies, domestic disharmony, anxiety, loss through land, property and mines” This shadow is highlighted on June 22/24, June 30 – July 3 Rx & August 3/4. Sirius, Castor and Pollux give us our three landmarks under which we can examine what we are revising. The third and final hit on these stars should bring resolution to what was begun at the first date. Look to see what house this falls to see where the renovations and renewals will take place. My weekly horoscope will give you an idea of how this Mercury retrograde period will affect you personally.

Mercury Rx Dates June – August 2013

Mercury enters shadow zone on June 10 at 13º 22’ Cancer
Mercury Stations Retrograde on June 26 at 23º 06’ Cancer 1:07 pm BST 9:07 am EDT 6:07 am PDT.
Mercury Stations Direct on July 21 at 13º22’ Cancer 7:22 pm BST 1.22 pm EDT 10.22 am PDT.
Mercury leaves shadow zone on August 3 at 23º 06’ Cancer.

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