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Joe Biden Horoscope Transcript From YouTube. Joe Biden then, now he has a very shady 12th house emphasis with the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars all in Scorpio, what a surprise! Now Ceres is on his IC. The first thing I thought when I saw that (because it’s kind of Persephone) that he’s been abused at some point. So, I don’t know. It’s in the home somewhere. I don’t know. I don’t want to elaborate on it too much, but he’s had some sort of trauma…

And also he’s got Uranus conjunct his descendant as well. So some kind of big shock. He does look. Well, I know he’s, I know he’s a bit senile now, but he just looks like his soul isn’t quite there. You know, it’s somewhere else. He’s also got Dschubba rising which is the Scorpion. And it’s one of the stars that comes up for psychopaths. Now, I’m not saying that anybody has Dschubba rising is a psychopath, but it is one of the more difficult stars. So let’s look into Dschubba.

JOE Biden Horoscope

Joe Biden Horoscope

So, according to tradition, the Ebertins say these stars (In Scorpio) are credited with having the ability to do research, especially research into things particularly secret or hidden nurture nature, in lower types, however, a tendency to false hood and treason can be noted. So yeah, it’s really good for people who are looking into the occult and, you know, wanting to whistleblow on the darker side of this, this energy and Eric Morse says of Dcshubba it is a fighter of great skill and characterises Mars Saturn perfectly.

Anyone with a star strong in their horoscope is likely to show a patient and wary approach to any situation. Scorpio is famous for the surgeons born in it and this star shows up just the qualities they need to have. The same applies to generals, policemen, private investigators and Secret Service agents. So it is a detective and it’s also a great, sort of, forensic scientists type of energy. But the worst interpretation of it is by Ptolemy, and he says it causes sudden assaults, malevolence, immorality, and shamelessness.

And this is what I wrote about this Dcshubba Ascendant for my research at the time. I didn’t know of Joe Biden, really, so he’s not in my list of celebs. But just so you know, other people with this are Leonardo da Vinci John Dee the magician, Timothy Leary Julian Assange investigator, James Dean, Marlon Brando, Jude Law, you know, it has some real sort of sex symbols as well Elizabeth Taylor. Who else, Courtney Cox, Mark Bolan and Ellen DeGeneres, Peter Sutcliffe, the killer. Oh my god Rose and Fred West Davison and the USA chart has this rising and Russia so that’s kind of interesting. So yeah, Joe Biden I guess resonates with the energy of the USA but I don’t think he’s going to become president unless something really weird happens…

But yeah, this is what I found out about Ascendant Sagittarius decan 1. These natives will be very likely to attract very dark Cupid type relationships into their lives because ingesting the energy from such a lover will promote the purging of toxins from their body, no matter how hard they try, they cannot avoid meeting the shadow in their romantic relationships. But this is a position of extremes where these people will either be very successful or utter failures. And I wrote, “if they do fail in a project that they’ve invested very highly into it, they can become violent or severely depressed at the perceived rejection by the public. And they can attract very possessive partners or themselves be very jealous in relationship.”

So, you know, you see, there’s always a double edged sword with this kind of energy. So yeah, although it is Sagittarius Decan one, it does contain two really huge big important stars with Scorpio in there, Antares, for one, and this one Dschubba and also there’s a lot of Ophuichus here as well, which is the serpent bearer. So it can be the healer or can be the wounder Oh, there’s also three stars in the wolf as well. So yeah, it is very creepy. Like creepy, creepy wolf side to it.

Joe Biden Prediction

So what transits has Joe Biden got going on? Well transiting Ceres is on his South node. So this abuse is coming to haunt him and I did say in the beginning with his Ceres on the IC that maybe he’s been abused but look, transiting Neptune is on his IC so I knew, I knew, I didn’t have to even look at the chart. It’s so weird, isn’t it, how it works out? I promise I didn’t look and it’s Neptune on his IC. So he is getting that Neptune transit and Venus retrograde (Love Bites!) will obviously be square that as well. Yeah, so May 3rd 2020 is going to be a really important day for Joe Biden. UPDATE: (May 3rd headline on CNN website.) Biden confronts allegation as he prepares for unprecedented campaign against Trump . (Tara Reade Assault Accusation)

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  1. Btden had a son die in a car accident and something else happen to another family member-so the “tragedy” may have been later in life.
    I think his behaviour re:children in public shows him unconciously “reveal” the “method” of the “elite”=12 house unconcious very cosy w/10th house and 8th house Jupiter (“what’s the problem?”)…

  2. Woops – a Virgo House 10 – but its ruler is in House 12 – so also applicable interpretation. I still think the Sun bringing consciousness and light to that dark and hidden place in the chart is identifying with the topics and people and situations included there. He has worked behind the scenes in a powerful way I think. A very modest and humble guy with a very outgoing and warm personality. A public servant – and a dignified Moon in House 6 place of service.

  3. About House 12 – Marina! The Sun is there in that weighted house, ruling House 10 and as such is being pulled up – is the exception to the house 12 interpretation. This is a powerful placement for those with careers that deal with H12 situations such as incarceration, debility, abuse , any under representation and powerlessness etc. He was instrumental in getting a domestic violence legislation in place – ensuring it no longer be seen as a private affair not to be policed or intervened with.The marginalized, the weak, the unseen are who he is representing in his career with this placement. Interesting that Mars in Scorpio is there with the advocacy for abused women. This run for president is this time including a strong VP that would be able to be a great support to him. He could very well win. The situation is extreme here. It will be a nasty fight and if lost by the current will not be lost with any grace at all. Sore winners make even sorer losers.

  4. Well – it is an interesting candidate – a compromise for sure to ensure the current is removed. A middle road has been taken. I think after the death of his son, Beau, which precluded his run in 2016, his energy was given to grieving, once again. His life story has a lot to do with sudden, unexpected, untimely deaths of loved ones. I think he is running out of a sense of moral obligation to bring the country back from the brink of fascism. As for childhood abuse or the like, recently, it has come out after the DNC speeches that he overcame stuttering. That would have been a very hard situation as a child, back in the day when even less was known about the condition. This reminds me of King George, the VI, The King’s Speech king. To become a public speaker after overcoming this debility is extraordinary. PS – A very interesting chart is that of Kamala Harris with her Aries Moon opposition Libra Sun. She will fight for the collective (Moon H ) but her Joy is in sharing and debate and Justice.

    • I didn’t know about the death of Biden’s son. Yes that explains the trauma. But I think this is elder abuse. You need a strong leader, not someone who clearly very vulnerable.
      The fascism you describe is in your deep state not your leader! If you had REAL fascism, Trump would be clamping down on 95% of your mass media. He is not. All he does is call them ‘fake news’, but they still have their platforms. Neither is he burning any books. Why is it all the QAnon accounts are being banned of Twitter? Why are doctors who speak against lockdowns and mask-wearing (You god-given right to breathe!) being banned. I’m sorry, but mask-wearing Jo just shows he has no sense of freedom or liberty. A sad puppet.
      PS. Trump may be a puppet too, but I think he has far too much ego for that. In these times, ego is actually an asset. Plus he has the mandate of the people. Also, the sore losers were defo on the Democrat side in 2016 were they not?. We had the same thing in the UK with the Remoaners.


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