Hillary Clinton ~ President Or Prison?


25 Years ago, if I was a US citizen, maybe I would have voted for Hillary Clinton. Back then, fresh out of art school and a liberal/left winger, I was also quite naive politically, but in those days, there was no alternative media. Even 10 years ago, in my then feminist mindset, I still might’ve thought any woman as a candidate was preferable to Donald Trump.

In today’s culture of identity politics, if you are part of the LGTB community, a celebrity, arty, an immigrant, a hippie, new ager, latino, black or a woman then you vote Democratic. This seems to stand, no matter who the leader of the party is! But in this election, that could all change. I said I didn’t want to look at Hillary Clinton’s chart originally because of the missing birthtime, and I’m still not going to directly.

True to Hillary’s character, we have many different times just to throw us off the scent. However we can still look at the chart of her only daughter, Chelsea Clinton, who does have an A rated time. The idea came to me after watching newly discovered Vedic astrologer Joni Patry’s commentary on the election. Bravely, Joni is the only astrologer (out of the across-the-board predictions of Hillary to win,) that says Hillary may NOT be inaugurated.

Joni Patry seems to agree with me, that Trump has a karmically significant chart. Joni brings up the fixed star Regulus connection and Trump’s synastry to the US horoscope. This is why I don’t think Hillary has the Presidency in the bag at all! But without a clear time for Hillary Clinton, I cannot put my head on the block and state outright that Trump will win, just that he has a good chance.

Neptune/South Node ~ Election Fraud

With Neptune on the South Node in the sky during the election, the chance of election fraud is very high. I had the same concerns with the Brexit vote, and my gut wanted to go for a sure ‘Leave’ result. However when the polls, betting odds and peer pressure is all against it, you tend to err on the side of caution. Even worst than “Brexit” though, a prediction of a Trump win gets you labelled as biased, or much worse…

However, I will do a Perseus on this question and use the mirror of Chelsea Clinton’s chart in order to avoid looking directly at the Medusa that is Hillary. I’m also interested in the relationship between Chelsea and her mother, since it strikes me as being so connected with Ceres/Eris themes. Eris has been triggered by Uranus on and off this year, and during that time it has been joined by Ceres too.

If Eris is Persephone, then the dark triad of Ceres/Eris/Pluto and narcissism are also highlighted in the collective. On a personal level for Chelsea, her father Bill is typecast playing predator Pluto and mother Hillary suits co-dependant, martyr Ceres who can suddenly turn on you. Chelsea’s microcosmic drama is playing out in the media macrocosm right now.

Chelsea Clinton’s Horoscope & Hillary As Sun

Chelsea Clinton Horoscope
Chelsea Clinton Horoscope

Chelsea Clinton’s chart has a Yod to Ceres and a very tight Venus/Pluto opposition. Both Persephone signatures. The house of the mother is the 10th house, so this represents Hilary in Chelsea’s chart. In whole sign houses the 10th is the sign of Leo and contains the MC, North Node and the Moon. It describes a lioness mother, a queen of high standing.

The Leo decan 1 Moon is the most elevated planet in the chart, Chelsea must really look up and admire her mother. Herself a mother of two this Moon could of course be describing the importance of Chelsea’s own status as a mother. Chelsea’s North Node is on Regulus, which means Chelsea’s soul evolution and life purpose is tied up with Donald Trump! Trump’s Ascendant is also on Regulus.

But how do we unravel Hillary Clinton from all of this? The Sun rules the 10th house of the mother. So the Sun in Pisces is Hillary in Chelsea’s chart. This fits as Hillary will have a Pisces Moon wether she was born at 8am or 8pm. The Sun is opposite a very tight Mars/Jupiter conjunction, both retrograde in Virgo. The Virgo/Pisces axis tends to reflect themes of Victim/Saviour and of course Hillary has continually played the saviour on the world stage with her so called ‘charity’, the Clinton Foundation.

Bill Clinton in Chelsea’s chart is shown as the 4th house ruler Saturn opposite another retrograde planet Mercury. Again this falls in the Virgo/Pisces axis. That Virgo house in Chelsea’s chart describes her father very well. Mars/Jupiter describes the sex addiction and scandals while Black Moon Lilith shows the ‘other women’. So I’m happy with using the Sun a significator for Hillary.

Hillary Clinton Peak Periods & Transits

Transits to Chelsea’s Sun will show us how Hillary will fair in this 2016 election. We can also perhaps try zodiacal releasing from the sign of Leo in Chelsea’s chart to see when her mother’s peak periods are. We can also turn the chart like we do in horary astrology where Chelsea’s 10th house becomes Hillary’s 1st, but if we do this it means that we will have another Leo rising chart, just like Donald Trumps. So it is almost like Hillary and Trump are two sides of the same coin. Each one is showing the collective their own shadow and the division is between the sexes too. Hillary is the devouring mother and witch to men while Trump is the misogynist pig for women. Check your mother/father issues with each one!

Hillary Clinton Election 2016

Chelsea’s part of fortune is in Gemini, so mutable signs are peak periods. Looking at Leo for Chelsea’s mother’s peak periods, we see Hillary is ending a 20 year, Virgo L1 peak cycle that started back in Nov 19 1998. Hillary was first lady to Bill Clinton from Jan 1993 – 2001. The Monica Lewinsky scandal broke at the start of this Virgo 1998 period. Virgo for Chelsea happens to be the house containing Saturn Bill and the sexual scandal stellium of Mars/Jupiter and Lilith.

This makes sense in terms of the themes I have uncovered so far. It seems the Lewinsky scandal kicked off Hillary’s determination to be a politician in her own right. In 1999 Hillary became the first, 1st lady to become a candidate for elected office and now here we are in 2016 with Hillary running for president herself. This peak period clearly shows Hillary’s rise as a political force in the world. But, it comes to an end in August 2018.

President or Bust?

I’m not sure how well turning the chart works with zodiacal releasing, but I find it uncanny that this story seems to fit so well with Hillary’s rise in politics. Using Chelsea’s chart, in Mar 19 2016, Hillary started a new Pisces L2 peak cycle, which is also a loosening of the bond year! (Hillary as the Sun in Chelsea’s chart and Hillary’s actual natal Moon are both in Pisces.) So during this time Hillary either becomes president or retires from politics altogether.

As stated in the Trump post, Obama has a loosening of the bond in May 2017 and Trump has one starting in Dec 2017. What are the chances?!! Using this turning method, Hillary’s bonds ends in Mar 2017, so both democrats are having this rare change in the same year. This could be read two ways. Yes Hillary will be the next president and Obama is coming to the end of his time. OR the Democratic party, in its current form, is on its way out.

Hillary ClintonChelsea’s mother, Hillary the Sun, is very strong in Chelsea’s chart and it is ruled by a very volcanic, yet possibly passive-aggressive Rx Mars conjunct Rx Jupiter. Jupiter is in a powerful mutual reception with Mercury. Hillary has the mass media working for her. It will get her into office. But, (and this could just be my own bias) it still feels like the end of something. Victory would be by the skin of Hillary’s teeth and her success is burning out. We cannot ignore that even generally, Hillary (as Chelsea’s mother) is nearing the end of a 20 year L1 cycle and Hillary’s health is questionable too.

Hillary & Chelsea’s Synastry ~ Intense Bondage

Hillary & Chelsea's SynastryA quick look at the synastry between Hillary and her daughter shows Hillary’s Mars/Pluto conjunct Chelsea’s Moon, which is very overpowering indeed. Hilary’s Saturn is conjunct Chelsea’s MC, so of course Hillary’s standing gives Chelsea status, it is also a karmic binding too.

Hillary’s Venus on Chelsea’s AC is a devoted love for her daughter, they are both in Scorpio though, so intense! Hillary’s Moon may well be conjunct Chelsea’s Mercury opposition Saturn. All these conjunctions make looking at transits to them both even more important in terms of a connected fate. The bond between Chelsea and Hillary has very strong karmic ties.

Chelsea Clinton’s Election Day Transits

This is utterly significant! Transiting Neptune* conjunct the South Node falls exactly on Chelsea’s Sun. Remember this Sun represents Hillary, and Neptune really is exactly conjunct! The stellium of Uranus/Eris/Ceres (which was active in Brexit) is opposing Chelsea’s 12th house Pluto. Persephone exposes corrupt abusers in the underworld.

If we turn the chart and read the Uranus/Eris/Ceres transit for Hillary, the 12th is Hillary’s 3rd house of communications, therefore it means exposing more of her damning emails and messages. The Tr Sun shines a torch on Chelsea’s ascendant on * Nov Election day which is also Hillary’s turned IC. This shows the end of the matter, the lowest point of the chart. Buried skeletons may be pulled up from the depths.

Toxic Neptune Flush

Transits Election day
Transits Election day

Neptune’s transit to the Sun as Chelsea’s mother can signal illness or great fatigue. On someone who is robust, this transit could mean becoming a saviour figure, psychic or mystic, but Hillary clearly has health issues.

Neptune conjunct the Sun generally is the dissolving of ego, but in Hillary’s case it is also the dissolving of boundaries, and open borders between nations. It is also an auto-immune disease. I have already made this point in my Saturn square Neptune post, but not being able to set boundaries as an individual results in attracting abusive, narcissistic and toxic relationships. Why should it be any different for a nation?

Nature is a great teacher. Countries are like people. A person/country can take in new influences gradually, so that the body/nation can build up immunity and assimilate. Influenza in Italian is actually the flu. Exposure to foreign bodies is good for you within limits. There has always been a kind of natural, organic migration of people. What Hillary is proposing is not organic or natural, it is not healthy for the world and she is a living symbol of what America will look like if she succeeds in her mission.

Religious Cults & Brain Washing

The dissolving of the ego is how some religious cults work. Ego is seen as negative, but positively it is sovereignty, a Regulus trait. Carers, psychics and those who have poor psychic shields tend to suffer with auto-immune issues from giving too much. Other Neptune saviours kid themselves that they are helping others, but are really enabling the ‘victim’ to remain dependant upon them. This is the mother of a heroin addict who scores for her child rather than witness the agony of cold turkey. Subconsciously she knows, once the child is well they become independent, they don’t need their nursemaid any more.

Hillary MedusaHillary’s focus on women’s rights in this campaign is totally bogus. If it is anything, it is a need to project her own abused ‘rights’, experienced via the infidelities (to put it mildly) from husband Bill. The shadow of Hillary’s toxic marriage is  reflected so blatantly onto Donald Trump. There is material in the Clinton’s War Against Women book which talks of Hillary causing more trauma and abuse to women already assaulted by her husband.

Thinking about all this, it even actually deeply sexist to vote for Hillary just because she is a woman. Female politician does not automatically equal, caring and compassionate. Interestingly Chelsea’s progressed Sun (as Hillary) is now conjunct Chelsea’s natal Eris. Negative Eris (Hillary) is Kali the destroyer while daughter Chelsea could be positive Eris, the whistleblower. (Sorry, I know all this dual Chelsea/Hillary can be confusing!)

Hillary & The Shadow Government

The shadow government are an undemocratic dictatorship that work within the mainstream media, education and globalist corporations. This shadow just needs a front person that will act as their puppet and ‘brand’. Unfortunately we women are prime targets of manipulation because of our instinctual desire to heal, nurture and protect society’s most vulnerable people.

This is Persephone syndrome, the most empathic of women will also be the ones most easily duped by predators, because they only see goodness in the ‘Dark Cupid’s’ soul. Sometimes it is only once Persephone has been ‘raped’ and hits rock bottom that she learns to defend herself. Nature is harsh though, some Persephone phoenixs will rise from the ashes and teach others to rise too, while others remain stuck in the underworld

Medusa & Reflections

MedusaHillary Clinton faces her shadow big time with this election, every sexual allegation she throws at Donald Trump is flung back at her with Bill’s face on it. Back to the Medusa/Hillary connection. Chelsea has asteroid Medusa conjunct her Ascendant so this myth is important to her whole life. In mythology the god Neptune was Medusa’s rapist and defiled the once beautiful goddess in the temple of Pallas Athena.

Pallas Athena turned Medusa into the ugly, snake-haired gorgon that we know today. All because Medusa disrespected Athena’s temple, through an act that was no fault of her own. (That is, unless Medusa was asking for it by not veiling her wild seductive hair, but that’s a topic for another post!). Essentially then, Medusa was betrayed by her own sex. Perseus, when trying to slay Medusa had to use a mirror, as the gorgon lady’s stare could turn a man to stone.

Hate Speech, Shame & Demonisation

The Medusa/Algol archetype in a person’s chart does not mean they are ‘evil’. However confronting a Medusa directly puts you in great danger of being demonised. You are forcing the shadows into the light. Nobody wants to be the first to name a rapist or pedophile if they are well known. Look how some parents react when incest is revealed in the family. The child is groomed to accept the abuse, and gaslighted not to speak out against the abuser. Likewise, the press and now social media has groomed the public into not speaking about important issues, by shaming them with political correctness.

Inauguration day 2017

Freedom of speech on the internet is now branded ‘hate speech’. Neptune, rapists, open-borders, disrespecting boundaries, rape-fugees, real sexual allegations, false sexual allegations, wikiLeaks, gas lighting… It’s Neptune/South Node all over. Being the revealer of Medusa (Neptune’s victim) can have you stone-walled, censored and made impotent. (Hillary has natal Asteroid Medusa conjunct Neptune incidentally!)

If there is a shadow government, it will also want a President that can be moulded to their own agenda. A Neptunian politician is perfect, with no boundaries this person is porous, suggestible and malleable. There must also be some dark secrets in the politician’s past with which they can be blackmailed. Finally, if you are ill and dependant on drugs a lot of the time, then even better for manipulation. Therefore it is not sexist to inquire about Hillary’s health!

Hillary For Prison?

In a true democracy you want to be able to see that the person you voted for is lucid enough to be making their own decisions. Not helped along by some shady guy in the background, with a syringe… So after this study, I have come up with the following ‘prediction’.

If Hillary Clinton wins the 2016 presidential Election, it can only be through voting fraud. The fraud could be:

1) General media bias coverage and false stories.
2) A new fake Trump sex accusation concerning pedophilia.
3) A tragedy similar to the Brexit Jo Cox murder, just days before the election.
4) Actual voting fraud on the day.

Hillary Clinton Prediction
New Years Revelations

If Hillary Clinton is voted president on Nov 8, it won’t stick. Maybe the truth coming to light of the frauds mentioned above will put her on trial. We get another New Year’s Eve revelation, as mentioned in the Julian Assange post. On Dec 31 2016 transiting Mars is exact conjunct Chelsea’s Sun (Hillary), of course Mars will also conjunct Neptune the following day. Mars/Neptune could signify a betrayal, a stab in the back or the kiss of Judas?

The Tr North Node on inauguration day January 20 is exactly conjunct Chelsea’s Mars/Jupiter conjunction opposing Pisces Sun/Mother/Hillary. Tr Mars opposes Saturn/Father/Bill also. Some karmic chickens come home to roost? Whatever happens, judging by the zodiacal releasing, Hillary could be disqualified, or have to step down somewhere between March 2016 and March 2017. It might happen before that though, if someone has an attack of consciousness which knocks down the whole house of cards.

*Using precession.


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  1. UQW – In regard to your October 24th comment which didn’t have a reply button…

    Reading comments of yours at this site I’ve noticed you are very hard on women. Marina seems to be the only one you really respect & you’ve often tried to upstage her – needing to be in the spotlight always. You’ve even claimed to be a fascist! You need to analyze yourself.

  2. It is presumptuous to think that if one doesn’t like Trump they are Hilary supporters. It is insulting for someone to assume that the ones that didn’t vote for Trump voted for Hilary only because she is a woman or voted for anyone for superficial reasons. I do not listen to the main stream media but seldom. I do not stereotype myself – I have multiple aspects to my personality as we all do. I am not left or right. I just am.
    I do respect your astrological skills Marina. But it does seem a lot of people have swapped one form of propaganda for another. The Power would not have let Trump get elected if they didn’t want him in office.

    • I spent four years in hardcore analysis – that is 3 times a week Jungian analysis. I always had a sense of humour and it increased with analysis. So if I say I’m a fascist – well I can be. I can also be a lot of other things. All concepts of self are theatre at the end of the day. Am I hard on women? How do you work that out? As for upstaging Marina? never – we’re friends and we bounce a lot off each other. I suppose I can’t even make jokes now about being a fascist or a saint or anything else… for fear of being judged.. I hope that whatever I add from an astrological pov is to augment what Marina writes.
      Needing to be in the spotlight?? How on earth do you work that out??? I can only be authentic to things I agree with – I’ve agreed with some posters and not others!

    • April Showers – Can you explain what you mean by The Power in the above post – honest question but do you mean a politics power or a god power?

  3. Hmm.. well its possible some of the things are quoted out of context; if her mother is supportive of FGM etc how come she allowed Huma to marry a Jewish westerner? That said, the chain of connection is suspect and the shared address in London of Huma’s family business and the other publications etc – There was one video which suggested the cache of emails has been distributed to at least 5 other sources – but whose? Was Huma’s so called “life insurance” file to blackmail someone or was she selling info? Neither she or Weiner are worth very much!
    Marina – we can’t get her asc but perhaps a look at her chart on DS? She has similarities to the famous spy/prostitute, Mata Hari!


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