Astrology Of Pandemics


Scroll down for videos related to the astrology of health and what transits are related to pandemics. I spotted a pattern with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto being in cardinal signs during these episodes. Here follows the research and then the videos.

Black Death 1347-1351 ~ 200M Deaths

Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 13º Aries (Mar 15 1347)
Saturn conjunct Pluto at 17º Aries (Apr 12 1350)

Small Pox 1520 ~ 56M Deaths

Pluto In Capricorn Decan 1
Saturn in Capricorn Decan 3
Saturn at 2º Aquarius (Mar 19, Jun 11Rx, Dec 17 1520)
Uranus in Taurus

Spanish Flu 1918-1919 ~ 50M Deaths

Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 6º Cancer

Plague Of Justinian 541-542 ~ 40M(?) Deaths

Pluto in Capricorn Decan 2

Jupiter opposite Saturn at 10º Taurus/Scorpio

HIV/AIDS 1981 to present ~ 30M Deaths

Jupiter conjunct Saturn at 4º Libra (Jul 24 1981)
Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 24º Libra
Saturn conjunct Pluto at 27º Libra (Nov 7 1982)

COVID-19 Dec 2019 to present ~ (?) Deaths

Saturn conjunct Pluto at 22º Capricorn (Jan 12 2020)
Jupiter conjunct Pluto (Apr 4, Jun 30 & Nov 12 2020)
Jupiter conjunct Saturn (Dec 20 2020)

Astrology Of Pand3mics

USA & China Transits Revisited


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  1. Thank you for these insights Marina! My partner was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer a few weeks ago, has just undergone surgery and is about to start heavy treatment for 6 weeks. His Imum Coeli is at 26 degrees Capricorn -the very angle Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter are conjuncting on and off all year. This whole health-related collective drama truly feels like a deeply personal one… And with all the symbolism associated with the IC, I have to say it all feels overwhelmingly worrying…

    • I’m so sorry to hear that Lili. I do think that Pluto is a very good detoxer, so that is the most important thing for your husband at the moment. Good clean water! Get yourself a water distiller. I just bought one. I used to have a Berkey, but apparently it leaves the water too alkaline and that actually not that good for you. Deep breathing keeps the body alkaline instead, vital when treating cancer. Helps with worry too. I didn’t know that about deep breathing until this week. That’s why meditation so good for you. Take care both of you. Jupiter will protect. x

  2. But aren’t we all, even just in this thread, using electronic devices at home and in the office made by slave labor and from materials mined by slave labor? It is one of the saddest flaws of this global economy. If we exist in the modern world, perhaps we all need to check our righteousness and hypocrisy.

    For about 40 years Donald Trump has espoused consisten concerns about China. Find any written interview or YouTube video as far back as 1980 and you’ll discover what I mean. On the topic of fair trade and repatriation of US businesses we have to grant he has been totally consistent.

  3. Question: Would you further explain “the Venus trine to Pluto that accompanies many disasters”? I ask because I have this as an on-going personal transit. Thank you.

    • You mean Pluto trine Venus? I don’t remember saying that and that doesn’t sound right anyway. Personal transits are very different from collective ones anyway and it all depends how Venus works in your own chart how you experience the transits to it.

  4. Thank you Marina for posting this analysis .. It’s very clear and striking these huge sweeping patterns which had been hidden can be seen and bring light (& Pluto) into “collective consciousness” I have always been impressed by your skill as an astrologer. Too bad I couldn’t meet you in London as the days I arrived suddenly became full of social unrest with your area most hit. Take care of yourself.

    Always lurking even when not ?

    • Oh that’s a shame! Yes I wouldn’t come into London if I could help it. One day… and this shall pass as all things do 🙂


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