Harry & Meghan Horoscope ~ #Megxit!


A look at the transits and relationship chart of Harry & Meghan in the light of the couple’s “shock announcement”. Has the press really been so unfair to Meghan, compared to the hounding of Princesses Diana and Fergie in the past? I also examine the chart of the UK with the Capricorn stellium striking the UK Moon currently.

Meghan & Harry Davison

YOUTUBE TRANSCRIPT: By request I wasn’t really gonna do this but I thought well alright it might be interesting since there are a few parallels that are that I think may be interesting to explore because obviously now it’s Prince Harry and Megan in case you were wondering and I am the comparisons with Edward and mrs Simpson you know the application crisis that happened in the 1930s now also just other weird things like I was watching I’ve actually been watching the crown that series with my daughter and we were at the point where there was the abdication crisis but also going back in time when they dug up a load of files of when Edward was involved with the Nazis as well and then of course Harry famously dressed up as or a Nazi at one of his parties so now another thing it’s like, say they dug up a picture of of Nigel Farage as a student dressed up as Hitler, I mean God can you imagine the scandal but because Harry’s ‘woke’ it doesn’t really matter that he dresses up A Hitler or a Nazi.

Prince Harry Horoscope

Anyway I thought that was quite funny um but yeah so there’s some weird mirrorings, I mean obviously Prince Harry’s not a Nazi or anything like that but it’s just just kind of weird and yeah so I think Wallace was twice divorced but Megan was only once divorced and I thought oh I have a look at there the Davison chart as well because I drew them up and I saw that they both had a similar aspect patterns going on as well as one called a trapeze so we’ll get into that as well but first of all I have not looked at their charts so I don’t really know much about them both  to be honest I haven’  been that interested apart from the fact that they are supposed to be you know the woke roles so Prince Harry, let’s have a look at his chart because yeah he’s got a yod and this yod is pointing to the North node and Ceres and his moon, obviously the mother and Ceres is tragedy you know and they’re conjunct as well, pretty close by, so this pointing to the North’s node is destiny. oh my god and he’s got he’s got Merfak which is the Dragon-Slayer, the beheading arm of Perseus which beheaded Medusa’s head he also has Alcyone the Pleiades on his North node…..(See video for more)


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  1. I like this format best, with transcripts of the video alternating with the charts. I don’t always get a chance to watch the videos, due to bad connectivity, and this way I don’t lose out on ANY of Marina’s much valued wisdom…


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