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On July 5 Greece will vote wether to accept EU imposed austerity measures or not. I don’t usually write mundane astrology posts, but I feel moved to look into the current Greece debt crisis having only just returned from my third visit there. At the time of writing, banks are closed indefinitely and Greek citizens can only withdraw 60 euros a day from cash machines.

Alexis tsipras If the Greeks say ‘Yes’, then the current radical left wing PM, Alexis Tspiras says he will stand down. Like his party, this is a radical move. There is the possibility that if Greece does leave the Euro, the country will be hung out to dry as an example to anyone else who dares leave the EU Mafia. Just look at the natal chart of the European Union. I really wouldn’t mess with that fixed T-Square. It’s a very loan-sharky looking Scorpio Pluto/Mars opposite the Moon on ‘evilest star in the heavens’ Algol. All square malefic Saturn no less! The Moon is actually closer to Capulus (12′) the slaying arm of Perseus, so heads will roll. Mars, Venus, Pluto and Saturn are all in their domiciles and the Moon is exalted. One wonders if the EU consulted an astrologer for it’s inception chart!

Greek Horoscope

The natal chart for modern Greece is taken from Greek Astrologer Thomas Gazis. He uses the chart for when the Greeks became independent from the Ottoman empire on January 13, 1822 GC. (No time) The esteemed mundane astrologer Nick Campion* accepts this chart too. It looks about right to me because there is a tough cardinal square from Greece’s Sun to a very godly Jupiter/Saturn conjunction. Sun/Ceres conjunction is very appropriate for the land of the Elysian mysteries. Ceres square Jupiter = inflation. Sun square Saturn = austerity measures. So we should look at transits to this square regarding the current crisis. Sun/Ceres conjunction is very appropriate for the land of the Elysian mysteries. Using precession nothing too much is happening to Greece with the outer planets. Currently it is only Uranus which is currently squaring the planet of commerce Mercury. Pluto is nowhere near Greece’s Sun yet. The worry is that dissolving Neptune is approaching Venus, the planet of money, using precession this won’t happen until May 2016. Uranus/Eris will both sit on Greece’s Saturn in June 2016. But Uranus will not square Greece’s Sun until May 2017 when Pluto will also sit on Mercury. I have a feeling Greece will be given another chance for now, but the proverbial s*** will hit the fan in May 2017 if the Greek government doesn’t get it’s act together.

Synastry ~ Tsipras & EU to Greek Horoscope

Alexis Tsipras Horoscope

Will Alexis Tsipras still be PM in 2017 though and is he good for Greece? Let’s look at the chart of Alexis Tsipras. Not surprisingly, he has a charismatic Lilith/Neptune Yod. It points to Venus on Alhena, in the foot of Pollux the dark, immortal twin. You can see why this young, handsome ‘bad boy’ would appeal to the disaffected youth of Greece where they face unemployment of 50%. If Alexis does succeed in taking Greece out of Europe, his name will become ‘immortal’. Saturn on Sirius is conjunct that Venus Yod apex. But would we describe him as “Steady, reserved, diplomatic, just, persevering.”?

Maybe there is that side of him, but it could be that his very hotheaded Moon square Mars on Regulus is more strongly placed by house (It is, see page 3) and therefore overrides any steadying influence of Saturn. Alexis’s Moon is close enough to deceptive Neptune in Sagittarius decan 1 to also be of concern. This decan “ can easily abuse the powerful Scorpionic aspects of this decan and use them for manipulation and control. A great example is Livia Drusilla, great grandmother of infamous Caligula, great-great grandmother of Nero and portrayed in I Claudius as “as a thoroughly Machiavellian, scheming political mastermind.

Alexis Tsipras & Greece
Alexis Tspiras & Greece Synastry

Is Alexis Tsipras good for Greece? His Uranus is square Greece’s Sun, so he is definitely a rebel/revolutionary figure for Greece. His Wasat Mercury is opposite Greece’s Mercury. This could build bridges or equally knock them down. His Mars Regulus is widely conjunct Greece’s South Node,which could mean he is taking Greece backwards and not forwards. Mars can also be about cutting off ancient karma. Alexis Neptune is square Greece’s money, again Neptune dissolves currency. His Neptune squares Greece’s Mars. Propaganda, deception, lies? All Alexis’s outer planets make hard aspects to Greece with only a benign Saturn trine to Greece’s Venus. Again I won’t make a judgement, I am just pointing things out.

Is the European Union good for Greece? Luckily that EU bully-boy Mars/Pluto conjunction does not make any hard aspects to any of Greece’s personal planets. On the contrary it actually sextile’s the Greece Sun. This can be harsh ‘pruning’ which later brings resurrection. It would be better if this was a trine, as a sextile is more of a potential blossoming, so it will take some work. The EU Uranus/Neptune conjunction to Greece’s Ceres is also close enough to Greece’s Sun. This is a big deal, but hard to diagnose. Palden says “The Uranus-Neptune conjunction of 1993 was expected by some astrologers to bring noticeable, definitive, even disastrous events – such as financial market dramas or systemic collapses. Yet, if anything, the time passed off with no greater blockbuster events than most years, and less than some.” It has a conscious raising effect, but hard to see that right now, with the EU laying down the law. There is a victim/saviour dynamic going on too. It could also be that the EU looks far worse for Greece than it actually is. Initially though, this Utopian conjunction could have lured Greece into the European union quite starry-eyed. This conjunction promises to wave a magic wand on all of Greece’s woes, but the disappointment when it doesn’t deliver can be crushing.

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  1. One aspect of Greek debt that is not as talked about for some reason, how much of it was earmarked for purchase of French and German military supplies and warcraft-so much so that Greece is said to have the largest military budget in the EU. By earmarked, it is said that Greece was REQUIRED to use a large amount of the loans for this military expenditure, as part of the loan agreement. In third world development industry, this is referred to as ‘tied aid’ and it’s still a very common practice, since the 1960’s, in Africa, Asia, South America etc. It’s part of a policy that only benefits the donors and continues to impoverish the recipients, enslaving them on top of it. Having to use donor countries’ contractors and purchase items or infrastructure that may not support the recipient country’s needs, is common place. So essentially, Greece is paying interest to borrow money to prop up Greek and French economy via military commerce. (Note: The Guardian has a predictably biased article with subtitle: The Greek fondness for military power and how the french and germans supported them. LMAO) anyway, one can find articles beyond mainstream sources with very little digging online.

    • Oh, my point for that comment re Greek military spending is to tie in with your post re: the EU and Scorpio Pluto-Mars and Algol, plus Saturn! And also Greece’s Saturn/Jupiter-wanting to expand and be seen a powerful again, yet doing so through tried and true, traditionally authoritative means. Perhaps vanity played a vested interest in Greece’s decisions all along. Yet, it’s apparent that the original intentions of the EU [as many already knew] are not based on prosperity and true alliance but on power and control. Sun/Ceres present aspect seems to indicate a ‘sowing of the harvest’-reaping what has been cultivated-so that’s interesting referendum timing. It also seems hopeful though-as Greeks themselves recognize their own true priorities, values and cultural identity and maybe going forward there will be new ideas to support this, within the country. Yet, it makes one suspicious to see how this climate is purposefully engineering a youth and brain drain, all the while propping up a powerful military presence in the region. Very strange.

  2. CommentThe London Protocol of 3 February 1830 was an agreement between the three Great Powers (Great Britain, France and Russia), which amended the decisions of the 1829 protocol and established Greece as an independent, sovereign state.

    As a result of the Greek War of Independence, which had begun in 1821, and the Great Powers’ intervention in the conflict in the Battle of Navarino (1827), the creation of some form of Greek state in southern Greece had become certain. In 1827, the Greek Third National Assembly entrusted the governance of the fledgling nation to Ioannis Kapodistrias, who arrived in Greece in January 1828. Alongside his efforts to lay the foundations for a modern state, Kapodistrias undertook negotiations with the Great Powers as to the extent and constitutional status of the new Greek state.

    In March 1829, the foreign ministers of the Great Powers signed the first London Protocol, according to which Greece would become an autonomous, tributary state under Ottoman suzerainty, under an elected Christian prince and encompassing the heartlands of the Greek uprising, the Morea (Peloponnese), Continental Greece and the Cyclades. Kapodistrias’ diplomatic manoeuvres, aided by the Russian victory in the Russo-Turkish War of 1828–29, resulted in a revision of the protocol on 3 February 1830. According to it, Greece would be fully independent from the Ottoman Empire, but its borders were reduced to a line running from the Aspropotamos river to the Maliac Gulf. Leopold of Saxe-Coburg (the future King of Belgium) was selected as the first King of Greece, but he rejected the offer.

    The protocol was yet again amended in the London Conference of 1832, which established the final borders of the Kingdom of Greece and gave the crown to the Bavarian prince Otto.

    • Well he got that wrong… Greece debt crisis: Eurozone summit reaches agreement ~ “There will not be a ‘Grexit’,” said European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker.

      I’m glad to see using precession with transits works as I almost thought there would be a Grexit using non-precessed transits to the Greece 1822 chart.(This comment)

      So here we are the transits to Greece on the morning of Jul 13th. No squares or oppositions. Benefic Tr Jupiter trine Greece’s Jupiter/Saturn conjunction and Tr Mars sextile Mars. Venus applying to the south node. The karmic payback I mentioned in another comment. France I think helped a lot. July 18th is when Venus conjuncts Greece’s South node. Maybe the banks re-open again or there is some good news. I’ll stick with this chart I think. 🙂

    • Obama has stuck his oar in… maybe he’s the Venusian? Also a Leo If Tsipras is a Gemini rising then Obama’s Gemini moon will connect to help him.
      However, Obama likes to say the right thing but does he have a solution? Not so far!


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