Gemini May Horoscope


Gemini May Horoscope 2016. Life is a cocoon for most of the month especially with Mercury retrograde making you want to retire to a monastery. This is the time of the year your ego dissolves into a puddle and you can feel quite lost. All you can do really is to surrender into the sea of uncertainly and go with the flow of your unconscious mind. It will feel at times that you are in a waking dream, so pay attention to the images that float in and out of the fog. You might also feel that you need a lot more sleep than usual. What is really happening as you are in a cocoon state waiting to be reborn into your birthday month. Even if you are reading this for your ascendant it still feels the same kind of vibe because you cannot quite access the energising solar energy while it is skulking in the sign that shadows your rising sign. This is the time to look in all the dark crevices behind the sofa of your life and give them a good vacuum. Figuratively you don’t want to launch into a new solar year with last years stinky build-up of dust. The only way to make sure you aren’t carrying old issues with you is to slow down and spend time looking behind you to see what you have left in your wake.

Gemini May 2016 ~ Mercury Retrograde

Until May 23rd when Mercury is direct again you will feel rather hermit like and want to retreat from communicating with the world. It might be because you fear that what you say will be misconstrued or every word that tumbles out of your mouthpiece will cause chaos like a runaway train. Something is triggering you big time to the point you feel like you are suffering from a kind of abusive turrets.. If this is the case then yes, it would be sensible to ban yourself from any internet forums. Mercury is clowning around in your zone of self-undoing, so self censorship might be wise in the outside world also. On the other hand, you may be distrusted just because you have gone all quiet. Annoyingly some people will just fill in your silence with fanciful stuff they just made up. So really, you’re dammed if you do and damned if you don’t. The way to handle this is not to totally gag yourself, but just hold back before you respond to any criticism or accusations. Maybe just communicate in writing so that you can re-read what you have written and modify any knee-jerk comments. This Mercury Retrograde gives you the opportunity to think of unusual and inventive styles of communication, that also give you time to filter out any expletives!

Gemini May 2016 ~ Emotions

After May 21 everything wakes up into blossom when the Sun triumphantly enters your own sign! Intimate relationships and business collaborations are intensified by the May 21 Full Moon in your relationships sector for better or for worse. In a good marriage, the connection could feel extra warm, loving and snug. It’s not one sided either with both partners wanting to show their commitment and how much they care. In a business partnership, things could get competitive, but in a good creative way with both sides spurring each other toward greater excellence. On the other hand, bad partnerships will show up flaws very sharply. Jealously and rivalry rear their ugly heads as suddenly the other partner becomes it’s nemesis. The waning moon of the next two weeks is make or break, where the couple either to let go of each other, or let go of a negative behaviour pattern that has been driving a wedge between them. This can be a really healing full moon if used therapeutically. Advice from an outside counsellor is beneficial at this time.

Gemini May 2016 ~ Love

If you are in a relationship then you will have to put your own needs aside for the next few weeks and devote yourself to looking after your partner. This is because they may become ill, are going through some kind of cold turkey, are grieving or have suffered some misfortune at work. This all means you have to put on your nurses hat while you bandage their wounded self-esteem or make chicken soup for their flu. Venus in this sector means self-sacrifice, which is fine when there is a valid reason, but once the crisis is over the martyrdom must stop. The negative manifestation of Venus here is becoming a doormat for someone you are crazy about, hoping you will win them over. Of course you will not and they will loose all respect for you as they continue to wipe their boots on your back. Be quite careful with new romances now as this is not a great starting position. Of there are any red flags of addiction, then do take notice and not brush it aside. The best way to play it would be to remain unattainably holy until Venus moves into the your own sign on May 24.

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