Gemini Horoscope 2018

Best news ever! For your Gemini Horoscope 2018 you no longer have to put up with Saturn being a killjoy in your marriage house. Those two and a half years are over. Now Saturn has entered your house of psychology, trauma, taboo and debt where it can keep out of trouble and work in the shadows. This is a period where you might have to face ‘death’ in some form. Don’t be alarmed! Saturn in the 8th house does not mean you will die. But the death of someone around you could force you to confront feelings about your own mortality.What is your legacy and what will you leave to your children? Most of the time, this ‘death’ is of someone you weren’t particularly close to, maybe someone in the public eye that you resonated with. This distant death might touch you profoundly, but it is less about grieving their loss and more about this person being a symbol of the passing of time.

Gemini Horoscope 2018 ~ January To March

There is now a void in your psyche which can cause some crisis. Other possibilities at this time is a revelation that some truth is not what you thought, a skeleton comes out of the closet and taboos are broken. Many realities are questioned, there can be a mini life review, and a feeling of detoxing the soul. At times this transit can feel quite dark, but Saturn has to go somewhere so better here in the cellar then cramping your style in the bedroom! It is best to think of Saturn here as wintertime. The stark snow forms a blank canvas where anything is possible. The long looming shadows of the low winter Sun must be faced one way or another. Those who relish studying psychology and the occult will have a ball!

Gemini Horoscope 2018 keywords

Shadow work, challenging teachers, retreat from work, urban gurus, holiday flames


On Jan 26 Mars enters your relationship house until Mar 18. This could be a time when pens are drawn at dawn! Communication between yourself and others seem like they come laced with petrol, as any micro-aggression turns into WWIII. Ok, maybe I’m being a bit too dramatic here, but tensions are high in the house of open enemies. You will at least feel quite triggered by your partner’s words, whether they be in business or pleasure. It will be quite hard to mix socialising and business at this time, since a few drinks after work loosen the ability to keep things professional… Maybe it would be best to avoid alcohol-fuelled brainstorming with any collaborators at this time because someone is bound to take something the wrong way. Avoid touchy subjects with people you know are difficult and you should be fine. All this just before the eclipse that is brewing.

The Jan 31 Lunar Eclipse heralds a pleasant exchange between the generations where grandma passes on her knowledge from her childhood. These firsthand accounts are worth just as much as any approved history book, if not even more so. The crisis of the Lunar eclipse, plus stroppy Mars in your ‘others’ zone could have you storming out of a classroom. You could have a conflict between seeing the bigger picture and nit-picking. There is also the possibility of creating your own personal rituals and spiritual practice after becoming disappointed by traditional, monotheistic religions. A lunar eclipse in the house of the goddess has a very pagan feel to it. It is about constructing your own elemental shrine in your garden as opposed to worshipping in a grand cathedral.

The Feb 15 Solar Eclipse could attract you to a teacher who inspires soul growth that will affect you profoundly the rest of your life. This person could be your standard spiritual guru, but also could be someone whom is simply very wise and had gained this knowledge through hard knocks from the school of life. Travel is, of course, another avenue that broadens the mind, so for the next 6 months, trips abroad or meaningful exchanges with influential foreigners could help you see the world through a much wider angle lens.

Gemini Horoscope 2018 ~ April To June

Jupiter until Nov 8 is in your house of slavery and disease. Neither of these aspects do you want Jupiter to inflate! So how do we work with this? I suggest Jupiter in this house will probably increase your working hours which could cause illness if you run yourself ragged. A very real danger during this time. Therefore, the most likely cause of any sickness will be your job or habitual, daily routines. At least you can control some of your timetable to a certain extent, especially those who work for themselves. Making small adjustments to diet, sleep times, exercise could really help make big changes to your health.

Ceres spends an extra long time in your 3rd house from the start of the year until the end of June. This way, she makes information magic while visiting your goddess zone! Trust then that the relevant information or just the book you needed to read will fall into your lap from the ether. You will also enjoy charmed experiences with your siblings where you can relive magical childhood experiences or enjoy telling scary stories to each other around the campfire. Bonding with siblings will feel especially strong and meaningful. Friends or lovers may become extremely frustrated when you suddenly feel the need to go off grid and flee to somewhere secluded in nature.

There is a double emphasis in the taboo underworld section of your chart since Black Moon Lilith joins Saturn there from the beginning of the year until mid August. This is probably the most obsessive position for Lilith, with sex addiction being one of the greatest dangers. Still, sometimes sex is the only way to get some people out of the deep rut that they are stuck in. They don’t call the orgasm ‘Le petite morte’ for nothing. Unlike these times, ancient astrologers did not associate recreational sex with this house, but in this case, Lilith does bring a sexual theme into this underworld zone. Here sex and death do actually meet, mostly in a symbolic way however! During this time then, sex could be a catalyst for total life change. You could fall under the spell of a lover so much, that you move home, or even country to be closer to them. On Jun 27 Mars goes retrograde in your house of travel, could this be the return of an old flame you one met on holiday? Maybe you return to a destination, where an ex-lover lives which re-ignites the relationship

Gemini Horoscope 2018 ~ July to September

The summertime is resplendent with eclipses, three to be precise! At the same time, Mars is still retrograde in your house of beliefs and religion which could get extremely zealous. At this time confrontation with other cultures and tolerance of their strange customs becomes an issue. In your hometown you might have a valid point, but complaining that there is no tomato ketchup in the wilds of Tongo is another situation all together. During this transit you will find out just how adaptable your ‘wild, gipsy traveller’ side of you really is. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to re-evaluate your beliefs and perhaps remove those elements there mainly through indoctrination as a child.

Pushing yourself to travel to places out of your comfort zone is also a possibility at this time. Amazingly you should find that you can live without the wifi or ketchup or whatever western comfort you have grown accustomed to. At the same time, expect some frustration to surface, as it will take time to adapt to the new mode of being. The same goes for if you take up a new spiritual practice that involves discipline. Over to material matters now with the Jul 13 Solar Eclipse. Any financial loss in the next 6 months might just mirroring your own lack of self-esteem. It can be a great wake-up call to start paying attention to your unique talents. Are you developing your natural skills or squandering them? Are you investing in yourself or do you believe you can’t really achieve anything so why even bother? Sometimes you pick a path that is truly your souls calling, but the financial rewards take some time to materialise. This can be a test to see how committed you really are to this path. Internal investments pay off later down the line.

Jul 27 Lunar Eclipse could throw up a situation, (like a train that breaks down,) where you get talking to someone much older than you with a totally opposing world view. This prompts you to question your beliefs and look into them further, maybe even taking a degree course in something related to the discussion. This local incident could result in you going further afield, even traveling to the passenger’s native country. Whatever the scenario, this Lunar eclipse shows how much you have outgrown any restricting, parochial attitudes. The Aug 11 Solar Eclipse flips things back over to the neighbourhood. Events force you to question the beliefs you grew up with and sends you on a quest for wisdom and truth. This search could prompt you to start an education course that at the same time promotes cultural expansion, self-awareness and personal growth.

After Aug 13 Mars retrograde reverses back into your taboo house 8, this might feel like you’re on a ghost train for this part of the summer. Hold on tight, it will be exciting, passionate and scary all at the same time. Pay attention to who or what makes you really angry. If you drink, your subconscious could spill out onto the bar table involuntarily, taking you or your company by surprise. The demon alcohol really could show its face at this time! If the demons don’t rise up because you are a sober sort, you might experience Mars externally instead. Arguments could erupt around you out of nowhere. It should be fun watching the performance, but try not to get lured into the battle. Mars goes direct on Aug 28 and you can smooth your frightening hair back down now.

Gemini Horoscope 2018 ~ October to December

Black Moon Lilith joins Mars in your 9th house on Aug 10 where she will stay until the end of the year. Knowledge is power here, and teaching yourself can help you take great strides forward in areas of your life where you have felt unseen. This is your opportunity to step forward and claim your crown, especially if you had a really hard time with Lilith in your 8th house before her resurrection from the underworld! Here Lilith will feel like the warrior queen, so if you have been bullied or taken for granted, you now have the opportunity to put the situation right. Courts and the legal system come into focus too, so you could seek justice and prosecute someone during this transit. The chance of success is high, but only if you are not coming from a spiteful or vengeful place. Venus is retrograde from Oct 6 to Nov 16. She starts off in your zone of work serfdom and sickness. But there are pluses here!

You should benefit from congenial rapport with your peers at this time. You will work very well as a team, but it wouldn’t be ethical to ride on their hard work. Your colleagues are enjoying your charming company too much to reprimand you for not pulling your weight. But if you carry on taking advantage, they could really turn on you once Venus goes direct. Your health should be pretty good at this time, so much so that you feel you can indulge in rich foods to reward yourself. You may well put on some extra weight, but at the same time have the energy to burn it off at the gym afterwards. It all balances out! During the first half of this period until Oct 25, Venus is in her harmonious phase brings ease to work relationships. During the second half, from Oct 26 to Nov 6, Lucifer Venus will play the seductress in relationships, so try not to abuse your vamp power!

Mars enters your status zone on Nov 16. This can be a great period for advancement in your career, but only if you bear in mind that there are others involved in the equation. It will be hard, but you really must at least try and look like you are considering others interests! Conflicts can easily arise, just because you are generating a lot of passion around you. The sizzling working vibe can easily turn aggressive if you rub people up the wrong way. It would be a shame to generate rivalry and resentment just because you were just one degree too pushy. You will learn to modulate 😉 Any ruffling of rival’s feathers will have them blocking your advancement. Use your verve to inspire others about the worth of their own efforts. That way, they will see you a role model they can work towards, not a ruthless competitor they must obliterate. Ceres is at the same time in your daily work sphere which is very useful in terms of getting down on your knees to clean up the office grime. But this is the house of slavery too and Ceres has her addictive side. The danger of the slippery slope is ever present, and you could easily get lured into the more seedier realms, especially if drugs are involved. Safe sex is very important, because venereal diseases are possible in this house of sickness and indiscriminate Tindering!

If you have been feeling like Cinderella after all that sweeping fret not! The grand finale is at hand with handsome prince Jupiter landing in your marriage house on Nov 8, where it will swagger for a whole year. This is highly auspicious for attracting that special someone into your life, especially if your natal Jupiter is in good condition. Long-term romance is the number one concern and a very distinct possibility. However Jupiter can summon up collaborations of all kinds, for those already in a steady relationship. Over the next year you will certainly attract benefactors and partnerships that can offer help in all aspects of your life. This is a great time to find people with whom your can work harmoniously, because they will seek in you the balance that they have been looking for. For example, if you are artistic, but need a more practical partner who is great with figures, then that’s what will turn up. They on the other hand, will be impressed by your imagination and willingness to experiment. What a lovely present to end the year with!

GEMINI 2018 ~ The Decans

Gemini Decan 1 ~ May 21 to 31(0º to 10º)

Gemini Horoscope 2018A very quiet first half of the year compared to what is to come, with no outer planets doing anything at all in your decan! This gives you a rest where nothing especially thrilling happens, but on the other hand, nothing really calamitous does either! However, there are always sweet little Venus transits to give you the hugs you need. It all starts with a really lovely Venus trine from Jan 18 to 25 which of course is great for socialising and doing artistic things. Creativity is well starred and for this short period, and the chance of any romantic dates going well is also high. This courting period builds up to a passion with the Mars opposition from Jan 27 to Feb 11. Hopefully, this spurt of fire should take any courtships onto the next level. You may have other progressions going on as everyone is different, but generally, for Gemini decan 1, this is a period where you can just coast along without any difficulty.

Use this time to prepare for the far more busy period from July. Clear the decks, do that detox, get fit, tie up loose ends or have a good clear out so that there is now space in your life for those new exciting influences. Built it and they will come. The Venus square will bring some colour to your cheeks from Feb 11 to 18, and it will add some sizzle to Valentine’s day at least. Then not long to wait until a glorious Venus conjunction to your decan from Apr 26 to 30. With this you will feel loving and warm, which will attract others to you. The social life should pick up for these few days also. The Mars trine from May 22 to Jun 9 gives you energy and zest to go out and network. So all these charming and sexy transits should pass with no hitches thanks to the absence of those heavy duty outer planets. A time of light-hearted fun is assured since the Jan/Feb eclipses had no influence on your decan at all.

July onwards

Ok here your life starts to get a little more sparky, the Ceres square from Jun 28 to Jul 22 could have you yearning to escape from the city and plant your feet in the nearest lake. Again with no outer planets breaking your balls, relax and take time off to chill, because you can! The most likely time for you to need that break would be when Venus squares your decan from Jul 4 to 16, this overlaps Ceres’ irritation with your decan. Relations with females are likely to be the most problematic, so avoid staying with the mother in-law if you have one. Run to a poppy field and meditate within the glowing fusion of red, gold and green. That’s better… Everything improves by the Mars trine from Jul 13 to Aug 2 and you are re-energised to take on the world again. The fab Lunar eclipse trine on Jul 27 will give you optimism for the future and is not likely to give you any harsh eclipse reboots. The trine just gives you a gentle nudge in the right direction. The Mars retrograde trine from Jun 27 to Aug 12 also gives you some more positive bounce. The whole period looks fantastic in terms of energy levels, but Mars will also give you the confidence to go get whatever you fancy, whether it is animal, vegetable, mineral or human.. You are lucky enough to have the seductive Venus trine going on at the very same time Aug 9 to 14.

This is a great window of opportunity for any love affair or crazy holiday adventure. Then it is one trine after another from then on. Wooo hooo, look at these dates which all overlap. The Lilith trine from Aug 11 to Nov 4, the Ceres trine from Sep 6 to 27 and a steamy Mars trine from Sep 21 to Oct 4 as the icing on the cake. The best days of all must be Aug 9 to 12 and then Sep 21 to 27, triple trine-tastic. All these days are a fitting fanfare for the grand entrance of Jupiter into your house of marriage on Nov 8. You will get the first hit of the Jupiter opposition from Nov 8 to Dec 12. Go travelling and you could find happiness in the shape of someone who is your very opposite.

The push-pull action of the opposition is less about conflict and more about stimulation when Jupiter is involved. You grow giddy with the see-saw action which makes you feel warm and bubbly. People find you amusing and your zest for life is catching. This is a time where you can come into conflict with others, but in an enjoyable, competitive way. In work this can mean you get involved in creative collaborations that are a great deal of fun. Romance will evolve a lot of flirting and the thrill of the chase. Sometimes what starts off as a ‘hate’ relationship, suddenly flips into a love one. You meet, fall into a silly argument, but then find that your opposites are the very same. Aaahhh! You should be so blissed out by then that the mere scratch of a Mars square from Nov 19 to 27 will not bother you in the slightest.

Gemini Decan 2 ~ Jun 1 to 11(10º to 20º)

Gemini 2 has to contend with the foggy Neptune square running in the background of your life all year. By now you have probably gotten use to it, as it’s been there for a whole year already. It’s hard to predict how this will play out as some of you with more watery charts will know how to sail through this one. Others who are more Saturnian, will find the boundary-dissolving too invasive and possibly threatening. What Neptune asks of you is to try and look at things from a more spiritual standpoint and also to develop your intuition. Trusting your gut sense means you don’t become too deceived by the general mind programme that could highjack your brain in these years.

The Venus trine from Jan 26 to Feb 2 will help you harness the most positive attributes of Neptune and it can even feel quite euphoric and romantic. The imagination should be gushing forth some poetic scenery at least. But it is at the Mars opposition from Feb 12 to 28 when you could feel distrustful and betrayed. This is not helped by the Venus square from Feb 19 to 26, this little gem brings in a charm bucket of a person, who seems too good to be true! Hold off for a while before to committing to anything. Wait for the far more benefic Venus conjunction from May 3 to 10 when you can have open and honest discussions about you are going. Insist that all parties put their cards on the table. Neptune will force complete transparency, if that is not forthcoming then in comes the great dissolution. Prepare for floods, emotional or otherwise.

July onwards

Summer starts off a bit tetchy with the Venus square from Jul 19 to 27. This is a time to allow sorrow to surface if you need a good cry. Let it all out and let go of people who cause you misery. The Ceres square helps you do that from Jul 23 to Aug 14. The temptation is to numb the sadness with drugs or comfort eating, but this is an ideal time to detox and really purge out those cleansing tears. You might find that you are sniffing a lot, and it’s not just to do with pollen! Imagination is ramped up again with the Venus trine from Aug 17 to 27. This blends quite nicely with the Neptune square and envelopes you with an inspiring, aromatic mist. This euphoric, floaty feeling continues until the Ceres trine from Sep 28 to Oct 19. Get out those incense sticks or sit in a herb garden.

After that refreshing herbal bath your should be feeling lemon zesty again and ready to charge ahead with the Mars trine from Oct 10 to 29. This will help you both at work and in play. The Mercury Retrograde trine from Oct 10 to 29 will work superbly for you, no need to feel intimidated by its retrograde motion, just use it to get nostalgic and restore things of value back into your life. Things should be coasting nicely now in preparation for Jupiter’s impending arrival into your marriage house. Something very nice to look forward to! The magical Lilith trine from Nov 5 to Dec 31 goes some way to prepare the soil for the exciting new Jupiter influences and expansion with partners.

There is a little Mars square hump to get over from Dec 1 to 16 but not worth getting your pants in a twist. For the fantastic Jupiter opposition arrives on Dec 20 and escorts you into 2019. This can be a wonderfully positive time where you can collaborate with benefactors. You will attract generous, fun and expansive people into your life and mostly this is from your travels. The more you get out into the world the more you can make the most of this expansive energy. You find you can easily harmonise with whoever you come across on your travels. Even though this supposedly a hard aspect, remember opposites attract. If you are reading this for your ascendant, this means you literally will have generous Jupiter on your descendant which really could bring a long-term partner into your life. This is the classic marriage aspect.

Gemini Decan 3 ~ Jun 12 to 20 (20º to 30º)

Gemini Horoscope 2018 Gemini 3 is lucky enough to have no major pain-in-the-arse aspects from the outers for this year. But you do have quite a saucy little Uranus sextile to your decan working in the background from Jan 1 to May 15. This will help bring unexpected surprises into your life and shake you out of any complacent behaviour. Uranus is the great awakener, but with the sextile, the effect will be more subtle. No massive epiphanies, but more like little lightbulbs going off here and there. The Uranus sextile has a kind of child-like wonder about it. It feels new and fresh. This is quite sweet in love because you never know who you are going to bump into from one day to the other. You could meet a potential partner in the most unusual places. Uranus is also cyberspace so online dating could be a possibility too.

The Venus trine from Feb 3 to 10 is a good time to swipe right! (As they say on that Tinder..) The negative side of Uranus can sometimes happen when triggered by silly aspects like the Venus square from Mar 1 to 6. Timetables can go a bit stupid and people you meet act foolishly. It’s not a big deal really, just annoying if you want to get on with something serious. It’s like someone in the office playing practical jokes that aren’t even funny. You might have to bite your lip with the Mars opposition from Mar 1 to 17, someone takes a prank too far, but this rubs you up the wrong way. Your reactions could be way out of proportion because it has touched a nerve. A good opportunity to examine why that nerve was so raw though. All is reconciled with the Venus conjunction from May 11 to 19. This is a great time for love and peacemaking. Someone you thought was your enemy could end up becoming a really close friend.

July onwards

More daft squares are afoot with the Venus square from Jul 28 to Aug 6 to be followed by the Ceres square from Aug 21 to Sep 1. The two goddesses are working in tandem quite a bit in 2018 and when they are nice, they are very nice, but when are nasty they are a bitch. Since you have Uranus working in the background you might find quite a bit of drama is thrown into the mix. Relationships with women could get, erm shall we say, hormonal. Try to keep outside of any gossipy conversations because you could get drawn into quite narcissistic, divide-and-conquer strategies, where one minute someone is the golden child then the next a scapegoat. If you backed the wrong horse, the loss could result in a huge drop in your credibility. It’s just not worth it if you want to make use of the fabulous extended stay of Venus in fellow air sign Aquarius.

You get the first caress of the graceful Venus trine from Aug 28 to Sep 8 which should bring a fabulous social life and hopefully some love-action if you are on the prowl looking for romance. This last half of the year is exciting and busy for you with lots of juicy and harmonious transits. You can do whatever you like, so get out and enjoy yourself, put yourself in the path of synchronicity and let Uranus work its surprising magic. The Ceres trine from Oct 26 to Nov 6 is great for entertaining at home when it is overlapped again by the lush Venus Retrograde trine from Nov 1 to Dec 2. You are lucky enough to also get a Mars trine from Nov 3 to 12 which will add passion and confidence.

The danger with too many feminine trines is that nothing gets done because you become so very passive and even indulgent. However, with Venus trines, opportunities and people find you, so there is less need to be proactive anyway. Here with the Mars trine you are more far more likely to capitalise on your success rather than become complacent. Still, there is definitely a lucky feeling of being in the right place at the right time thanks to the return of the Uranus sextile from Nov 7 to Dec 31. You have had so much ease and harmony that you will actually enjoy the challenge of the bolshy Mars square from Dec 21 to 28 and it will add some excitement. Unfortunately the square does fall over the Christmas holidays, so avoid obnoxious relatives who have had too much dessert wine.

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