Gemini 2017 Horoscope

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For most of 2017, Jupiter sprinkles stardust over relationships, plus there is the added spice of Lilith dramatically blowing away the cobwebs in your bed chamber. Things have been feeling quite bleak as far as romance goes, with Saturn running his stern stare of disapproval over any potential mate. This vetting service continues, but at least other cosmic factors override Saturn’s tendency to become over-rigid with his check list.

In 2017 you get a much longer leash and the permission to be more light-hearted. With this extra freedom comes the potential for a long-term love commitment, but it might still take a while for it to settle into “going steady”. You will still need discernment when handling that wayward Lilith libido. You are pretty ambitious and lusty this year, and some of the eclipses make the home/work balance quite challenging.

Gemini 2017 Horoscope Summary

You will want to add more strings to your bow by learning new skills. This might involve travelling to seminars, from which you could make quality, lasting friendships. This will help re-seed your address book after Saturn’s harsh pruning in 2016. The eclipses bring a renewed passion for local learning and connecting with your neighbourhood again. You realise that the most beautiful, sacred settings are a short bus ride away and there is no need to always travel overseas to find romance and meaningful spiritual connections.

Your new friends might be the types to socialise in unusual locations and go for more outdoor settings, especially with Lilith attracting more pagan/shaman types into your life. There is also that important career-related eclipse too which should boost your status in the world. This will also attract new creative or business collaborations and yet more contacts for your revamped list

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