Gemini Horoscope 2015

 Gemini 2015 Mini Horoscope ~ Love, Luck & Career

Venus retrograde will renew passion and/or review the worth of your 4th/3rd houses of your home comforts, family and studying from Jul 25 to Sept 6. Read Venus Retrograde to get a full idea of its meaning. Sunshine! Your overall mood and zest for life tends to be best while the Sun transits through your birthday month and during the other air signs of Libra and Aquarius. Love is surprisingly well starred when the Sun travels through your opposite sign of Sagittarius and therefore your 7th house of marriage from Nov 23 to Dec 21. Best months for sex & vitality are when Mars ignites your ambition from Jan 12 to Feb 19, fires up your 1st house physical body from May 11 to Jun 23 and finally steams up your 5th house pleasure zone from Nov 12 to Dec 31.

Jupiter brings growth into your 3rd house of learning, local connections and siblings from Jan 1 to Aug 12. The second half of the year Jupiter expands and brings abundance in your 4th house of your property, family and home comforts from Aug 13 until Dec 31. Saturn makes you work on and bring commitment to your 7th house of marriage and partnerships from Jan 1 to Jun 14. This lord of karma then goes back to wrap up affairs and tie-up loose ends in your 6th house of health, work and daily routines from Jun 15 to Sept 18. Saturn re-enters your 7th house again from Sept 19 to Dec 31.

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