Gemini Decan 3 ~ June 11 to 20 (20º-30º)

Gemini Decan 3 ~ Fixed Stars

Gemini 20º 57’ ~ Bellatrix in the left shoulder of Orion the Hunter 1.7 *
Gemini 21º 51’ ~ Capella the mother goat on in Auriga the Charioteer 0.8
Gemini 22º 10’ ~ Phact in Columba the Dove 2.8
Gemini 22º 24’ ~ Mintaka in the belt of Orion the Hunter 2.5
Gemini 22º 33’ ~ Beta Pictor in Equuleus Pictoris the Painters Easel 3.9
Gemini 22º 35’ ~ El Nath on the tip of the northern horn of Taurus the Bull 1.8
Gemini 23º 28’ ~ Alnilam the central star in the belt of Orion the Hunter 1.8
Gemini 24º 41’ ~ Alnitak in the belt of Orion the Hunter 2.0
Gemini 24º 47’ ~ Al Hecka on the tip of the Southern horn of Taurus the Bull3.0
Gemini 26º 25’ ~ Wazn in Columba the Dove 3.2
Gemini 28º 34’ ~ Polaris on the tip of the tail of Ursa Minor the Little Bear 2.1
Gemini 28º 45’ ~ Betelgeuse in the armpit of Orion the Hunter 0.5
Gemini 29º 55’ ~ Menkalinan in the left shoulder of Auriga the Charioteer 1. 9
 * Magnitude. Star positions for the year 2000.

Gemini Decan 3 ~ General Meaning

Gemini decan 3 is ruled by the Sun and Saturn (Aquarius Triplicity) which happen to be the two most authoritarian gods of the solar system. The high and mighty Sun is a fitting co-ruler for this section of the ecliptic. The solar king shines through the Hunter, Dove, Bull’s Horns and the Charioteer from June 12 to 20. Gemini decan 3 is absolutely jam-packed with bright and fortunate stars. It contains one arm of the Milky Way and is home to the Great Orion Nebula. This super-rich realm is known as the star nursery.

10 Of SwordsThis is a multi-talented, multi-tasking, multi-faceted super-parent who wants it all and does it all. Like tropical Gemini, this decan has two sides to it and each one is just as forceful and strong as the other. On the one hand, we have the peaceful dove and the nursing goat. This hand is the life-giver, a birthplace of stars, the ever-nourishing Milky Way that flows from the breast of Nut the sky goddess. On the other hand, we have the hunter, the destroyer of life, the mighty warrior, the potent phallus. This decan can signify the battle of the sexes or more positively, the sacred marriage between the god and the goddess, Heros Gamos….

Media Gods & Business Tycoons

The tarot card associated with this decan is the ten of swords. As I stated in the previous decan, unfortunately, the air signs are stuck with the swords suit as representing them so the imagery is not going to be so positive. We must remember that these cards must be read slightly differently when associated with the decans as they will show the lessons learned in other lifetimes and karma that may have already been paid back. With the 10 we have come to the end of a cycle, so it is likely that these souls are very old indeed.

This card is the end of the line and the darkest hour before dawn, which goes very well with its Saturn rulership. Karmically this life is is about releasing. “Peace is on the way and an end to suffering. However, you cannot just lie there and expect it all to be done for you and to you. Recovery depends on your letting go of and saying goodbye to the way you have been living and coping with things. Change is needed on every level for you, as what you have been doing up until now has not been working. “ ~ Teachmetarot. This is the area of the super-media gods, their lives are always dramatic, living on the threshold between life and death…..

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Sun Gemini 3

Bellatrix 20º “Vacillating, changeable, indecisive in business, mechanical ability, riches and honor but final ruin, blindness by accident, disease, extreme sickness, fevers or violent death” [9]
Capella 21º “Vacillating, changeable, too loquacious, quick speech, misunderstood and criticized, martial honor and wealth.” [7a]
Mintaka 22º “ Discreet, cautious, somewhat changeable. “[10]
El Nath 22º “Ecclesiastical preferment, honor through science, religion or philosophy”[11]
Alnilam 23º “Rash, headstrong, surly. If also culminating, military preferment and gain. ” [9b]
Orion’s Belt 23º to 24º “Notoriety, good fortune, lasting happiness” [7b]
Al Hecka 24º “Suspicious, reserved, studious, unfavorable for health and especially for the lungs, aptitude for military enterprise and stratagems but danger of deceit and ambushes.” [12]
Betelgeuse 29º ”Interest in and ability for occult and mystical subjects, acute diseases, fevers, honor and preferment ending in final ruin.” [1]

The Sun here is certainly vacillating! The reason though could be because of the native’s insatiable curiosity. They also say curiosity killed the cat which in practice means these folks find themselves scuttling away from many a scrap. The rich selection of stars found in this decan mean that many different fates are open to them, the problem is settling for just one. Gemini is good at juggling many options  and will keep people guessing until the very last minute as to their final choice. In a way, this ability to change roles and moods swiftly means that they are able to slip out of impending disaster just in the nick of time. Yes, this cat has nine lives also, which is just as well. Since the Sun rules this decan (according to the Chaldean system) it is actually really strong here in leadership, sometimes too strong, which means it will make enemies.

The native has the gift of the Gemini gab and can be your classic used-car salesman depending on which of the stars are the closest. Some of these folks are far from charming and attract a love or hate following. Gemini Sun 3 generates a great deal of optimism and they have a youthful vigour that lasts well into old age. The more surly among them can get very cantankerous in later life though, so it helps if they have a ‘good twin’ partner to smooth out their rough edges. In the arts, Gemini Sun 3’s experimental brand of creativity produces innovative designs. Their products tend to be more striking, rather than classically harmonious. This is because they like to mix together colours, flavours or even people that shouldn’t really match, just to see if they can! This approach is brilliant, bordering on genius when it does work, but horrendous when it doesn’t, hence the very mixed fate of this decan in terms of its success.

Sun Gemini 3 Examples: Donald Trump, George H.W Bush, Jean-Marie Le Pen, Benazir Bhutto, Edward Snowden, Jay Rockefeller, David Rockefeller, Wallis Simpson, Paul McCartney, Boy George, Brian Wilson, Tupac Shakur, Alison Moyet, Johnny Hallyday, Lionel Richie, Nick Drake, Demis Roussos, Paula Abdul, Errol Flynn, Gene Wilder, Nicole Kidman, Kathleen Turner, Courtney Cox, Peter Dinklage, Juliette Lewis, Chris Morris, Amanda Lear, Lana Del Ray, Igor Stravinsky, William Butler Yeats, John-Paul Sartre, Salman Rushie, Anne Frank, Diana Mitford, Alice Bailey, Steffi Graf, Venus Williams, Lennon/Ono Davison.

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25 thoughts on “Gemini Decan 3 ~ June 11 to 20 (20º-30º)

  1. Marina you work is so amazing. well researched and well presented. love the art work also. i will be purchasing the entire set of all decans (i do energy and manifestation work through the stages of the moon, quarter days etc etc and equinoxes and solstices. i live in the uk and am a student of Zsuzsanna. i hoe that you will accept a cheque payment? regards Theresa White. Ps i promote your work worldwide (!) having lived in the middle east, caribbean, asia, north africa x everyone things you ae amazing

    1. Thanks Theresa. I know Zsuzsanna, my first real astrology reading! Yes I can take a cheque if you live in the UK. Best to EMAIL privately and we can do some kind of deal with what material I have so far.

  2. he’ll stay in flight, in the ether ’till merc.’s retro then good luck finding him, capture @ stationary another possibility. Don’t think they want him alive. he worries @ family just like KGB

  3. Edward Snowden 6/21/83, eking seconds out of gem.sun, the guys in so much harmony, trans Jupiter hitting all presses as his scorpio moon serious glance back at the floodlights, no deer-in=the=head-lights, no this is one self-assured guy and he did take on the world, the most powerful country! now that we’ve seen the woman, the question does creep in, ‘did he do this to avoid marriage???’ maybe he prefers no one, he did avoid encumbrance of finishing HS, college, true settled life, now he’s truly on the run for his life but maybe w/ Jupiter&uranius/conq in 5/6 sag respectively one might think the fight/flight response to everything personal is his modus-operandi even if there’s a idealistic, to thane-known -self-be-true fits with sat/libra/trine/gem/sun/mars/nn/conq. and don’t forget leo/venus/sextile/gem/merc! America’s most wanted son. who can think badly of him? I know the ballerina

    1. the seriousness, Snowden’s Scorpio moon takes life seriously, & the nn/sun/mars/cong/Gemini IS about his own actions, everything he does he owns, and he wants desperately todo right! mars/sun people own bad activities, internalize them till it’s I-AM-BAD add the charge of early sag/Jupiter/Uranus/conq is about ethics, with all the energy of trans jup. the wrongness of his work must of drove him nuts. he’s not likely tobe depressed. Also he’s a guy that feels at home anywhere…can relate to anyone…probably high level of personal charm, ifnot perennial youth. wow/wow/wow 3/dec sure fits. he can be my ambassador anyday

    2. Cap AS? goes w/ the struggle/conscience , bony if slight frame, also lack of dental care. Gemini isn’t big on health-care and Capricorn is about structure bone health…also the fact is he has brought the US to it’s knees…..

  4. This is my granddaughter! June 17 2008

    She will be five this year. She is SO fun to watch grow. And into everything. A few months ago she asked me if she could be a Dog doctor and a geologist and still be a chef when she grows up. I told her YES!

  5. R,
    the meeting of mind that Marina gives us is a safe place to relate as much of the world doesn’t integrate astrology into their thinking or acknowledge it as natural/real as trees and flowers. I always read your comments because I get it, you have an ease of expression I admire.
    My late sisters child is Virgo and what I see about Virgo kids is they are adorable so their moms what to do everything for them…what happens is they will want to do things themselves, having observed in a self-preserving way all the little details that are necessary for survival.
    My sisters son @ age 11 took over bartending at my little sisters bridle shower! Too funny no one knew he had drink names and recipes in his head, My big sis. was embarrassed.

    1. Right, Lucy! I come here also because this is one place where I am able to unify knowledge, as a whole.

      Thankyou Marina, so very much! (without melodramas… ;)!)

      Yeah, Alonso does not want me around… sometimes. On Saturday, before he went to work (rest. and cafet.), he repeated several times his *thankyou mom* to me. I prepared him some breakfast, you know, well done crispy bacon with sunny side up eggs (delicious… ).

      And then, he finds it hard to place limits on me. And I am trying to guess when they want me and when they don´t.

      Today, I visited my old aunt and uncle -grandparents of me- who love each other. He had an increase of electrolites (sodium) which put his life in danger. And they are sure vulnerable: he´s 88 and she is 84. His Alzh. is… as you know this desease goes (so fast!). And she is clever and takes only right decitions. Amazing!

      They are such a good example for me! She lovingly takes care of him and places the right questions to the doctors, even when they are in a hurry.

      Mhhh! Life goes on!

      Regards Lucy 🙂


  6. my third son, Daniel 6/11 had a short time, 5 1/2 years w/ us, he lives in a group home and I still don’t know what happened as we think it was related to MMR immunization that I delayed until he was in a summer camp that said he had to have it, the question is why a kid, bright attractive well coordinated, had this terrible break w/o a trace of what happened. MRI showed nothing.
    My dad’s first cousin & my first cousin. his nephew died tragically violently @ age 22/21 their photo’s show the same kid alike in smile comportment, height, hair was it he returning to try life?
    When it first happened he was sick then seemed to lose his mind, plateau, especially in his special school, then the promises, (we’ll get your kid back, he’ll recover skills) never came true.
    He was everything Marina wrote, a ball of fire, running for president or so I told people when he walked up introduced himself and started the questions, “what’s your fathers name? how many kids do you have? where do you live? do you have a big car, house? etc.” Also we always did what he wanted to do, sing his favorite song, “you are my sunshine,” play what he wanted, then as soon as we arrived home he put his hands together in a temple and say, “I want to draw, I have to draw, he’d work in my room, taking a break for expert play on the jungle-gym, dinner, then work till bedtime. I still have his drawings and framed 2 of the collages …the first thing that happened was he didn’t want to draw anymore. So he seemed to hear the clock ticking, with all the directed activity, accomplish a lot in kindergarten as well, it was always, “he was the only child who did or could do ____”. At times we had him back, he noticed hope in me, “I don’t like the new Daniel, I want to be the old Daniel.” Anyway he had Aquarius AC, Jupiter/conq aries/moon…seems like a marker, my crazy Aries bro. had Aquarius moon.
    After setting fire to the house twice,( I sustained a fractured femur in the 1st, was on crutches for the snd, ) he eventually had a group home placement and now he’s s in one for adults. I don’t know but life is strange this kid was physic asked me questions and said things about me that no one else ever saw, what happened hurt me worse than any thing else before, after…. living w/ him was like living his break over and over and he knew it, he suffered.

    1. thank you, Marina.
      Dan’s NN conq my sun/mars conq. his sun is mid-point my natal moon & venus/ceres/conq, his mercury conq.

    2. Hi Lucy,
      Your story really touched me. It seems so painful, having a lovely child ‘break’ as you describe it. Such a loss.

      Did you do the sculptures on the site your name links to?

    3. yes!
      Many people helped Dan, although impaired his charm is undiminished. Although the medical piece, MMR immunization may of triggered it his diagnosis is Child disintegrative disorder, late onset autism, ASD, autism spectrum disorder. Autism, schizophrenias, may be sex-linked, skipping me and hitting my brother, savant, group home, is in chemical restraints
      Dan takes Prozac, nothing else, people like him, he has a job moving heavy boxes, he’s 6’2″, and looks like the young men in my dad’s family, strawberry blond w/ pink/orange aquarian skin, orange aura.

    4. Hi Lucy,

      I have the deep feeling that none of us is away from this kind of misshappens. When I look at my sister´s natal chart -also a 3rd dec. gemini- I just don´t find the way to understand what happened there and why she was born that way.

      She had this heart condition, aestenosis in her heart, that bocked blood to irrigate her brain. She had to major heart surgeries… though, never could really reach her potential. She WAS an angel. (One would envy much, because I was much more the melodrama that describes me; now, I´m trying to grow and to make the best of what-there-is. I felt deeply unfairly treated).

      I always have to feeling that this misshappens just happen…! And one of the reasons I come here is a kind of spell -stupid if you want- to be able to control, to correct things. I know is impossible, though I know this is why I come here too…

      Same with my piscean brother. I go to those times, when he passed away so stupidly. I try to recall and to see what would I have done differently to avoid the circumstances.

      I kind of feel some guilt though I know I have none responsability. But, you know, trying to avoid such deep pain… I would do anything.

      I feel gratitude that I least I can see some of my doings and ideals, and I tend to be able to discern what I can do, from what I can´t.

      I feel worried about my virgo son. And I feel I have to work out my control thing and let him live his own life. I shut my mouth and listen…

      For me, as a sister, as a mother, so hard to accept that there are windows of pain and the fragility of life it´s self.

      I hope I can make myself understandable.

      Over here, some growing forces from within. This trine saturn, nept. is starting to do it´s miracles (which I need to go out from the victim scheme I´ve always live; changes are subtile, though I feel I really might end up else where…).

      My deep and solidary feelings for you.


  7. While my 1st. pregnancy, I always had the feeling it was a boy. There were many boys in my family generation. I was not surprised. In the delivery room, they told me that she was a girl. And there she was, deeply starring at me, like finding the voice, at last. I was kind of confused. The World football soccer was on and she was born with the Dutch goal, al 2:30 pm (local time).

    Two years after, I felt a very deep gratitude to have my daughter. And now a days, she is transfroming herself in very accute, sensible and hard working young adult.

    Her Sun is on Capella.

    When a read about the rollercoasters -Gemini decan 2- I felt deep recognition of my daughter being born in the third one. And now I can see why. Nice description of what she is.


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