Gemini Decan 1 ~ May 20 to 31 (0º-10º)

Gemini Decan 1 ~ Fixed Stars

Gemini 00º 00’ ~ Alcyone  in the Pleiades of Taurus the Bull 3.0*
Gemini 00º 06′ ~ Alrai in the left knee of Cepheus, the Ethiopian King.  3.4
Gemini 00º 21′ ~ Atlas in the Pleiades in the shoulder of Taurus the Bull. 3.8
Gemini 01º 09′ ~ Atiks in the left sandal of Perseus the Hero. 3.8
Gemini 02º 05’ ~ Mirfak in the right side of Perseus the Hero 1.9
Gemini 04º 48’ ~ Menkib in the left foot of Perseus the Hero 4.0
Gemini 05º 15’ ~ Sceptrum in Eridanus the River 4.0
Gemini 05º 48’ ~ Prima Hyadum in the Hyades of Taurus the Bull 3.9
Gemini 08º 24′ ~ Gamma Caelum in Caelum the Sculptor’s Chisel. 4.6
Gemini 08º 28’ ~ Ain in the left eye of Taurus the Bull 3.6
Gemini 09º 47’ ~ Aldebaran in the right eye of Taurus the Bull 0.8 
*Magnitude. Star positions for the year 2000.

Gemini Decan 1 ~ General Meaning

Gemini Decan 1 is ruled by Jupiter and Mercury (Gemini triplicity). The sun crusades through the constellations of Taurus the Bull, Perseus the Hero, the Sculptors Chisel and the River from May 21 to 31. This section of the sky houses the famous star clusters the Hyades, the Pleiades, and the royal star Aldebaran in the Bull’s eye. These clusters have stormy reputations, Alcyone is scandalous in love and the Hyades bring tears and violence. Perseus is not the most sedate fellow either, brandishing his sword and grasping poor Medusa’s decapitated head.8 of SwordsThe “Good V Evil’ duality of Gemini is strong here not just because it is the Gemini decan, but mainly because of Aldebaran’s dragon-slaying tendency. As St Micheal, god’s first soldier, he is, therefore, the chief slayer of all things Satanic. With Jupiter’s influence here then, we get activists and militants who are on a spiritual or religious mission to add to the already zealous theme. So Gemini Decan 1 see themselves as spiritual warriors and reformers, they are on this earth to stamp out evil!…

Dandy Warriors & Geek Chic

The tarot card associated with Gemini Decan 1 is the eight of swords. Unfortunately, the air signs are stuck with the swords suit as representing them so the imagery is not going to be so positive. We must remember that these cards must be read slightly differently when associated with the decans as they will show the lessons learned in other lifetimes and karma that may have already been paid back. In this case, you can see already that this intense decan has Alcyone, the Hyades and Aldebaran no less. This is an old soul who has learned many, many harsh lessons.With this decan, it is vitally important to break out of the negative cycle of doom and gloom and realise that the worst is OVER! “With the Eight of Swords, there is often a failure to take responsibility for your situation. You will not act or take control. Instead, you wait for others to come to your rescue….in the majority of cases suggests that the problem you are in is more than likely of your own making. Yes, we do get into binds or get caught in traps created by other people, but then allow ourselves or give permission to be taken, prisoner.” ~ Teach Me Tarot. With Aldebaran the royal star here it is entirely possible to become your own saviour, but you may just be too blind to see that…

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Gemini Decan 1

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Sun Gemini 1

Alcyone 0º ~ “Throat ailments, chronic catarrh, blindness, bad eyes, injuries to the face, sickness, disgrace, evil disposition, murderer or murdered, imprisonment, death by pestilence, blows, stabs, shooting, beheading or shipwreck.” [3] “ The ruthless visionary, a passionate but potentially arrogant person. A tendency to be harsh in the judgement of other, and this a need to balance one’s instincts with compassion.” [7]
Mirfak 2º ~ “To have vitality and enthusiasm. The sport person or athlete, or to have a great deal of energy for one’s daily life.” [6]
Prima Hyadum 5º ~ “Evil disposition, disturbed mind, failure in study, muddled thinking, misfortune, murderer or murdered, death by blows, stabs, shooting, beheading or shipwreck.” [8]
Aldebaran 9º ~ “Great energy and perseverance, high material honors but danger of losing them, danger from quarrels and the law, honor and riches ending in disgrace and ruin, liable to disease, fevers and a violent death.” [10]

The Sun here has great creativity and wants to try everything and everyone.. They wear many faces and can make great impersonators. The problem these folk may have is spreading themselves far too thin and being all things to everyone. They really need to focus on one thing at a time instead of being the perpetual juggler. Saying all that, if these folk do manage to find an occupation where they are in their Mercurial element then they can do really well. Yes Sun Gemini 1 certainly can multi-task, and they might need to if they go on to have a large family. Having many children and/or twins is possible if other factors in the chart support this. These young at heart folk can make great primary school teachers. They can give a fun, all-round education not spending too much time on any one topic. Their boredom threshold is such that Sun Gemini 1 may be not so good at being a master of one subject however.

The main thing about the Sun here is their wit and enthusiasm which is just so infectious. They also have a real childlike quality about them and retain a youthful vigour until old age. Sun Gemini 1’s main talent is their persistent curiosity that never leaves them. They are constantly experimenting and can come up with great innovations if they stay on a project long enough. Sun Gemini 1 are very often attracted to the theatre where they can dress up and play different characters to their hearts content.

SUN GEMINI 1 EXAMPLES: Queen Victoria, John F Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, Clint Eastwood, Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Joan Collins, Helena Bonham-Carter, Kristin Scott Thomas, Rupert Everett, Richard Wagner, Stevie Nicks, Siouxsie Sioux, Paul Weller, Cee Lo Green, Alan Wilder, Noel Gallagher, Gladys Knight, Ronald Isley, Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Morrissey, Mel B, Kylie Minogue, Priscilla Presley, Peggy Lee, Julian Clary, Mike Myers, Noel Fielding, Dale Winton, Denise van Outen, Cilla Black, Naomi Campbell, Katie Price, George Best, Harvey Milk, John Hinckley, Jeffrey L Dahmer, Eric Cantona, Mary Cassatt, Henri Rousseau, Elena Ford, Albrecht Durer, Cyril Fagan, Vivian Robson.

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  1. Charlie Denihan had this Decan, even posed laughingly in a casket on his instagram before his death. Boyfriend is the same Venus at 20 Arien, plus the next Decan Sun. I’m so glad he has Mars and Mercury retrograde. There financial situations are not the same, but I feel he would have befallen the same fate. This guy had the right feeling about the club scene, but he overdid the sacred. I disagree with the NYTimes obit that he would give his shirt of his back, he had pictures of Tompson Square Park, I know there are a lot of people there that could have used a shirt. But found no pictures of his back exposing in action. Just seemed spoiled and really superficial, well he did say he was a bad influence. In Aqua Decan 2 we just can’t get away with stuff like that. Be selective of your substance use guys. Doing a bunch of stuff just to “have fun” is never a good thing.

  2. we need to rise above the Cult of catholicsm, the anthropomorphism and personification of all religions, every one has a direct line to higher frequencies ,no one needs a priest,surely as astrologers, we see the embodied octaves of an image of person,we are objective awell as subjective,frequencies,its all just one should be brainwashed in to anothers warped view of REALITY,isis springs to mind.
    voodoo only works if you think it marina says ,there lower and higher vibrations of an aspect,always choose higher integrity.

  3. The very HOT Jennifer Lawrence has a Gemini moon. I’ve seen her more on talk shows, she’s not only gorgeous but she’s got a witty, awesome personality!!


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