Full Moon September 2019 ~ Fight Or Flight?

Full Moon September 14 2019 falls at 21º Pisces Decan 3. Full Moon is conjunct Neptune, opposite Mars & square Jupiter. Full Moon healing crystal is the Tiger’s Eye. Fixed Star is Markab in Pegasus the Winged Horse. Tarot card is the 10 of cups.

Full Moon September 2019 Astrology

Full Moon September In Pisces Decan 3

The wild mood-changes in this decan are bound to keep us on our toes. Because of fluctuating emotions, we might well find it hard to keep hold of relationships at this time or stick to any project. We are apt to lash out for no apparent reason, so this decan is typical of the temperament that is often described being “artistic ” Interestingly in my research, I actually found very few actual artists with their Moon in this decan, but there are certainly those who have a finger on the pulse of what is popular in the collective.

This decan is very sensitive to what its peers (or the public) perceive them to be. If they can’t be loved then Pisces decan 3 might go out of their way to be unpopular and delight in being controversial. Moon in Pisces 3 loves being the subject of gossip, and they seem to lap-up any attention, even if it is negative. Bad press doesn’t exist as long as this person is being talked about; So at this time, we will see many prominent people feeding off drama in the collective. The Moon here can be quite “bratty” also. Infantile rages can emerge due to unresolved childhood trauma.

full Moon september 2019

Full Moon September 2019 ~ Complete YouTube Report

This post contains my notes of this full moon September 2019. The video above pulls the elements all together and summarises the lunation’s energy and uses. After 10 mins I talk about relevant moon/matrix issues that are pertinent to the current moon ‘spell’ and how we can best heal from them.

Fixed star markeb
Artwork: “7 of Wands”. Voyager Tarot © James Wanless james-wanless.com

Fixed Star Markab

Moon on Markab ~ “Injuries from enemies and domestic matters, fairly good health but many accidents”. [6] ” To be emotionally consistent, to be unchanging in one’s devotion. To see to serve in a practical manner, the needs of others.” [7]
Manilus writing in the 1st century says “It will bring forth people endowed with a swiftness of movement and limbs alert to perform every task… proudly mounted on its back he will wage war from on high; horseman and soldier in one. Another will possess the ability to rob the racecourse of its true length such is his speed…and make the ground vanish before him… will know the herbs which bring aid to an animal’s limbs and those which grow for the use of man.” So there is swiftness in the body and mind.

Full Moon Pisces Decan 3 ~ Tarot Card

10 of cupsThe tarot card associated with this card is the 10 of cups. The Cinderella effect of the meaning of the decan as a whole is very marked with this card since “It suggests emotional fulfilment, settling down and starting a family. You have found the love you have searched for… You may have a picture painted in your head of the ideal partner and life for you.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with this as we all have our own idea of what we are looking for, and a dream we would dearly love to come true.”

Painting a picture is appropriate as this is such an imaginative decan. Karmically for artists “ The Ten of Cups suggests exceptional work. Your creations will be truly inspiring and might even be your best  yet” Like high flying Pegasus “It is all taking off for you now and you may even get some global recognition.” ~ teachmetarot.

Full Moon September 2019

The 3rd Face Of Pisces

“A sad man full of evil thoughts, thinking of deception and treachery, and before him is a woman with a donkey climbing atop her, and in her hand is a bird. This is the face of advancement, and lying with women with a great appetite, and of quiet and seeking rest” ~ Picatrix

Artwork ‘3rd Face Of Pisces” kindly supplied by J Swofford at: abnormalimage.com and JswoffordArtandPhoto

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5. Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian, The Book of Stones (Berkley, CA: North Atlantic Books, 2007).

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  1. Miss Marina, I say this with as much love as I can:

    It’s time to trash–or at least rewrite–your copy and paste text about New and Full Moons. Been reading the same thing for years! You know there’s a new generation of astrologers who are far more educated than the previous one, right? Don’t need to dumb it down so much anymore.

    • Adam, you don’t have to read it! Just scroll past. It’s just a rough guide for all levels and I do have beginners who come to my site too you know. I save all the juice for the youtube videos which go into much more detail and are aimed at my intermediate to advanced followers.
      This post is just for my notes and is a good visual/artistic guide to the mood of the moon.
      I decided Youtube is my main focus for astrology material that has fast turnover. It’s simply not worth my while to spend too much time on posts that date so quickly.
      I also speak faster than I type and posts need proof-reading and designing.

  2. Thank you for writing your decan pdf book. I love it! Just read your September full moon article, may I ask if the affects will be stronger since my Pisces moon is 21º alongside my pisces sun at 26º (10H) and Cancer asc at 12º. As you may conclude, all are “well” aspected to one another along with mars in scorpio at 12º (5H). Thank you x


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