September 29 Full Moon – Hope & Glory

Full Moon 29 September 2012

The Full Moon on September 29 is at 7º Aries and on fixed star Alpha Lacerta in the Lizard. This momentous moon is activating the revolutionary Uranus square Pluto. It’s time for the lizard to shed its skin. It is also conjunct the Goddess of Hope, Elpis. This moon will be a testing time to see how we get through a period of crisis without resorting to our usual crutches. Those props can be relying too much on a certain person, taking to the bottle or numbing the pain and zoning out.

If we keep alert and hold on to our hopes and wishes we can make the magic in the skies work for us. Don’t waste this golden opportunity by running scared! Lilith on Perseus’s brave sword and South Node on Medusa’s head Algol gives us the power to slay those nasty old demons that have been bothering us for many years or even for many lifetimes.

We had the first Uranus square Pluto back in June and the Moon conjunct Uranus of this Moon is still within orb as it is now of the fixed star Algenib in Pegasus, as Jamie said “makes one a “reformer or agitator“, so the revolutions are set to intensify. The worst will come out with Uranus square Pluto on the destructive fixed star Facies.” Pluto is still on Facies, but now we have a full on Hades Moon.

Full Moon Horoscope

Moon square Pluto “This is the raging Kali archetype par excellence. …The mother as destroyer can be literal. The moment HMS Titanic struck the Plutonic iceberg the Moon was square Pluto (63′). How symbolic of this aspect, the great ship weighed down by her treasures, plunged deep into the underworld with the loss of so many lives.” Let’s hope we don’t have any disasters. Be vigilant for we are in for a bumpy ride for the next two weeks. Moon conjunct Uranus “can also describe a shock to the infant at a very vulnerable stage in their development, this can leave them feeling rather unhinged….Both the Moon and Uranus are fluctuating and changeable, their emotions often change in a flash.”

Full Moon September 30th horoscope

The Moon/Uranus conjunction is closest to the fixed star Alpha Lacerta, along with stars in Cepheus the king and in ambitious, high-flying Pegasus. This area of the sky according to Diana K Rosenberg makes people “impatient and aggressive, their pride, ambition and quick temper may create enmities; …responsible, strong willed, combative and eloquent, with powerful visionary imaginations, they espouse their beliefs sometimes to the point of fanaticism”  [1]. Add this headstrong and wilful vibe to the full Moon equation, then it’s possible that the revolutionaries will come out in full force. If this square is impacting our natal chart personally then you can expect a shocking change. It could even trigger a Kundalini awakening if the Uranus/Pluto square is striking the sexual planets Mars, Venus or Lilith. Hard aspects will be electrifying, soft aspects will be empowering, but not zapping your pants off.

Hope Springs Eternal

Full Moon September

Elpis the Goddess of Hope was the final item in Pandora’s box that did not escape. It’s a bit of a mystery why hope was put in the box of evils. Some commentators say Elpis is “expectation”, which can be or good or bad. Hope as expectation can be negative if you expect the worst. Hope is sometimes the medicine that makes things bearable, but if hope is in vain then it can be considered an evil too. I think the hopeful antidote to this intimidating Full moon is a reassuring grand trine of Ceres, Neptune and Saturn. This trio looks like the hope medicine, Ceres being the herb with Neptune also being dream, but also the risk of wanting drugs to numb the pain. Thankfully Saturn here means sensible doses. Maybe this trine could actually be the positive antidote, getting through the crisis by meditating on our wishes, rather than succumbing to Neptune’s temptations.

The Sabian symbol for this Full Moon is “A woman’s hat with streamers blown by the east wind”. The east wind is Eastern philosophies and spiritual teachings (the meditative trine.) There is a need to adapt to outside forces, shifts of attitudes may be needed. So let spirit guide you and allow these profound Uranus square Pluto changes to bend you, but not break you. A rigid, bigoted attitude will not help. At the same time keeping grounded is important, as you don’t want to be blown off course all together. Keep focused on your dreams, but be open to maybe taking a different route to achieve them.

September 2012 Full Moon Keywords

Shifts in the wind, wishing and hoping and prayin’…holding on tight to your dream, resisting temptation, adapting to circumstances, strength through flexibility, rebounding, elasticity, being strongly rooted, a tree in the wind, shedding ones skin, throwing off surplus, weathering the storm, keeping focused ahead, ignoring distractions and frivolities, keeping your wits about you, keeping sober, slaying demons, willpower, sensible doses, keeping to your word, having faith, grounded in nature, temperance, balance, concentration, grim determination, brutal transformation, shock and awe, cold turkey, rebirthing.

1. Secrets of the Ancient Skies. Diana K Rosenberg. Pg 68.