Full Moon October 2019 ~ Striking Gold

Full Moon October 13 2019 falls at 20º Aries. Full Moon is square Pluto. Full Moon healing crystal is the Golden Yellow Apatite. Fixed Star is Baten Kaitos in constellation Cetus the sea monster. Full Moon tarot card is the 4 Of wands.

Full Moon October 2019 Astrology

Full Moon In Aries Decan 3 ~ The Moon here does not have any dignity, and usually, the watery, emotional moon is quite uncomfortable and even quite vulnerable in Aries. However this Venus/Jupiter ruled decan has a certain watery vibe due to the seafaring stars here. I believe that emotions channelled in the right way here can still make us successful despite the problems of some of the difficult fixed stars. The Moon can ebb and flow through this decans rough seas. The Moon feels quite at home here since the dark lunacy of this decan is something that the imagination can really thrive in.

So it is really important that we have some creative outlet with which to unleash our passions at this time. Again, like the Sun in Aries decan 3, we will really need to perform our ever-changing Moons to an audience. Our dancing emotions are often very entertaining, even if it’s just a rant to a friend about how dreadful the service was in the local shop. Aries decan 3’s personal spin on the event makes our experience an adventurous quest rather than a mundane moan about some inferior fruit and veg. At this full moon October 2019, the minutiae of everyday life has the potential for high drama, a bit like a Mike Leigh film.

MOON DECAN 3 EXAMPLES: Galileo, Al Capone, Joe Pesci, Kevin Spacey, Malcolm X, Idi Amin, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Barbara Cartland, Jerry Hall,  Cate Blanchett, Daniel Day-Lewis, Lauren Bacall, Diana Rigg, Jean Harlow, Pamela Anderson Lee, Nigella Lawson, Rodney King, Céline Dion, Lionel Richie, Johnny Marr, David Sylvian, Jose Maria Carreras, Leonard Bernstein, John Coltrane, Giuseppe Verdi, Fernand Leger, Auguste Renior, Calvin Klein, Phoolan Devi (The Bandit Queen), Virginia Woolf, Anthony Burgess, Norway Massacre, Frederick M Alexander (Technique), Richard Tarnas, Bill/Hilary Clinton Davison.

Full Aries Decan 3 eBook

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Full Moon October 2019 YouTube

This post contains my notes for this full moon October 2019. The video above pulls the elements all together and summarises the lunation’s energy and uses. After 20 mins I talk about relevant moon/matrix issues that are pertinent to the current moon ‘spell’ and how we can best heal from them.

Full Moon October Star ~ Baten Kaitos

Baten Kaitos is found in Cetus the Sea Monster (or the Whale.) The ‘epic proportions’ of this decan are strongest here. This was the monster sent to devour Andromeda. Cetus the constellation in general according to Robson “ is said to cause laziness and idleness, but to confer an emotional and charitable nature, with the ability to command, especially in war. Makes one amiable, prudent, happy by sea and land, and helps to recover lost goods.” He goes on to say that Baten Kaitos “gives compulsory transportation, change or emigration, misfortune by force or accident, shipwreck but also rescue, falls and blows.”

full Moon october 2019

Full Moon 13 October 2019 Times
Los Angeles ~ 2:07 pm. New York ~ 5:07 pm. London ~ 10:07 pm. Rome ~ 11:07 pm.

Elsbeth Ebertin is even more negative .. ” The Whale really means “monster”. The Saturnine properties, such as inhibition, reserve, caution, solitude and simplicity are often forced onto such people, either by a mundane power or a higher power. Sometimes ideas are propagated which make the life for the native trying or troublesome. To such persons, fate is usually one of change. People influenced thus, tend to depression or dwell on the thought of death. Life often is full of humiliation, renunciation and obstacles. But the position of the complete chart is always important.” [1]

The Saturn effect is of this star is plain to see, but I believe if there are helpful aspects in the rest of the chart and Aries Decan 3 manage to battle on, the more resilient rams come out as life’s survivors and are stronger for it.

Full Moon October ~Tarot Card

Full Moon October 2019The tarot card associated with this decan is the 4 of wands which is associated with reunions, returning home, community and celebrations. So despite the monstrous influence, karmically this position is generally a positive one. The fortune could be a reward after a few lifetimes of dedication and deferred gratification “this card heralds the successful achievement or desired outcome of a situation or project due to hard work and determination. 

The Four of Wands can highlight the ‘settling in’ period after this achievement and the desire to establish roots of some kind.  The Four of Wands returns stability, order and security into your life after a period of upheaval, movement and transition. It also highlights a period of contentedness which is a much-needed experience for the frenetic Wands type.” ~ Teachmetarot.

Aries Full Moon October 2019

Full Moon October 2019

Full Moon Healing Crystal ~ Golden Yellow Apatite

“Yellow Apatite is a positive crystal, instilling hope and optimism. It releases old blockages that may limit one’s acceptance of prosperity or abundance and overcomes fear of success. It heals negative patterns, and provides the energy for creative thoughts and action needed to achieve one’s goals.

It provides the courage to take risks, and the clarity to know which risks are worth taking. As a note of caution for those with an overabundance of natural confidence, this stone may make one too assertive for the taste of others, especially in a work environment. However, this property can be advantageous in a competitive situation, from sports to corporate dealings.” ~ crystalvaults.com

“A yellow apatite stone is a high-vibrational crystal that eliminates any stagnant energy from your body. It’s a wonderful stone for anyone who tends to stuff their feelings and emotions deep, down inside, allowing for a gentle release and encouraging you to let go. Gold apatite facilitates the release of old baggage, thought processes and conditioning that may be holding you back from personal growth or moving forward on your path. ” ~ energymuse.com

Full Moon October 2019

The 3rd Face Of Aries

“A restless man, having in his hands a gold bracelet, wearing red clothing, who wishes to do good but cannot. This is a face of subtlety and subtle mastery and new things and instruments and similar things” ~ Picatrix

Artwork “3rd Face Of Aries” kindly supplied by J Swofford at: abnormalimage.com and JSwoffordArtandPhoto

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1. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.14
2. Star & planet Combinations. Bernadette Brady. Pg 86.

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