October 29 Full Moon – Tough Diamond

Full Moon 29 October 2012The Full Moon on October 29 is at 6º Taurus and on fixed star Hamal in the forehead of Aries the ram. Its closest aspect is an intense trine to Pluto combined with an opposition from a focused and determined Saturn. Both these authoritarian planets exert power and control to our already fiery moon. All together the archetype is very imperial, like the Emperor in the tarot cards. This Moon is building, setting things in stone, carving, forging, conquering, making plans and sealing deals.

Full Moon aspects

Moon opposite Saturn “The Moon rules habits while Saturn is structure and organisation, therefore these subjects have great endurance and self-discipline. Family is very important to them and they will work their hardest while sacrificing selfish desires. Responsibilities and duty are taken earnestly.” So no frilly Lilithy distractions. This is not the time to be experimenting with forbidden fruit of any kind.

Moon trine Pluto “has the same awesome charm of the Sun trine Pluto but with a more obsessive edge, since the Moon rules habits and compulsions. It also carries the devouring mother archetype, and the trine makes it rather insatiable. Hugh Hefner (61’) is a good example of this type. The creator of Playboy claimed to have slept with most of his “Playmates”. I repeat, NO FORBIDDEN FRUIT OF ANY KIND!


Full Moon Horoscope

He chart itself is very striking and looks like a cut diamond. A grand trine on a yod, the Full Moon searing straight through the middle making it a boomerang Yod on a mission. The solid impenetrable, imperial diamond,has been forming over millennia. Everything pivots on the full Moon Opposite Saturn axis. There are eleven planets between 0º – 7º of the zodiac. The diamond fans out from the authority of the Sun conjunct Saturn. The Sun is on Gacrux in the Southern Cross. “Crux is said to give perseverance, but many burdens, trials and responsibilities, together with much suffering and many hardships.”

Full Moon October 29The mythology behind the 6º Taurus/Scorpio axis is interesting. Hamal in Aries lies opposite Gacrux in Crux the Crucifix or Southern Cross constellation. Astrologer Chiron guided the Argonauts on their mission to find the golden fleece of Aries. This sacred treasure was said to be kept in the vicinity of constellation Centurius, just above the Crucifix. The fleece was found nailed to a tree, like Jesus nailed to the cross. The theme of sacrifice, forgiving and letting go is here with Crux. “as Christ did on the cross when he said “into thy hands (hands are adjacent Centaurus) I commend my spirit” or forgiving as Christ forgave his persecutors while on the cross.” 

Full Moon on Hamal in Aries

“Forgive them for they do not know what they do” Said Jesus after being sentenced by the Emperor, Pontius Pilate. Hamal can be quite a rascal since it has the qualities of Mars and Saturn. Will this shameless rogue do something that needs forgiving? Hamal with the Moon though does give “Patient, slow success through hard work, trouble through love affairs but favorable for marriage, marriage partner gains by business or speculation.” 

With this Moon it would be better to be the wife then the mistress. Better to stick with the security of traditional family values then as Jamie also found with his post on Jupiter retrograde. Honouring inheritance, the classics, playing it safe. Randy Jupiter back-tracking now, despite possibly having succumbed to temptation, this was just a blip. Time to get back to basics and rebuild with a simple, but very solid foundation. Forgive the indiscretions and let them go. Continue with renewed will power and resolve.

Full Moon October 2012In the mundane world we could see an attempt to bring down a powerful public figure by some sex scandal, perhaps a honey trap? But they won’t succeed and the floozy will look very foolish. In our personal lives we may be subject to some very, very tempting offers to derail us from our true mission. Our imperial reputation and honor is at stake. The stars in constellation Aries have the reputation of being sexually competitive and they enjoy the chase. Those who have planets around 2º-6º Scorpio may find themselves relentlessly stalked. All very flattering of course, but if you are already in a relationship, BEWARE! This person is a ruthless cad. They will conquer you, stick a flag in your head and then bugger off. 6º Taurus? That’s you I’m afraid, a rampant disgrace. Do everyone a favour and put a padlock on your pants for the next two weeks please!

Full Moon on Asteroid Klytia

The moon is conjunct Asteroid Klytia 73. This water nymph fell hopelessly in love with Apollo, but he abandoned her for another lady. Bunny boiler Klytia told Apollo’s prospective father-in-law about the affair. The shamed father hastily buried his poor defiled daughter alive in the sands. Despite Klytia’s efforts Apollo remained unimpressed. Undeterred however our tenacious and obsessive nymph stripped naked, starved herself and sat on the bare rocks for 9 days staring up at the Sun! A perfect story here to illustrate the blind pursuit of ones desires which also fits nicely with Hamal’s stalker tendencies.

The Sabian Symbol is “The woman of Samaria comes to draw water from Jacobs Well”. This comes from the biblical story of Christ (Chiron again.) greeting the woman of Samaria. The woman was shocked that the messiah should even speak to her since she was unmarried and of a different race. Shades of Lilith here, the outcast. The symbol calls for love without discrimination. It asks us to forgive our elders for their political incorrectness (since they came from a different era) while accepting their wisdom too. Drawing water from “Jacobs well” (The ancestors) refreshes one into leading a more compassionate and tolerant life.

The word “Tolerance” describes this moon very well. We will be asked to stand firm in the face of temptation, not rise to the bait in disputes, conquer our weaknesses, not feed trolls, have patience with bigots, compassion for the deranged, humour male chauvinists, and turn the other butt cheek.

Full Moon Key Words

Stamina, holding firm, sticking to your guns, resisting temptation, honey-traps, kiss and tells, keeping cool, will-power, rebuilding, structuring, classic designs, back to basics, compassion, forgiveness, standing by your wo/man, family loyalty, issues about being acceptable, deferred gratification, saying “no”, being discreet, keeping things under your hat, preserving reputation, careful planning, taking it slow, self-discipline, perseverance, keeping on course, grim determination, unfaltering faith, rough diamonds.

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