Full Moon October 2011 – Disappointed!

The full Moon on October 12th is at 18º Aries, conjunct Eris, which is also conjunct BOTH Black Moon Liliths (Mean & True). If that wasn’t enough, the full Moon is also semi-sextile Ceres. Sun is conjunct Saturn so the four dark goddesses, plus the full Moon are opposing the patriarchs. Wow, if this isn’t a recipe for a battle between the pagan cyclical goddesses and the linear solar gods I don’t know what is.

Eris may be a little far off the moon for my liking at 3º34’, but with the whole dark goddess cluster I think we are justified in stretching the orbs a little. The shape of the chart is quite dramatic, like a shard of glass pointing at the ole devil Saturn and the Sun. Of course the Persephone myth is hard to overlook when you have Ceres, Moon, True & Mean Lilith and Eris around 18-22º. Indeed anyone with those degrees in cardinal is going to be really hit hard by Persephone themes with this Full Moon.

The Full Moon conjunct Yrsa

The full Moon is on asteroid Yrsa (10′), who (according to Scandinavian legend) is separated from her parents as a child, but then when grown falls in love, and marries a King who turns out to be her own father. In one version of the tale she is raped by him and has his child. Another, on finding out the true identity of his Queen, the father kills himself.

It’s uncanny how this asteroid fine tunes this moon to hone in on the part of the Persephone myth where Pluto (or rather the patriarch) abducts Persephone from her mother. With Lilith in the picture all the worst taboo, baby stealing, raging avenging female aspects also come into play.

The girl is separated from her parents, but what should’ve been a happy reunion is spoiled by the fact incest has been committed. The sorrow here is profound and there is great guilt even though in one version of the myth it was unintentional.

Full Moon conjunct Lamda Andromeda

Andromeda is the chained princess. In the heavens she is placed next to her mother and father Cassiopeia and Cepheus the king and Queen of Ethopia. Some of her stars overlapped and used to be part of constellation Pegasus. So Pegasus is nearby ridden by Andromedas hero Perseus who rescued her from Cetus the seamonster. Fixed star Lambda Andromeda is in the princesses hand holding on the chain.

Andromeda is a complex constellation and to me represents various stages in a woman’s life in the course of self-actualisation. The initial impression of the chained princess is one of a helpless and vulnerable girl chained to Saturn’s rock ready to be devoured and/or rescued by Perseus the solar hero. But what is interesting is how she got there in the first place. Her vain mother the queen boasted Andromeda was more beautiful than any sea nymphs.

The nymphettes complained to Poseidon who in revenge flooded Cepheus’s kingdom. The only way to stop this destruction was for Cepheus to sacrifice his daughter to the sea. The myth of Andromeda is interesting because it follows the theme of father/daughter relationships so far highlighted in this Full Moon. The chains for me are symbolic of Saturn and the father, but also family ties. This myth also beautifully mirrors the themes uncovered in the aspects. Saturn (Cepheus) conjunct the Sun (Perseus) opposing Andromeda (Eris) semi-sextile Ceres (Cassiopeia)

In all of this Andromeda is powerless, a pawn, and subject to Saturn’s karmic payback. The best thing the princess can do is not struggle, for the metal cuffs will cut into her flesh. Her hand is holding onto the chain, working with Saturn, not against him. Yet this Moon shows Eris clearly opposing Saturn and Eris is not the kind of goddess to quietly acquiesce like this star in Andromeda. Like Persephone/Eris, Andromeda is a survivor and goes onto marry Perseus. What of her greedy and vain parents? They are turned into stone (Saturn) by Medusa’s head – Algol, a fitting punishment I think!

Full Moon Tarot – 5 of Cups

In the celestial tarot this card is Ophiuchus, which I like to call the Lilith constellation. The card shows when the split between body and souls has widened and the imbalance has created a healing crisis. This card echoes the healing brought by taking poisons (medicine) in small doses of by biting the forbidden fruit, which could be sex or drugs.

Adolescents tend to go through a phase of experimenting with both of these and often these taboo substances are the very thing that loosens the chains to parental brainwashing and control. In traditionally this card describes feeling let down and disappointed in love, but one could have had unrealistic expectations in the first place.

Full Moon Keywords

Sacrifice, incest, taboo sex, baby stealing, forbidden fruit, sexual healing, rites of passage, teenage angst, midlife crisis, yearning to break free, bound by karma, cutting ties, healing crisis, petrification, self-actualisation, transformation, loss of virginity, rude awakening, waking up and smelling the coffee, surrendering to fate, feeling fated, and eye for an eye, payback, revenge, vendettas, just desserts, breaking the mould, rebelling against family values, hell-raising, disappointment, separation,  feeling gutted, feeling bound, soulmates/cellmates, karmic contracts, armoured feelings, conditional love, controlled feelings, feeling trapped, being between a rock and a hard place, exiling oneself, putting up shields, escape through mind altering drugs, serious emotions, dark dreams.


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