Full Moon 14 November 2016 ~ Severance


Full Moon November 14 2016 at 22º Taurus Decan 3 Aspects:  Opposite Lilith & Semi-Sextile Ceres/Uranus/Eris. Fixed Stars: Zaurak In Eridanus & Capulus in Perseus.


Fixed Stars Zaurak & Capulus

Zaurak is a star found in the Eridanus the river. It means in Arabic “The bright star of the boat”. Zaurak “has a Saturnian character. Anyone who has this star connected with a planet in his chart should endeavour not to take life too seriously and put too much weight on everything people say. This person should struggle to overcome melancholy. Otherwise, this star could trigger off fear of death and suicidal tendencies.”

King Of SwordsThere are two famous stars in constellation Perseus here. Capulus is the star in the slaying arm of Perseus. Bernadette Brady says this star is extreme, male sexual energy, It could be seen as the male Lilith, a match for Lilith’s wild libido. The sword is very phallic, so this is male Kundalini energy in the shape of then divine Masculine. Capulus has a similar heroic energy of Aldebaran the white knight or Orion the hunter. But with Capulus the energy is wilder and raw, an A+ Alpha male. It is driven by sexual desire to free Andromeda from the changes placed on her by her father.(Or authoritarianism )

Full Moon November 2016 ~ Aspects

Both true and mean Black Moon Lilith are opposite this Full Moon. The Lunar Perigee (When the Moon is closest to the earth) places true Black Moon Lilith opposite the Moon. The point of Priapus (found opposite true Lilith.) is then conjunct the Moon. Priapus is supposed to signify what one does in order to fit into society, where you conform to the norms. If the Moon controls our habits (See Are We Moon Food? article.) and ancestral traits, then we are most likely to go down the line of least resistance. We will be reactive in our daily lives when the Moon is closer (as the Perigee/Priapus) and has more influence on us. So we must bear this in mind when we look at the interpretations of Lilith below.

Full Moon November 2016Moon opposite Lilith. Those touched by this Moon can’t please everyone, and will end up hurting someone at this time. Therefore they might as well pick the solution that makes their own soul the happiest. Try not to break under the pressure of this aspect and succumb to the temptation of Lilith’s forbidden fruit in the shape of sex addiction or drugs. If you manage to come through then this can become a fantastic example of the Phoenix rising from the flames. The valuable life lessons learnt from these Full Moon trauma’s become an inspiration to those still caught up in the darkness.

Sun conjunct Lilith plays out as the ego feeling exiled from the dominant cultural system. Sometimes this is as a result of actual abuse from authority figures. The closer Lilith is to the Sun the more it may feel eclipsed. Therefore the taboo is cast over these subjects identity, to the extent that they can become demonised. These sensitive folk may fall for the forbidden fruit of drugs to numb the pain of feeling like an outcast. Despite Sun conjunct Lilith’s counter-cultural behaviour, Black Moon subjects need more than most to feel like they belong and feel part of a family. The way they can do this successfully is to bond with nature and animals.

Sun quincunx Ceres means this Full moon will shine a light on many of the themes of the Persephone myth. There could be sudden great gain or loss which forces growth. Pain is involved if there is separation from family for any reason. Those touched by this Full Moon could feel scarred, betrayed or tainted by some family scandal. Dealing with an overly cosseted childhood could leave one ill-equipped to deal with the gritty reality of the outside world. This full Moon can inspire the use of ones unique talents to spur to great heights. This could be in an attempt to rise above a less than satisfactory mothering experience. The quincunx aspect will find highly unusual ways to stimulate production. Creations made at this time will have a dark opulence or a blending of very gaudy style with the very Spartan.

Sun quincunx Uranus. The castration myth unconsciously simmers, which inspires rebellion against figures of authority. There is a rivalry between the past and future. At this Full Moon there is a primal need to overthrow tradition, to shock and awe and to break through barriers. The enlightener will go out of its way to champion the underdog. Those touched by this Full Moon become reformers and gravitate towards societies outsiders. They feel empathy for those who have been oppressed and bullied. The most radical line is taken politically as this Full Moon has no dimmer switch. The quincunx part is going to make Uranus even more contrary, offensive and rebellious. It is the ‘Questioning’ quincunx! Negatively, ideas and actions can become ‘warped’, or perverted.

Full Moon November 2016 ~ Summary

Full Moon November 2016This will be the first post-US election Full Moon. With memes like ‘drain the swamp’ out in the ether I can’t help but think how very appropriate that expression is. For this New Moon does take place in Eridanus the river. The Lilith/Uranus aspects pick up on the disenfranchised, the trolls, the conspiracy theorists and NEETs of the internet. This also activates Ceres/Uranus/Eris conjunction for the second time this year. (The first time was Brexit.) It’s pretty obvious that whoever wins the election, the other side will be absolutely devastated. Both sides will accuse the other of fraud.

The South Node is still applying to Neptune Rx which is slowing down to turn direct on Nov 20. Priapus conjunct the Moon repeats the phallic/castration and Capulus-slayer theme. (Priapus was actually a greek god who had an unfeasibly large member btw…)  Anyway, there isa definite severing/cutting theme or curbing of wild male sexuality. The Full Moon chart resembles a phallic object being circumcised by the Mars/Venus/Mercury eye pattern (FBI?) and focusing on Venus (Huma/Hillary?). Investigations into fraud continue in our own lives as well as in the collective.

Image: King & Queen Of Swords. Cary Yale Tarot Deck

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