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Full moon November 2013The Full Moon on November 17 is at 25º Taurus on fixed star Algol. This star situated in Medusa’s head has the dubious reputation of being the most “Evil star in the heavens”. It is also known as the Lilith star. The Full Moon is also conjunct Sedna by just over a degree. Sedna has a pretty vile reputation also. Now I have researched both these fearsome Dark Goddesses of course and I found it wasn’t all bad news at all. In fact Algol in practise does not confer death by beheading or anything so literal (Though it will sometimes). Instead Algol can be about getting out of ones head through drugs and the demon alcohol. Wanting to numb the mind can be tempting if rationalise ourselves into a frenzy and let our mind spiral into obsessive, negative thinking. There are also great positives from Algol which you will see if you read the whole of my Algol Fixed Star post.

Back to this Moon then. Sedna is an extremely slow moving planet and it has been on an off applying to Algol’s neighbour Capulus since mid 2011 reaching exactitude in 2013. Capulus is the male Lilith. Bernadette Brady says it signifies aggressive male sexual energy. Capulus is actually on the lancing hand of Perseus the hero, who beheaded Medusa. So Capulus could be said to be the antithesis of Algol. However since these stars are 2 degrees apart in longitude, some people will fall between the two camps. Are you the dragon or the slayer? In a sense we are both one and the same. I think these stars like Castor and Pollux, simply speak of the duality inside us all. So the theme of this Full Moon may be about finding the root cause of our inner turmoil. What cause us to wage war on others and ourselves? Why are we never at peace within our psyche? Why are some of us so self-sabotaging? Why are we, as a collective, so obsessed with shadow figures such as psychopaths, the devil, the Greys, big pharma, fascist dictators, the ruling elite, Jimmy Saville, reptilians….?

Full Moon On Sedna

We are still trying to understand Sedna. The poor loved is essentially a warped and inverted version of the Persephone myth. Sedna did not want to grow up and leave her dad so she refused to marry. Unfortunately her refusal to move on meant she was betrayed by her father and abused by the nasty Crow man she was forced to marry. (Some versions have her marrying a low down dawg..)

Moon on Sedna Celebrities

“African American political activist Angela Davis was once on the FBI’s most wanted fugitive list. Commitment-phobe George Clooney famously has never married despite being named the worlds sexiest man. Victimiser Peter Sutcliffe, the “Yorkshire Ripper” murdered 13 women. Sarah Bernhardt French actress who famously slept in a coffin. William Blake, poet, artist and visionary way ahead of his time. Controversial artist Tracy Emin was raped at 13 and aborted twins at 18 because she was afraid of her family. She famously exhibited the bed she had slept in while feeling suicidal due to relationship difficulties, complete with knickers and condoms.  Dolly Neimans amassed huge wealth from prostitution, but was strangled to death.” ~ Sedna Celebrities 

So now after reading all this you may feel like slitting your wrists at the prospect at this Full Moon. Well I must admit I am rather relieved this is Full Moon is not an eclipse, nor does it plug into Uranus square Pluto. Phew, I think we have had enough “soul growth” now don’t you? Hopefully this Full Moon simply gives us the opportunity to reflect, do some self examination and address our shadow calmly and quietly. The full moon with its opposition is usually about relationships, but it can be about reflection too. The chart itself isn’t too bad either. It looks like an interesting time for healing spells and evocations with Mercury on the North Node conjunct Gacrux (In the Crucifix of Scorpio decan 1) We are back on the April Lunar eclipse point so we may find shades of 6 months ago, dappling across our lune-scape.

Revolving To Gacrux

Approach this Moon with reverence then; Jupiter is applying back to Lilith, so some of our Lilith conjunct Jupiter themes could also resurface. Jupiter is on Castor the immortal “good” twin, so more themes of duality. A small Persephone learning/healing triangle is formed around Uranus square Pluto, healing the fall-out from any love revolutions. I am referring to revolutions as in re-volving. We are turning full circle, possibly back to re-examine what was brought up on April 25.

Full moon November 17Some of the key words from the April Lunar Eclipse which I think are applicable to this Full Moon are: Natural law, culmination, endings, cosmic morphine, seasonal adjustments, awareness of nature, revelations, rituals, cycles, divine nature, recognising patterns. More connections now.. Just like this Full Moon chart, the Sedna discovery chart has a Pluto/Venus (Persephone) conjunction connected to Chiron (Wounded, chopped-off fingers of Sedna). The Yod in the chart says a lot about the archetype of Sedna, which in turn helps us understand this Full Moon. There are similar themes and players. In the Sedna post I wrote “ The Persephone Yod! … Pluto in the 1st.. DC on Capulus. So this Yod is constantly yearning for transformation and intensity, pointing at the 1st house, the physical body. Moon on Pollux, wanting to cut out this evil twin, frozen and septic inside. DC is the knife or possibly the axe. The whole Yod is like an executioner, but to get to the demon one has to hack away, years and years of black ice. Black on black, where is it!?!.. so hard to fathom.”

So at this Full Moon we are hacking away at the black ice at the depth of our souls. We finally tackle the invisible danger, which we have been skating and skidding apon all year. Those who have hard aspects to 25º Taurus really can’t avoid the major de-icing job that comes with this Full Moon. After you have finished, it may seem strange walking without your skates. You might feel dumpy, slow, and that everything now is a little dull. But at some point the dramatic “Torvil and Dean” type spinning has to stop. At this Full Moon we learn to recognise the patterns that keep us stuck on the carousel and realise that living a permanent “Bolero”, is emotionally very draining!

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