Full Moon 29 May 2018 ~ Rough Diamond

The Full Moon May 29 at 8º Sagittarius is yet another dramatic lunation. The full moon May 2018 astrology features the fixed star Antares. The red-giant found in the heart of the Scorpio is conjunct this May full moon. If this was a mere new moon that would be enough. However, since this is a full moon, the sun will fall on Antares’ nemesis Aldebaran which as always falls directly opposite Antares at roughly 10º Gemini. These stars are both powerful royal stars according to the Persians.

They form part of the seasonal cross of the solstices and equinoxes. At one time all four stars fell on these points, but they have ‘slipped’ due to precession. Fomalhaut and Regulus are the other two royal stars. Together the four stars make up the fixed cross that you often see on the Rider-Waite tarot deck. Fomalhaut the angel (Aquarius), Regulus the lion (Leo), Aldebaran the bull (Taurus) and Antares the Eagle (Scorpio). These important stars are also the four archangels, four directions and four seasons of course.

Full Moon in Sagittarius Decan 1

Austin Coppock calls this decan. ‘Poison Arrow’ because Sagittarius 1 is represented by the 8 of Wands tarot card known as “Swiftness” in the Thoth deck. At this full moon May, we burst out of the Scorpionic hostage where they may have been captive. This is a fresh and urgent place for the Moon, but at the same time, it is not blindly impulsive. Those touched by this full moon will not strike until it is utterly sure of its target and then it will hit the bull’s eye straight off.

Yes, with the Moon here we are swift, graceful and to the point. It is also more likely to be competitive in a less physical manner than you would expect from a sign with hooves. With the shadowy lone wolf prowling through this zone Scorpio’s influence is still fresh. There are also poisonous snakes in the grass, Hermes’ slinky Caduceus and voodoos dollies nailed onto trees…

Full Moon May 2018 Aspects

The aspect pattern is interesting in that it contains a boomerang Yod encased in an open mystic rectangle which all sounds very fancy. Yet the moon itself is not really aspected by any planets apart from a weak quincunx from Venus which I don’t think we will even bother to count. There is enough going on with the intense fixed stars to be worried about small fry. What we can see brewing is the gorgeous water grand trine which will perfect the very next day when Venus hits 15 degrees of Cancer. A few days before this full Moon we have the 2nd exact Jupiter trine Neptune (The 2nd and last is on Aug 19 this year)

I’m calling this a fairytale aspect because this trine in water is just so darn dreamy. This version has Jupiter on religious star Achernar. “Well-placed, it promises happiness and success by giving good morals, faithful adherence to one’s religious beliefs or philosophical inclinations. According to tradition, Achernar is credited with bestowing high offices in the church, especially if conjunct with Jupiter.” I think conjunct Neptune would work in much the same way.

Since this full moon is ruled by Jupiter then I would imagine that Jupiter trine Neptune will also colour the interpretation of this moon. From my Jupiter trine Neptune post ~ “ Traditionally Jupiter trine Neptune is extremely idealistic and esoteric. It is the archetypical guru, mystic, healer or spiritual teacher. It can herald someone coming into your life who serves as a great teacher or mentor, but there can be a tendency to idolise that person too. This is a supremely glamourous connection, almost fairytale. The temptation to go full-on fantasy mode with this as a transit is easy and it will prove hard to keep your feet on the ground.

However, there is also great compassion and empathy here too. This aspect can cause an outpouring of charity to the unfortunate, but as always we must be careful that honest and perhaps naive people’s good natures are not taken advantage of. There will always be opportunists who seek the gullible and profit from this sympathetic and idealistic atmosphere.”

Full Moon May 2018 Astrology

Full Moon May 2018

Full Moon May 2018 ~ Antares

Antares  “Popular, broad-minded, interested in philosophy, science and metaphysics, liable to change religious opinions, influential friends, favorable for business and domestic matters, active in local affairs, great power, honor and wealth but benefits may not prove lasting, danger of violence, sickness, drowning or assassination.” [6a] “ Emotional turmoil, and a willingness to face drama. Becoming obsessed with family matters or health issues. Crimes of passions are in the news” [1]

Antares is found right in the heart of the Scorpion and is a beautiful flame red and emerald green binary star. I have already written exclusively about Antares and found him to be quite the anti-hero. (Of Aldebaran, his opposite.) Some Antares keywords: Intense, fiery, compulsive, primal, survivors, trailblazers, combative, driven, maniacal, pushy, human, bestial, ravenous, rampant, wicked, devils-advocate, teasing, taunting, provoking, the phoenix from the flames, mover & shaker.

Because Antares is a royal star, it will give great worldly success. However, Antares ambition can be quite ruthless as he finds it hard to modulate itself. Brady suggests “it also indicates that one can be the cause of their own undoing. The natural theme of this star is to generate success by going through a cleansing life-and-death experience. It can suggest one seeks intensity even when not required. By its mythological symbolism, it indicates extremes, whether by choice or not.” [1]


To help exorcise those full moon demons and see in the dark, make the gods work for you by immersing yourself in Sagittarius decan 1 energy. If your angles, Sun or Moon are in the mutable signs decan 1 you might find that you attract so-called ‘bad boy/girls’ or anti-heroes into your life around this time. To ward them off and slow down any tailgaters, try focused meditation or yoga with a Sagittarius decan 1 theme.

Useful healing materials and props are: The 8 of wands to gaze at, turnips to eat, red roses to adorn your table, amethyst crystal to hold, music in the key of F# to listen, frankincense, ginger and star anise essential oils in a bath.*


May 2018 Full Moon Summary

All things considered, there are certainly contradictory influences at work at the May full Moon. We have the effect of the romantic and fairytale-like Jupiter trine Neptune which appears to slice off the capstone of the Yod pyramid. Pointing at Saturn on ruthless Facies no less. It is quite a garish Full Moon too actually, like glow-in-the-dark make up. Imagine spooky shamanic face-paint and gothy Mexican ‘Day Of The Dead’ type imagery. At this May full Moon, the behavior could be unexpectedly covert. Even in the guise of a scary clown, they could actually get away with murder, because they look too obvious. Like a double bluff. Believe your eyes! If it screams villain, it is actually villain.

Antares is the anti-hero, but at least it is honest about it! What you see is definitely what you get. If you do happen to get involved with a bad boy or bad girl, then you have only yourself to blame if despite your best attempts at slaying their demons for them they still remain ‘bad’. On the other hand, there are cases where a rough diamond is made good and this is also very possible with this full moon.

Sometimes healing grand water trines can perform miracles, but you have to steer them gently in the right direction. Full moons are great for bringing matters to a head so that you can heal them. This full Moon then will be perfect for shining a torch on your own or others demons.

Those glow-in-the-dark tattoos will forever shine as a reminder of what your pet project was before it became ‘illuminated’. This is not to say that your beloved or old self will remain ‘branded’ forever by its previous baddie behavior. The luminous scar is just there to remind us that we cannot expect miracles to happen overnight. However, with the full moon May 2018, as long as the intention for good is there then the diamond is worth waiting for.

I look at the March 4 Freedom in London, spiritual immunity, the atheism of the west, being ‘pro’ rather than ‘anti’ and my taking a break from geopolitics.

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1.Star and Planet Combinations, Bernadette Brady, pg 124 -125.
Image ref: Stills from promo video for Poison Arrow by ABC. 1982

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    I Love it… looks like Sean Young as Shiva, as an Archer, and David Bowie…

  2. Is there by chance a link anywhere to the decans and their tarot correlations?

  3. Nice one! Isn’t there an architect meaning to these two stars if I recall correctly? I’ve had my progressed Saturn at 9 Sagittarius forever. Sort of quells the ‘bad boy’ in me I find. USA folks seem ready for a fairy tale Memorial Day weekend and may want it to last well into next week. The great orange dotard has exhausted everyone and dirtied us all up. A cleansing would be just what the doctor ordered. Again thanks for a very good post and cheers!

  4. Dear astrologer. I understand your reports and whilst I read others reports I am drawn to the kinesthetic approach to your reports which go to much greater depths on a symbolic level and therefore give ultimately a deeper understanding. The extra information afforded by the fixed stars is fascinating. Leas

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