Full Moon 21/22 May 2016 ~ Swift Spooks

Full Moon May 21/22* 2016 is at 1º Sagittarius Decan 1. This is quite a frisky Full Moon to say the least. Not only is in a fire sign, but it is also conjunct a flaming Mars Retrograde. It will draw attention to the themes of this Dragon-Slaying retro period.(Rx until June 30) Mars Rx is at the border of Scorpio and there is a definite feeling of bridging between these two signs. These energies meet in the constellation of Ophuichius, which spans much of Sagittarius decan 1. From the Scorpionic underground, we burst out onto the wild plains of Sagittarius 1.

Full Moon May 2016 ~ Aspects

Full Moon May 2016Moon conjunct Mars feels we are growing up in a war zone because of the amount of emotional domestic explosions. In work situations, managers are easily inflamed so that everyone else in the company feels like they are treading on eggshells. If we are working on red alert in the public domain, then it can be find quite hard to mellow out when we go home to our calmer roommates or partner. Those of us who grew up in explosive families will feel this Full Moon acutely. The moon rules memories and this one could remind us of walking through the domestic minefield of our youth. It is important that we don’t let ourselves be triggered into emotional flashbacks. You could now be picnicking in the most benign of pastures, so don’t let the angry Moon make you too paranoid.

Sun opposition Mars is often so at war with itself, that they can get caught in a never-ending spiral of self-sabotage and accidents. But if we manage to slay our own demons at this Full Moon, we will eventually learn to co-operate with others. There is success in the end, but only after a period of struggle. At this time it is best to work for ourselves, as those touched by this full moon will not be good team players at all. In fact it might even be quite dangerous to compete due the combative vibe in the collective. Sun opposite Mars can be so competitive that it takes really stupid risks just to get past their rivals. This Full Moon can make people egoistical and inconsiderate. At it’s worst, Sun opposite Mars’s hazardous behaviour, which puts others in peril, is never forgotten.

Full Moon May 22 2016 ~ Summary

At this Full Moon we need to have a target to aim for with our poison arrows. We don’t want that venom flying all over the place! Without a specific aim, the imagination and infinite, magical possibilities of this Full Moon are wide open for corruption. We will need to blinker our Sagittarius horse and keep focused beyond the fluoro spooks that are trying to distract us.

*Check your local times. Full Moon on the 22nd in the US. 21st in the UK.

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