Full Moon May 2014

Full-Moon-May-2014The Full Moon on May 14 is at 23º Scorpio, probably just what we need to deep-cleanse and heal the wound inflicted by the Cardinal Grand Cross. Some of us endured this cosmic surgery in order to release what has been festering inside all through the Mars Retrograde. It really hasn’t been too pleasant to see those nasty boils rise to the surface, but in a curious way it has also been quite fascinating to reveal just what has been lurking in the cellar all this time. This Moon in Scorpio is made that much deeper and richer by the fact that the Sun opposite is conjunct Capulus, the vampire slaying arm of Perseus. Plus the geometry is pretty special too, with a Yod to Neptune from Lilith and Mars. That really is some magic slaying sword or surgical scalpel. Venus conjunct Uranus square Pluto only adds to the drama and calls for some hearts to be sewn back together. The Full Moon itself falls on Agena, the star in the right knee of Centaurus, who represents Chiron in the heavens. Scorpio decan 3 “seems to contain all the items you would find in the musty forbidden forest. Every scary story has one. Here we have howling wolves, magic mushrooms, mythical centaurs, psychedelic chameleons and slithering serpents… What a trip!”


Surgery is generally never recommended during a full Moon, but once it this Full Moon has passed it would be a good time to open up old psychic wounds and make sure they are really cleaned out. If you do happen to have real surgery at this time, then I think this Moon will really help with the recovery. Centaurus is a healer and he is also someone who sacrifices too. So we may have to let go of something and make our own sacrificial pledge to ourselves. Taking a course of colonics, some cleansing herbs or a detox would also be good after this Moon, as its waning movement will help with the releasing. The house in your chart where the Neptune apex of the Yod is pointing (7º Pisces) will be the area you may be looking to pierce the skin and take out the poison. The Full Moon conjunct Saturn is a moon serious about building a strong backbone, though it’s not very flexible. While this healing is taking place it’s not really appropriate to do backbends or tie yourself in complicated Yoga ansanas anyhow! Just keep a simple diet, a regular eating and sleeping pattern and recover slowly. Saturn likes slow and careful.

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Full Moon May Horoscope


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