Full Moon March 2020 ~ (Witch)Craft?


The full moon 9th March falls at 19º Virgo decan 2. The full moon March 2020 astrology shows the full moon opposite Neptune but also wide trine to Jupiter.

This is a very extreme position for the full moon where there seems no grey area at all. Either this energy is that of a sinner or a saint, and can equally swing to one or the other within the same day. The sadomasochistic tendency here is very strong, where any pain in our lives is a theme for good or ill. Those touched by this full moon could become an empathic nurse or the torturer, much depends on the consciousness of the soul affected.

Full Moon March 2020 Astrology

Be very careful that you stay as conscious as you can for the next two weeks! For those who use drugs or alcohol excessively during this time will lay themselves open to being possessed by the sort of demons who enjoy inflicting pain on others. On the positive side, this period is very useful for artisans and craftspersons for it enables them to produce very fine and detailed works.

Their precision and perfectionist traits are best used with styles that require the intricate and delicate operation of tools, like lacemaking, etching or fine jewellery making. This full moon will allow us to weave our heart and soul into any of our creations, so much so that we could take it very personally if anyone should insult that which we produce at this time.

*Sorry about mistake below. Time should be EST hence Moon a degree less than it should be!

full moon march 2020

Full Moon March 2020 Fixed Stars ~ Asterion & Delta Vela

Asterion is in the head of the southern hound named Chara meaning Dear. This constellation of the hounds, Canes Venatici “gives a love of hunting and a penetrating mind, making those born under it faithful, keen, clever and fond of speculation.” Venatici derives from Venare meaning “to hunt, pursue and desire.” We are back to the bitter-sweet Saturn/Venus again since from Vena we get veneration (sexual indulgence), venereal (disease?!) and venom even. Venus as Innana and Ereshkigal, love and war…and a female dog is a bitch! The point I’m trying to make is that with Saturn/Venus stars, love hurts. It’s supposed to. Virgo decan 2 don’t feel alive if it doesn’t. Asterion means starry, so there is a bright side. At some point, these tragic stalkers do come out of the shadows and with a very coveted prize.

Delta Vela falls in the sails of the ship Argo Navis which has since been broken up into three constellations. Vela comes from Velum a sail or veil. “To take the veil can mean to become a nun, to become sequestered behind a veil, sectioned off from the rest of society.” Isis first invented sails, for while seeking her son Harpocrates, she sailed on a ship. The saying “To lift the veil of Isis” means to reveal a great secret. This brings us to this decan’s ability to tap into other dimensions and thereby access the occult. “That which is hidden”. Isis was an honorary Virgo decan 2, travelling far and wide, devotedly piecing together the parts of her poor butchered husband. The goddess of resurrection breathed new life into Osiris’s missing but reconstituted phallus. These people just can’t resist fixing broken souls.

Full Moon March 2020 Video

In this video I go into more detail about the Full Moon March 2020 Virgo Astrology and how it fits into current events.

Full Moon Aspect ~ Opposite Neptune

Moon opposition Neptune is one of the most sensitive and compassionate aspects, but sometimes its idealism can be misplaced, unrealistic and impractical. Day-to-day existence can be a struggle coping with the nebulous and surreal energy of Neptune. We may feel like we are forever walking through a Dali painting, checkerboard staircases tapering off in spirals, melting clocks…

Addictions, especially alcoholism are a very obvious danger at this March 2020 full moon. We are very sensitive to the environment that self-medication can be the only way to numb the pain. Moon opposition Neptune can cause the demonisation of someone as being poisonous to the environment! As we are in the middle of a world pandemic, this opposition is even more poignant. It is the sort of aspect that can cause a lot of panic. Neptune being in Pisces makes this aspect even more about blurred boundaries and describes a droplet virus which is difficult to contain.

The 2nd Face Of Virgo

“A man of beautiful color, dressed in leather and upon the vestment of leather another vestment of iron. And this is a face of petition, of desires, and of wealth, of tribute and the denying of things that are just.” ~ Picatrix


Artwork ‘2nd Face Of Virgo’ J Swofford at: abnormalimage.com and JSwoffordArtandPhoto

Full Moon March 2020 Summary

This full moon March 2020 astrology continues the similar patterns as the last new moon in Pisces, so we could see this as a part two. The Virgo/Pisces axis is also one that plays out the Victim/Saviour polarity. If one has been feeling a victim of their own emotions then grab a paintbrush! On the other hand, if you know how to crochet put your heart and soul into some intricate pattern work.

It is very rare nowadays that many women know how to knit or crochet like their grandmothers. Doing that sort of repetitive but fine work was probably very self-soothing. These days we may find other ways to nurture ourselves, but humans are naturally very creative people so at this full moon find ways of actually creating something rather than just consuming all the time. (It will also help us take our mind of the now wall-to-wall media coverage of the virus….)

We take in so much in terms of entertainment, but how much are we giving out? There has to be a balance. Even if it is just about content creation on youtube, you are triggering your throat chakra to express itself. Giving voice to your thoughts opens you up as a channel to the divine. And divine energy is healing. This Full Moon takes place as Mercury is turning direct so its time to express what you may have been containing for the past three weeks.

Art Reference: I’m Half Sick Of Shadows (Said The Lady Of Shalott) by J. W. Waterhouse

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