Full Moon March 2019 ~ Lift The Veil

The Full moon 20 March 2019, falls at 0º Libra decan 1. The full moon is aligned with fixed star Markeb in the sails of the constellation of Argos the ship. The closest aspect to the full moon is a quincunx to Uranus. The tarot card is the 2 of swords and the healing crystal will be Mookaite.

The full moon brings out concepts that are ahead of their time or just too mystical for the average human to grasp. This is also an extremely right-brained decan for this full moon March 2019. For those touched by this full moon, the light of illumination will shine while the intuitive sense is very sharp. This is the vibration of the mystic, diplomat and peacemaker rather than a war-monger. There also seems to be a strong connection with the night sky and the ability to prophecy at this time. The Moon actually rules this decan also, so it is a very powerful moon for manifestation magic.

Full Moon March 2019 Astrology ~ Libra Decan 1

At this time we can feel an aura of peace and tranquillity within, even if the outer appearance looks spiky or dishevelled. Those touched by this full moon energy are able to neutralise a fiery environment just by being present. Moon Libra 1 carries a very potent balancing energy. But strangely if the situation is one of too much acquiescence, then they will actually shift the scales towards a more defensive stance. That is when events can, surprisingly, even flip over to the shadow. This is rare though and generally, Moon Libra 1 is soothing and harmonious. At the time the only fault is perhaps being too naive and ignorant of malice. We might need to remember not everyone is as fair-minded as we are. Austin Coppock and Ibn Ezra associate the scales more strongly to decan 1 than with the other two Libra decans. I also think the qualities of Maat are strong here too.

Full Moon March 2019
Full Moon March 2019 ~ Aspects

Moon quincunx Uranus breeds a range of crazed lunatics, unconventional rebels and quiet outsiders. There is a pathological need to shock and outrage. However Moon quincunx Uranus is often shy and uncomfortable with the notoriety the outrageous behaviour brings. This aspect can be branded as an attention seeker when all it is doing is being itself. The roots of this seemingly bonkers behaviour very often stem from upbringing. This is a time to examine our unconscious behaviour patterns inherited from childhood trauma.

Moon quincunx Uranus can describe a shock to the infant at a very vulnerable stage in their development, which can leave us feeling rather unhinged. At the same time, it is exciting, electric and quite chaotic. Both the Moon and Uranus are fluctuating and changeable and motions often change in a flash. Uranus stands for the truth and revelation, so it can happen that certain spokespeople at this full moon will risk exile by speaking truth that the populous find hard to accept. Moon quincunx Uranus may never feel truly at home in the present moment because they are so far ahead of time in their thinking.


Full moons tend to make us purge and release things from our lives, so we need to make sure that we are in control of this and no one is forcing our hand! Sometimes we can let go of things that we regret later, due to heightened emotions and the full moon’s penchant for saying ‘F*** You!’ The bright light of the sun throws a spotlight on our subconscious and our shadow. This can feel uncomfortable as the Sun literally blasts out the demons who have nowhere to hide. Often the full moon is a time when we reap what we sowed at the new moon,.. for good or for ill.

The veils between the worlds are thinnest around a full Moon, so be very careful what you invite in. Instead, the full Moon is best used to purge things out, and banish entities/bad habits back to the underworld from whence they came. Make sure you close the door firmly afterwards! This is a good time for exorcism, but make sure you are completely grounded and fully in control of the process. If in doubt, lie low and protect yourself. A Lunar Eclipse is a turbocharged Full Moon where the blood-red moon makes a graphic statement of any symbolic ‘deaths’ or aborted projects that might occur at this time in our lives.

Full Moon March 2019 ~ Tarot Card

two of swordsThe Tarot card associated within this decan is the two of swords which “often indicates arguments between people who are being rigid and unyielding.  Both sides are locked into the battle.  There is little room for forgiveness and no sign of a thaw.  This argument could go on for years and taint generations to come unless someone is brave enough to sort it out. People need to lay down their weapons and open their heart to forgiveness.”~ teachmetarot.

Karmically this shows the polarity of Aries to Libra where Libra is the ‘other’. The balancing of the scales indicates finding a compromise in this lifetime to extremism in the past.

Full Moon March 2019 ~ Fixed Stars Markeb & Scheat

The full moon is conjunct fixed star Markeb, but it does not such a major star, so I thought it would be worth looking at the fixed star of the Sun which is Scheat. Yes, it is actually called Scheeeeaat! Markeb is in the sails of Argo the ships. Technically Markeb still resides in Virgo decan 3 but it is the closest star to this full moon by conjunction;

 “Vela comes from Velum a sail or veil. ‘To take the veil can mean to become a nun, to become sequestered behind a veil, sectioned off from the rest of society.” Isis first invented sails, for while seeking her son Harpocrates, she sailed on a ship”.  The saying “To lift the veil of Isis” means to reveal a great secret. Argos also “ gives piety, a wide knowledge, educational work and voyages.”

The infamous Scheat lies in the flying horses left leg. This star in Pegasus has the worst reputation. Robson says “It causes extreme misfortune, murder, suicide, and drowning.” [1] While Elsbeth Ebertin emphasises that it’s only under certain configurations that Scheat can be unfortunate, saying;

full Moon march 2019“Tied up with ‘malefics’, this could lead the native to lose his life in catastrophes, such as floods, shipwreck, mining accidents, aeroplane accidents, or maybe suicide. On the other hand, it is possible for a positive influence to emanate from Scheat, but only for some people, it can have a positive effect on their mental creativity, if these people are ready to receive such inflowIt gives you blind faith and does not make one inclined to look before one leaps. A certain naivety can prove advantageous however because I think if one did see just how dangerous the path was, one would never take it.” 

Scheat is also on the verge of becoming ‘The star of our age’ since in 2045 it will reach Aries point and move into the tropical constellation of Aries. I believe Scheat has a lot to do with the advancement of futuristic technology and connecting minds through the internet. Surfing online is very fluid, here barriers come down and there is a transparency between people that we didn’t have 20 years ago. Exposing photos of oneself to the world on social network media is very much of this energy. Scheat knows no bounds and sees no boundaries. The sky is indeed the limit.

The 1st Face Of Libra

“A man with a lance in his right hand and in his left he holds a bird hanging by his feet. This is a face of justice, truth, good judgement, complete justice for the people and weak persons, and doing good for beggars.” ~ Picatrix

Artwork “1st Face Of Libra” kindly supplied by J Swofford at: abnormalimage.com and JSwoffordArtandPhoto

Full Moon March 2019 ~ Summary

Full Moon March 2019There is quite a mix of energies for this full moon, but the overriding theme seems to be off balance. If the public is acting chaotic and reckless it is because the El-ites have pushed things out of whack and the pendulum is swinging the opposite way. Mildly right-wing people have been radicalised to the far-right, ironically, much the same way certain sects of Islamists have. The same goes for the far-left who used to be anti-war and are now calling for death to anyone wearing a MAGA hat…

We are at the change of season too where the Sun has only just entered Aries and the spring equinox. This pivot point is always quite precarious. Be careful while travelling with Mercury retrograde and the Sun being on Scheat, as this star is associated with aeroplane crashes. I do believe that we have the power to transcend these influences, and this only really applies if you have this Moon say squaring the ruler of your travel house (9th house). Otherwise, you may want to fly like Pegasus and do some sky-diving! Yes really, that would be a positive way to use this daredevil vibration.

Another way be daring is with words. Let’s remind ourselves of the meaning of Markeb again “To lift the veil of Isis” means to reveal a great secret.”  We may see some revelations from whistleblowers. I just had a thought! What about finding out who is behind the terrorist group ISIS? There is definitely a theme of travel too, particularly by air and ship. There could be some immigration stories in the news, that involve accidents, human trafficking and safety concerns.

Full Moon March Healing Crystal ~ Mookaite

Nookaite is a form of Jasper found in West Australia. It is an aboriginal mother earth stone “ A very protective and grounding stone at the same time providing a motivational energy boost…. Emotional healing: Makes it easier to accept change and allow ourselves to take a chance now and then, without worrying about the future.” [2]

Full Moon march 2019“Mookaite Jasper is an ideal tool for overcoming procrastination by revealing the true reason for avoiding certain tasks and bringing the motivation needed to resolve the issue. Its constant energy keeps one focused and well-grounded while soothing the mind and quieting distracting thoughts. It is great for focusing on a specific goal or for a motivational boost in the workplace.” ~ Crystal Vaults.com 

Since we are talking about travel and flying at this full moon; “The adventurous, robust vibes of the Mookaite crystal meaning make it the perfect highway companion on any journey. A stable and reliable wingman, the Mookaite crystal offers the medicine of personal power and willpower, the traits we need to bolster the courage and insight for making life’s big decisions.” ~ Energy Muse

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1 Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923. p. 206
2. The New Crystal Bible by Cassandra Eason p.317

15 thoughts on “Full Moon March 2019 ~ Lift The Veil

  1. Amazinging insightful! I can see you’re deeply connected and I appreciate your wisdom in this ? much love and light to you ??????????

  2. Thank you for another powerful post. Very interesting energies around this so-called “Supermoon”, especially as it is so close to the Spring Equinox (occuring just a few hours before). Would you say that this “strengthening of the Sun” happening around the same time will boost the power of the Sun on Scheat in the chart? Also heard that the Sun will be conjunct Chiron – not sure if this is right! – wonder if this will have ramifications for the grounding of the Boeing planes after the tragic Ethiopian crash a few days ago? Maybe we all need some Mookite!
    Thanks and many blessings!

  3. You’re kidding with this! You published this on March the first? This is so accurate, considering the recent terrorist attack on muslims in New Zealand.

    1. I actually posted this even earlier! Feb 16 it says (when I uploaded the images files.) I reposted on March 1 just so it showed further up on the front page.
      RE Scheat: “Exposing photos of oneself to the world on social network media is very much of this energy. Scheat knows no bounds and sees no boundaries.” The attack was streamed on Facebook I believe.
      “To lift the veil of Isis” could have a double meaning too… It’s been a terrible couple of weeks with the aircrash also.

  4. “Penchant” is the word you want, not perchance – in the first paragraph of “Full Moon Meaning”

  5. Marina – Thanks again for the “synchronicity”! I have been trying to delve deeper into my astrology studies, one of the charts I was using was that of my deceased Sister. She was born on March 20, 1959, that puts her Sun at 29′ 16″ Pisces!!! She died in a small PLANE CRASH in November 1983. There was also a Solar Eclipse in June, that year that had some interesting aspects to various planets in her chart. ie: Mars, Sun and Moon conjunct w/in 1 degree of her natal Mars. I am hoping to get access to the exact time of the crash. If my memory serves me, I recall it being at approximately 2 PM, at 2:02 PM the ASC is EXACT at 29′ Pisces. Still trying to get that information, confirmed.

  6. “Be careful while travelling with Mercury retrograde and the Sun being on Scheat, as this star is associated with aeroplane crashes.”


  7. Marina Thank you. An insightful post

    I appreciate your take on th moon as “public” – its interesting, and vaguely uncomfortable. I Just know now I have this fixed star Markab conjunct uranus at 28 Virgo (1st), but it is in opposition to mars conjunct chiron 24-29 Pisces (7th) which will be conjunct the Aries 0 degree point/ chiron, (7th) and so I think its impact will be felt.

    (It would be square to moon cancer at 3, (10th). Some other bodies are in good aspect, Jupiter now (4th) is sextile my sun, Venus will conjunct the sun 6th, but mars (9th) squares it….

    I have to swim through/ endure mercury/ Neptune opposite my Pluto 1st, which is trine to saturn/ Pluto transiting 5th. My Neptune 3rd is widely sextile/ trine the cardinal points/ sun-moon here, but opposite transiting mars.

    All I can say is thank god its the last super moon, and that I’m unsure if this is an experience I’ll want to forget or revel in! Thanks again. I’m sure the transiting asteroids probably add to the intensity too.

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