Full Moon March 2013 – Flamboyant

Full Moon March 2013The Full Moon March 2013 on the 27th is at 6º Libra and on Turies in the great ship Argo. It is opposite Venus the planet of love…ahhh! But don’t get too carried away because we have a striking double yod entangled with some very complex geometry. You may be tempted to sail off to sea solo and if you look at the chart hard enough you can actually see your vessel. It looks like an old schooner, with the Full Moon opposition forming the wooden body, Jupiter up to the crows nest, below Pluto, the sails fan outfrom Mercury across to Saturn. This ain’t no cozy loveboat.

There is so much going on, including a replay of the December 21 Yod that was activated at the previous New Moon. At the full Moon March 2013 however, all those Christmas turkeys really will come home to roost! Everything should be brought to a dramatic conclusion since there is a pretty explosive stellium of Sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus all in Aries decan 1. The canons! Mars square Pluto in the chart is gunpowder, and although the Uranus square Pluto is not in close orb, Mars being so dangerously near Uranus could ignite the whole ship.

Full Moon March 2013 Aspects

Moon opposite Venus  and Moon opposite Uranus make for an interesting tug of war between the glamorous, and free-spirited lover and the caring, self-sacrificing mother. With Venus conjunct Uranus in the mix, the dutiful mother could suddenly explode and start acting like a wild teenager. It could be an out-of-the-blue shocking love affair that completely stuns the family. Loose canons indeed.Full Moon March 2013The Sun conjunction Venus and Sun conjunction Uranus stellium could have one acting like an indolent nouvelle Marie-Antoinette. There will be a tendency to sugar coat the harsh realities of life with dayglo rainbow coloured icing sugar. The distraction is way over the top. Those who have self-sacrificed their individuality too much will find that when it does bursts out it will need to try out all possible personalities at the same time. It will look like the psychedelic circus has come to town.

These conjunctions all fall in that spicy Aries decan 1, we are now into spring so yet more busting out vibe. The circus schooner lurches forward, its rainbow sails bellowing out like some glorious nautical peacock. Awesome, scary and dramatic it’s very easy to get totally blown away by this full moon. So how are we going to keep ourselves anchored? With great difficulty, there is simply just too much going on. We might just have to accept that the next two weeks is going to be a bit of a fiasco, but it won’t be boring!

Asteroid Justicia

The Full Moon March 2013 is pretty much isolated on the other side of the chart, but it has asteroid Justitia, the Roman goddess of justice for company. She holds the scales of truth and fairness and represents divine law. Well I said we needed to bring some order to the chaos! It is apt that this is a Libran (The Scales) full moon then. Justicia is depicted blindfold which represents impartiality. For some it seems the only way to resolve the disputes of this moon will be to take legal action. (Jupiter anchors our ship.) Others will need to seek a counsellor, someone distanced from the circus who can take an objective view. The Full Moon March 2013 Sabian symbol is most interesting because it is “A woman feeding chickens and protecting them from the hawks”. This is the caretaker who nurtures while also being alert to danger. A good solicitor can also be someone who shields innocents from the “bad guys”.


If we look at the double yod again we can see the aggression and possible abuse of Mars square Pluto hold the situation together on one end and the karmic adjustment of the Jupiter quincunx Saturn is on the other. The solution is the two sextiles. The courage and passion of Mars sextile Jupiter combines with the stamina and determination of Saturn sextile Pluto.

So what looks like a a bit of a senseless pantomime at this full moon, could actually crystallise into something worthwhile after all. For these two weeks then, take all the jumbled elements of your life, even the really silly ones and account for them all. Put them on the scales and assess their weight. This will show up the imbalances. Too many clowns? Restrict yourself to a handful of the funniest and bin the rest. This moon’s aspect pattern is a prequel to the one mention in Mercury Retrograde. It contains a “Model”, the blueprint so you can see how it all works in small before you make the big investment and commit to the real thing.

Full Moon March 2013 Keywords

Balancing the books, emerging into spring, tax returns, turkeys coming home to roost, counting your chickens, preparing to voyage, coming out theatrically, sorting out cases, what to take, what to leave, running away to join the circus, loosing oneself in the melodrama, dressing flamboyantly, feeling boyant, life buoys, hallo sailor, pantomine pirates, seeking solicitors, soliciting business, the merchant navy, pioneers, wild west, fighting with brigands, falling for a knight in grubby armour, enjoying playing the baddy for a change, feeling a bit Jackal and Hyde, courtroom dramas, acting things out, rehearsals, blueprints.


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