Full Moon March 2012

Full Moon March 2012The Full Moon on 8 March 2012 is at 18º Virgo 13′ and on the fixed star Asterion. This full moon makes a tense quincunx aspect to Ceres, and an opposition to Lachesis, the measurer of the three fates. There is impatience to this full moon. It has birthed an idea and is eager to get on with the job. The Ceres quincunx is restless and striving for perfection in matters of the home. This could be a rush in decorating and preparing for northern spring. Something is arriving and time is running out.

The Moon quincunx Ceres even looks like the scissors cutting into the thread spun by the three fates of the grand trine (Mars/Jupiter/Pluto) Mars is retrograde on Zosma, so we are revisiting the victim/saviour game we played back on December 10 during the Lunar eclipse where interestingly we had Moon square Ceres. “They must be careful however that their saving doesn’t turn into a saviour complex, as when this aspect warps, it warps big. The subject can either be the “smothered” or the “smothering”

This full moon is like the prelude for Mercury retrograde, since this trine becomes exact on the day Mercury stations on March 12. I wrote that this configuration “will use all its Mars/Jupiter/Pluto strength to dig its heels well into the ground. Maybe a protest? People refusing to budge? This could be very heroic, or with Mars on Zosma, quite extremist, like playing the martyr.”

We have four months left of the December Lunar eclipse’s effect, I think this moon will have the effect of amplifying its effects since it is mirroring so much of its properties. It’s quite uncanny that the Tarot card I picked for that post was the wheel of fortune. More spinning wheels of fate! Another connection is that the Lunar eclipse and this Moon are both at 18º mutable, so of course if you have any planets here you will get hit again with the same fate.

Full Moon March 2012 Aspects

Full Moon March 2012 VirgoMoon quincunx Ceres is always striving to make things better, this perfectionist will devote itself to a project heart and soul, continually refining until it reaches its ideal. The trouble is, they may find it really difficult to put that pencil down, “just one more alteration.?”.…I think this is because they know once they stop, they won’t go back to it. It’s all or nothing.

Having looked at the natal aspect I wrote “ they milk what they have for all its worth because they know they will have to give it away fairly soon. They will express their love with much affection and make it very hard for their lovers to leave their cosy bed. Endings are accepted easily however, and they are onto the next person or project with the same devotion.”

The star Asterion has that devoted quality too. It was one of dogs of Cane Venatici straining at the leash of Bootes the herdsman. This star in the hound named Chara “dear to the heart of its Master” It is said to be faithful and keen. Asterion also means “starry”. Some humans can be like that starry-eyed and blindly loyal dog. They will take a beating again and again from a relationship, and only leave when another “master “shows them a modicum of affection and then they are off, ready to devote themselves all over again…

Full Moon March 2012 Opposite Asteroid Lachesis

Lachesis decides how much time must be allowed for a person or project. The house in which she falls in at this moon will show which area of your life you might feel you are on borrowed time right now. Here you will feel pressurized to tie up loose ends and finish things off, especially since Mercury is about to go retrograde and Mars is still retrograde.

Full Moon March 2012 Astrology,So with that stubborn trine then, my feeling is of something well past its sell-buy date clinging on and refusing to see that its time has come to and end. Then around it everyone is keen and ready to move up to the next level. The lesson with this moon is when to know one has overstayed ones welcome and to leave gracefully. Time is of the essence. If you compare charts again with the Lunar eclipse you can also see that Ceres was at 19º Pisces, just where Lachesis is for this Moon. So there is definitely a kind of wormhole happening between these two slices of time. Even the geometry is similar. A shard of a quincunx/opposition piercing a triangle only this time it’s a trine and not a T-square.

I would love to know how many people are experiencing the December Lunar eclipse issues being triggered again. Here are some of the keywords from then plus some more:
Custody, custard crème, cushy number, sickly sweet, sentimentality, Barbie dolls, baby dolls, booby traps, booby jobs, golden time, time to get your coat… mommy dearest, smothery love, comfort eating, death by chocolate, eye for an eye, ecological protests, junk-food obesity, time to stop eating, food rationing, cut the cake, cut the karmic tie, cut the crap, cut the grass, plant wisdom, connection with nature, breaking the circuit, get out of the hamster wheel.

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