Full Moon June 20 2016 ~ Spiky Tales


Full Moon June 20 2016 is at 29º Sagittarius Decan 3.

The June Full Moon aligns with Sinistra in the right hand of Ophuichus the snake charmer. The sinister sounding star sits at 29º 45′ Sagittarius. Just to be awkward, it is located in the right hand of Ophuichus even though it means “to the left” in Italian. Maybe this refers to the fact the right hand as controlled by the left/logical side of the brain and therefore connected to sacred masculine energy. But this poor star has negative associations all around, as well as being seen as depraved! Robson says Sinistra: “gives an immoral, mean and slovenly nature”. With the Moon it gets even worse. “ Lustful, wanton, infamous, scandalous, addicted to sorcery and poisoning.”  I mean wow.. ‘Addicted to sorcery’ eh?!  The bastard child of Nero and Simon Cowell (Both Sagittarius 3 folk.) springs to mind.. I used to find these 1920 style interpretations amusing and more than a little dramatic, but with what I know now about the media and archontic/plutocrat influences. “Addicted to sorcery” has a far more serious significance nowadays.

Full Moon June 2016 ~ Aspects

Moon opposite Venus will bring a bit of zest to what otherwise would be a soft, compliant, custard-pie combination. Having the two most feminine bodies in astrology in opposition makes for an interesting tug of war between love of the glamorous (Celebrity trash media) and the our duties towards caring for nature and the planet. Those touched by this full Moon we could feel torn between their parental or care-taking duties and satisfying their wilder sensual desires. When this happens, one end of the opposition gets projected. One manifestation at this Full Moon is becoming obsessed with making everything gorgeous, perfect and idyllic while bemoaning life’s ugly reality intruding into this paradise. We wont want to hear any bad news.

Full Moon JuneSun conjunct Venus can be a paradox. This is because modern astrology deems this aspect wonderfully positive while forgetting about the phenomena of… combustion! Venus becomes invisible under the rays of the Sun when it is closer than 8º. In this case she is invisible and therefore distrusted.  So with combustion, the Sun’s ego can completely consume the grace of Venus! Combust does not necessarily mean that Venus has no power, but that Venus has to put extra effort into owning it’s sovereignty. Burnt out by the Sun, the goddess of love finds compromise difficult and cannot accept love from others easily. Sun combust Venus feels unlovable as the ego burns away any complements. Those touched by this Moon then will be greedy for an audience to shower them with praise and adoration, which will not feel enough.

Full Moon June 2016 ~ Summary

Full Moon June 2016So we have another Venusian Moon, but this time in opposition. It’s like we are looking at her from another angle. Venus is also trine Black Moon Lilith too. The whole chart is still almost as intense as the June New Moon, but at least just has a T-Square rather than the whole mutable cross. This time a strong Mercury in Gemini is activating Neptune square Saturn. It’s a very tight square, as well just 0º 10′ apart. Our Sun/Venus might not want to hear bad news, but if you enter the Lilith forbidden labyrinth you have to be realistic. This Full Moon has a Grimm (Yes grim..) fairytale feel about it. We can’t help but be drawn towards a romantic, magical walk in the woods. At times it looks like we will see nothing but unicorns and fairies, but will we? Maybe, as long as we come home before dark! But at this full Moon, we will be tempted to stray off the path, stay out late and go into forbidden Lilithy zones. Perfectly fine, but bring a torch and leave the magic mushrooms alone! You will see enough ugly trolls and fantastical creatures without them. Despite all the forest freaks, this horsey Sagittarian Full Moon is greatly inspiring. It’s very nice for the arts, theatre and music as the fantasy element will be high. So this full moon can be the most magical we have had in a while, if we keep our hoofs on the ground.

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Picture Credit. Stills from Charlie The Unicorn. Ep 1. “Candy Mountain.”

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