Full Moon June 2014The Full Moon on June 13 2014 is at 22º Sagittarius. This beast of a Full Moon falls within an otherwise quite devil-may-care and joyful month. It’s a bit like the moon that came along to rain on your parade. Hmmmmm, well you might just be so exuberant you won’t give a damn. The Moon falls on Ras Alhague, which is the main star of Ophuichus the medicine man. He doesn’t like to play by conventional rules either. Ophuichus, also known as the snake charmer, is the exiled 13th sign on the ecliptic and a renegade like the lady of the serpent Lilith.

My feeling is that we will want to take the forbidden fruit and be drawn to the bohemian and decadent, but then our internal policeman comes in with his truncheon. However it seems we shall generously deck the offending weapon with daisy chains, because luckily, the closest aspect in the Full Moon chart is a Moon quincunx Jupiter. This brings eternal optimism and the tendency to philosophise about the tosses and turns of life. Those touched by this moon will have the ability to bounce back again and again. They will get on with life through the use of a hearty sense of humour. Emotionally extravagant, some of us could over-react to this moon in an absurd and somewhat camp manner. This moon is madly imaginative, but sometimes it’s better to be the madman in the corner, you can say what the hell you like and no one censors you.


There are some pretty fierce red aspects in the Full Moon chart, which I think could be breakthroughs for alternative types. There is a Mars square Pluto too, so there may be some demonstrations. But with a sextile from a cunningly creative Lilith to Mars, these protests might have quite a carnival atmosphere, despite these tense aspects. To me these red aspects are more a dynamic, driving optimism, a feeling that anything is possible. The police may attempt to intervene with Venus opposite Saturn however, so who shall win this tug of war? Well, we have a powerful Venus in Taurus while a weaker retrograde Saturn is wavering between the stars of the scales of Libra. Saturn’s indecision is its weakness. The focused witch doctor Moon (the public) is aided by karmic adjustment from an exalted Jupiter (their faith).

This has to give the common people the upper hand. The dominators will have to back down. The black clouds are blown away and the festival atmosphere can continue. You will see in the June forecast that the period around this Moon is tense as it is proceeded by a Rack aspect pattern which definitely suggests to me a confrontation with the old and the new, the stuffy traditionalists V radical libertarians. The Sun in the Full Moon is on Capella, the Boudicca of the fixed stars, placed as it is in the chariot and next to warrior queen Bellatrix. Blending this energy with the alternative healing energy of Ras Alhague gives us a spiritual warrior, the perfect blending of compassion and courage. This Full Moon has two potent oppositions, but the confrontation brings understanding, respect and eventually compromise between the divergent parties.

For this Moon in context with rest of the month, check out the June Monthly Forecast with links to the monthly horoscopes for all the signs.


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