Blue Moon July 2015

The Full Moon July 31 is at 7º Aquarius in Aquarius Decan 1
Mad Professors & Visionary Upgraders. Rulers: Venus & Saturn
Deity: Dike. (Spirit of moral order.)

Full Moon July 31This Full Moon is a visionary, forever chasing new horizons. As it hovers above the clouds, the Moon is free to catch an innovative idea from the ether. It works like an antenna, picking up insights brewing in the collective consciousness. This is a futuristic Moon at the cutting edge of change. It can see far into the distance, but finds it quite difficult to live in the here and now.

This Full Moon is quick to swoop down onto a novel idea too, its fast processing mind can rustle up an article or prototype at a moments notice. This boffin Moon responds well to tight deadlines and working under pressure. But with this Moon we can too often shut ourselves away in our ivory towers. Here we can create great utopias but must make sure we conduct research at ground level.

22nd Lunar Mansion
Al Sad Al Dhabih ~ Lucky One Of The Slaughterers

“When the moon is in this mansion, buy, take your journey in the third part of the day. Wear new clothes. Wed not, for you and your wife will be divided and you shall die sixth months before you wife at least. (Crumbs!) And your wife shall be alienated from you and treat you amiss. Buy no servants under an circumstances. Enter into ship. Take fellowship. If you be seized you shall escape soon.”*

Aspects: None. Fixed Star: Alpha Tucana

Harmonious Days:  August 4  Moon trine Sun.  August 9 Moon sextile Sun.
Disruptive Days: August 2  Moon opposite true Lilith. August 7  Last Quarter 14º Taurus.

*Medieval Lunar Mansions taken from Ashmole 396 a medieval manuscript. Using the sidereal positions.

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