Full Moon July 2013


Full Moon July 2013The Full Moon on July 22 2013 is at 00º Aquarius on Altair in the Eagle. This is a brave and bold Full Moon searing through the middle of the ongoing grand trine in the sky. This is part three of the Joan of Arc story we had triggered at the  June Super Moon. The story is similar here, Lilith conjunct Jupiter are the power players once more, but the warrior Mars is there to boost them. Put Mars with Jupiter and you get a great military commander, add Lilith….and we get a collage of Eris.

The outer planet Dark Goddess can be a trickster and this powerful stellium on Tejat Posterior in the Gemini twins switches from dark to light. Do not make the mistake of thinking this part of Cancer is a Marshmallow Mummy either. Oh no… these are the extremely opinionated persuaders I wrote about in Cancer decan 1 “It’s impossible to put a muzzle on them. Try to gag them and watch out for a rabid fit and disagree with them if you want to see them roll out the whites of their eyes.” Expect to see some barking mad protests.

Full Moon Horoscope

The Moon quincunx Venus has spikes in its fragrant bouquet, it “wants everyone to be happy, loving and congenial, but they can be obsessive in their pursuit of fairness and perfection.” The Full Moon wrapping could easily contain a bouquet of barbed wire though, “Generally both the Moon and Venus are seen as soft, feminine, harmonious planets. However, the Moon has its devouring mother side and Venus was also the Goddess of war in Babylonian times. Moon/Venus can be sickly sweet, but the quincunx spices it up so that it ferments into a resinous potion. We know what happens when sugar turns to alcohol…. this then, can be a heady concoction.”

Full Moon July 2013When you look at the chart, you see this lovely dream, a blue harmonious triangular vision. Saturn trine Neptune promises to turn the dream into reality, and then someone shoots an arrow into it, shattering the mirage and it’s grand illusion. This looks like some very disappointed females lashing out, even Ceres is squared the nodes. Maybe they were promised something huge (Jupiter trine Neptune) that wasn’t delivered. The Moon itself is on a smashing star, so all is not lost. Altair “ is somewhat heroic, but not in a brash Martian way. It is more refined, like a chivalrous knight. I’m thinking 3 parts Sir Galahad to one part Sir Lancalot. In a woman this would be a Joan of Arc rather than a Boudecca.” There’s that Joan Of Arc archetype again… But closer to the Moon is actually a smaller star, Sagitta the arrow. It is a weapon that is fired from a distance and Altair’s eagle too observes from a great height, swooping down onto its prey only at the very last minute.

Where Eagles Dare

This could work in two ways since the twins tend to give us a choice of two different fates with that stellium in Cancer decan 1. Scenario 1; A noble knight will grandly sweep onto the stage at the 11th hour and rescue the trine from being just one big fat white elephant. Or scenario 2; A big hyped-up promise, event or politician will be denounced as a sham. (The moon is actually closest to the star called Sham in Sagitta) This Full Moon could be a blade of truth piercing through a tissue of lies where the puffed-up charlatan deflates into a pathetically sad heap on the floor. Leo, Virgo and Aquarius decan 1 are likely to be the arrow shooters, Cancer decan 1 the accomplices, holding down the trine so the shooters can take aim. And Scorpio and Pisces….? Make sure you don’t promise more than you can deliver!


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