Full Moon July 2012

July 3 Full MoonThe Full Moon on July 3 is at 12º Capricorn and falls on fixed star Nunki in constellation Sagittarius. We get a stunning  Yod to Pluto as mentioned in the Mercury Retrograde post. The full moon is going to activate this important Yod because it is conjunct Pluto at its apex. The Sun opposite Pluto makes it both a boomerang Yod and a Hades Moon. Scary or exciting, it’s up to you. Karmic astrologer Judy Hall has devoted a whole book to the Hades Moon. It is the raging devouring mother, birth and death entwined, similar to dark goddess Kali.

There are dark moon themes in the rest of the chart adding weight to the Yods mission. Sedna conjunct Lilith on beheading star Capulus, while Ceres conjunct Jupiter on the South Node are on Mirfak, the bravest star in Perseus. It looks like the purpose of this Yod is to exorcise a demon or two..

The last New Moon brought up the seed moment of the kitchenware revolution; this Yod brings to a head the dark feminine rage that has been boiling since then. What is this Yod pointing at in your own chart? Whichever house it is pointing to will show where radical severing is needed. Weed out your bling in the 2nd house, dead-head friends who do not support your soul growth in the 11th house, castrate those sexual predators and stalkers in the 8th!


Full Moon Horoscope

Fixed star Nunki is in the vane of the arrow in the archer bow. The influence of this spot in the heavens “Helps the taming of wild beasts, strengthening of prisons, destroys the wealth of societies and compels a man to come to a certain place.”  This star is beneficial for those lecturing on religion and foreign affairs. Anyone starting a world tour bringing foreign religious or spiritual ideologies to local people will do very well under this full moon as they are in the spirit of the times. The public will be in the mood to explore cultures different from their own and be open to exotic new ideas from far off places.

Add this Sagittarian flavoured star to the Kali Yod then we really are looking outside our own cultures to break the hold of our local conditioning. We may have learnt to be fearful of expressing our true personality as a child, but his Yod should help blast away all that. Praesaepe, the spirit of our ancestors, on Mercury in the Yod, has messages that things were not always this way.

Ceres in the South Node looks at the wisdom of the past from the plants and mother earth in general. Ceres serves as the wise old crone, on heroic Mirfak in demon slaying Perseus.  Lets not forget Pluto square Uranus in all this. Its plugs into this Yod too and turns it into another geometric shape know as the “Model”. Basically this is a prototype of what is to come. A small scale revolution in our own lives, much like the New Moon kitchenware revolution. In a natal chart “This person aspires to an ideal world and hardly ever lets pessimistic people get them down, in fact his centred persistence can give courage and hope to other people” [1]

Kali Yod

The Yod helps to focus that energy into a mission. All that inspiring Sagittarius energy directed towards Moon conjunct Pluto which “plunges headlong into the dark sea of lunar emotions without fear. They want nothing less than dramatic and intense sexual relationships that profoundly transform their souls. The closer they brush with death and trauma, the more alive they feel.” You get the idea then that this Yod is not going to take no for an answer. Change or die. The this is all relationships, not just sexual. We have to be prepared to leap in there and rip out what ever is blocking truth or intimacy with these people. If after the demon had been ripped out, the organisation cannot support it self and crumbles, well so be it. That’s Uranus square Pluto for you!

The Sabian symbol for this moon is “A fire worshipper meditates on the ultimate realities of existence”. Fire is the creative god, inspirational, very much like fiery and exuberant Sagittarius. This symbol, like the Yod, is focused on finding the bare truth of the matter, like the arrow in the archers bow. Linda Hill says “ You may find yourself very focused, with a great passion for getting to the core, or the truth of the “Ultimate Realities of Existance”. You may need to to shut out extraneous sights, sounds and outside influences that distract and worry” [2] That ties in nicely with Nunki and with the geometry all pointing to Pluto. Of course the Pluto archetype is also known for its indepth research, purification by fire and then rising from the flames like a Phoenix, the symbol of resurrection. Remember that Pluto is also on fixed star Facies right now, the penetrating stare of the archer. This Full Moon then is like a torchlight allowing you to focus on anything between 7-12 º Capricorn. Is there anything there that is superfluous to requirements for your journey? If so, pull back your bow and use this Hades Moon and the ruthlessness of Facies to take them out. Sagittarius says, travel light!

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2. 360 degrees of wisdom. Lynda Hill pg 283.

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