January 26 Full Moon – Soothing


full-moon-januaryThe Full Moon on January 26 2013 is at 7º Leo 24′ and on the fixed star Praesaepe in Cancer the crab. It is also known as “The Hive” with all the little stars functioning as the worker bees. The Full Moon is conjunct asteroid Ambrosia, the food of the gods that confers immortality. This full Moon is the honey that will help soothe that sore throat we got from singing our heads off at the January 11 New Moon in the Lyre. If we have had our heart or pocket burnt by a trickster then we may be tempted to withdraw back into our crib and self medicate with tubs of ice-cream (or worst..).
But this moon will not allow you to indulge for too long, there are an abundance of aspects to the Full Moon sweet enough to lure you away from the comfiest of sofas.

Full Moon Aspects

The Moon aspects form part of a complex aspect pattern known as “The Cradle” in esoteric astrology, which links together two minor grand trines with Jupiter sextile Uranus forming the base of the cradle. “If something unpleasant approaches, this person can just switch over and is suddenly protected by an invisible wall from criticism or attack. It reflects others opinions back to them like a mirror and appears untouched by them” [1] This is interesting since another name for Praesaepe is “The Crib”. The constellation Cancer where this star cluster resides is also regarded as “The Gate of Men” where souls descended from heaven into their human bodies. The sign Cancer is associated with mothering, the womb and her nurturing breasts which are also relevant to this full Moon.

Moon sextile Jupiter “These people will always support their roots though, no matter how far afield they voyage…Jupiter licentiousness and lunar bad habits can spill over into drug or sexual abuse, either given or received, but generally Moon sextile Jupiter is luxuriant, erotic, sensual and has a huge appetite for sex.”

Full Moon January 2013Moon trine Uranus “brings an abundance of radical and innovative energy into the public eye. The trine energy brings to fruition personal freedom, revolution and electric genius…. Even though this is supposedly harmonious trine energy, we still get some challenge with this aspect. Having such strong courage of ones convictions will often provoke criticism, fear and even envy from the establishment.”

Moon sextile Jupiter speaks of indulgence and lapping up the ambrosia but also warns of fixating onto the halcyon days of childhood. Moon trine Uranus however pulls us out of the rut of being stuck in negative infantile behaviour patterns.

Full Moon Meaning

There is symbolism for this Moon being some sort of a birth canal. But there is also a strong theme of ambrosia, honey and the connection between the mother through the breast milk. Praesaepe gives ” a craving for and abuse of stimulants, luxury foodstuffs, narcotic, drugs and heavy smoking.” [2]. Babies crave the sweet milk of the mother, which is their ambrosia. Our craving for comforting drugs transports us back into that symbiotic, at-one-with-the-universe feeling. Mother = Matter. Sucking a cigarette, like sucking the nipple, brings us back to that blissful cradled state.

Jupiter Sextile Uranus is the base of the Cradle and fuses this whole complex aspect pattern together, it is the key to avoiding the pitfalls of this comforting crib. Since the cradle forms a kind of interface between between life and death, it also connects us with our dream world. So it is a portal to other dimensions. In the cradle we are trusting and believe in good in all things, the problem is being too naive and clinging to its protection too tightly. The challenge for us all as human beings is to take off our crabby shells and stop relying on “Big Mummy”, the state, to support or protect us. Conversely the Cradle is asking us to have faith in a non-established, non-material form of support. Jupiter Sextile Uranus is the creative merging of science and spirituality it “has such a natural exuberance and zest for life that it attracts luck and positive energy to it constantly. This aspect thrives on change, novelty and new inventions.”

This is a potentially a very soothing, loving balm of a Full Moon. The aspect pattern of the cradle is like a sponge that absorbs mankind’s negativity, reflects it back to us in such a way that we do not get defensive or frightened, but actually can see what we need to work on. This is the “good cop”, the tactful nurse and the patient teacher. We find ourselves coerced out of bad behaviour because there is the promise of the pot of Ambrosia at the end of it.

Star Praesaepe & Asteroid Ambrosia

full-moon-january- leo

Praesaepe is technically a star cluster that the ancient Chinese named ” The spirit of the ancestors.” The cradle aspect pattern shows there is spiritual sustenance to be gained from past generations here. Since Praesaepe is “The Hive” and Ambrosia is closely related to the gods other favourite food nectar, honey is a great symbol too. Ambrosia promises ageless immortality to those who partake of it. Ambrosia is fragrant and like honey is often used to mask the bitter taste of medicine or smooth away the rough edges of life. Honey is also anti-septic and fermented honey known as Mead was regarded as an entheogen in the Aegean world before alcohol was used. The connection of honey with immortality is interesting since the use of “Royal Jelly” in modern times is regarded as an anti-aging treatment. Ambrosia’s general meaning is simply something pleasant to taste or smell, but going deeper we find that this honey is associated with enlightenment and creating your own bliss through meditation.

From biologyofkundalini.com “The opiate substance secreted from the pineal gland during Samadhi has been variously called Nectar of the Gods, ambrosia, amrita…Gurus like Sai Baba claim to materialize amrita and can shaktipat others into generating their own nectar. It is said that to experience amrita is to be bestowed with immortality, that is to be freed from the cycle of birth and death…hence liberated.This secretion gives one the experience of Timelessness, and being a divine God or Goddess. It is “sweet” in taste and in sensation–it is described as nectar, honey, gold dust, euphoric, ecstatic, intoxicating and gives the feeling of being imbued with holiness.”


We have had some intense eclipses, harsh moons and the Jupiter/Lilith Yod that have left us rather battered and bruised at the end of 2012, not least the fall-out from 2012s Uranus square Pluto hits. I guess by now, there are a few people left reeling from what did, or did NOT happen on December 21 2012. This Full moon then is just what the doctor ordered, here to mop up the carrot-spewed remnants of the 2012 New Years party. The Sabian symbol of this Full Moon is “A Communist Activist Spreading his revolutionary ideals”. This speaks of an old order having to make way for a new dynamic youth, reflecting the exciting Moon trine Uranus energy. Obviously this is the start of the year too so we are feeling that new fresh 2013 air breezing into our consciousness with the hope of the new. Before we can illuminate and start working with these new insights, the Sabian symbol reminds us that there may be a stage of chaos where the old “cronies” need to be removed quite forcibly. The “cronies” maybe infantile behaviour that has been inherited from past generations. But don’t throw the baby out with the bath water, these traits can be replaced by others from your more wiser elders. One doesn’t need to disinherit the whole family, just weed out the bad apples.

Full Moon Keywords

Rebooting, cleansing balms, honey-traps, anti-aging treatments, eternal youth, natures remedies, clearing the decks, prepping the ground, fertilising, soothing, tact, cutting-the-umbilical, carrot in front of the donkey, motivation, deferred gratification, weeding out the “cronies” to make room for fresh growth, appreciating ones inheritance, keeping the family connection, ditching bad traits, “a spoon full of honey makes the medicine go down”, mothering, nursing, “Good Cops”, fresh air, new insights, innovative energy, provoking criticism, challenging the establishment, replacing the old guard, renovation, defying time, timelessness, a radical new production of an old classic.

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