full moon jan 2012

Full Moon January 2012

The full moon on January 9 is at 18º Cancer 25’. It is on fixed star Wasat that sits between the Gemini twins. The Sun part of this full moon makes a grand trine with Mars and Sedna. Mars is very active on this moon, it revs up both dark goddesses Eris and Sedna. Remember Lilith is still empowered by Jupiter after their Christmas Eve smooch. So I’m expecting ice queen Sedna to thaw big time, thanks to some smooth talking from bridge-builder Wasat.

From June 2012 Sedna will be within 1 deg of Capulus, the slayer of Medusa’s Head (Algol). In August 2013 it will be exact. Right now she is retrograding back towards Capulus, and starting to melt. Studying Sedna has been illuminating. Jamie found it to be linked to earth changes, her angry earthquakes that can cause tsunamis. This is the part in the myth when the shamans of the world have to placate Sedna by combing her unruly hair. A perfect job for Wasat the diplomat, for Mars (Roman Ares) is also winding up his sister Eris. Wasat has a dark side to it, so it is quite capable at handling gory matters and building alliances in the most trying of circumstances. Both these planets are apt to flare up unexpectedly, so this hot full moon will help bring things to a head for resolution.

At this particular January full moon, any pending and undigested Christmas gripes will regurgitate themselves. Just when you had thought you had packed away the Christmas decorations and the three kings, you find a straggly bit of angry holly stuck to your slipper. This is Mars on the fixed star Denebola, the cranky lions tail. It has a Uranian nature and it is supposed that, in mundane horoscopes, major catastrophes are triggered off by it.” Hopefully it won’t be yet another earthquake. Personally and mundanely, it might just be a little aftershock, a short, sharp outburst that ties up something that was left pending, once and for all.

This Sedna grand trine should help us bring up those long buried demons and family skeletons that I mentioned in the Sedna post. Although we have a grand trine, there is still a T-square to Eris, so someone will throw an apple-bomb into the works. There is almost a kite aspect pattern here, which can be very beneficial in the long term once the opposition is negotiate. However in the short term, things could get very fraught and tiresome. The trick is to keep reminding ourselves there is a bigger if we can keep ourselves from being drawn into petty squabbles and ego tit for tat. Coming from a spiteful Denebola on Mars: it can be Bitter, vindictive, cruel, unpopular, loss of position and public disgrace. “

Full Moon January 2012 Horoscope

The closest aspect to the Moon is a square from Eris, Angelina Jolie, Gadaffi and Judy Garland all have this in hard aspect. Eris is an outer, higher octave of the Lilith archetype, which Sedna is to some extent as well. So the Moon is being aspected by two dark Goddess energies. Eris and Sedna, two sides of the same Inanna/Eriskigal coin, opposite yet the same. This energy will work somewhat like a collective version of Moon square Lilith, a period where we all address our propensity to use sex as a drug, rather than its great potential to enlighten. I had found Sedna to have a connection to sex being cut off from the heart chakra, causing a form of frigidity. This moon brings up the issue of exiled feminine and those triangular relationships where the mother archetype is separated from the sexual. Another manifestation of this is having to balance motherhood with a spiritual path or vocation. Difficult choices.

However as I said at the start, Lilith is being empowered by Jupiter, which I already wrote about in the Lilith conjunct Jupiter post. The evolution started with the Christmas Eve New Moon. Now this New Year moon with Eris/Sedna applies what we learnt then to a wider perspective and prepares us for the other two Jupiter/Lilith conjunctions in 2012 (March and December).

I’d like to sum up this full moon with a quote from my Sedna post. It” teaches us that we must delve into the dark, cold places that we fear most if we are to find the riches that rest there. Sedna reminds us that, in spite of all our infirmities and our foolish mistakes, we are still worthy of love and respect and have every right to expect, and even demand, that others treat us well” [Goddess Gift]

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