Full Moon February 2020 ~ Eye Of The Storm

Full Moon February 9 2020 falls at 20º Leo. Full Moon is trine Mars. Full Moon healing crystal is the Dravite. Fixed Star is Merak in constellation Ursa Major. Full Moon tarot card is the 7 of Wands.

Full Moon In Leo Decan 3

Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Eva Peron and Gandhi are great examples of the Moon in Leo decan 3. Therefore this Full Moon February 2020 will bring formidable commanders to the fore in times of war, when life or death decisions need to be made quickly. The Moon adds a nurturing touch to the decan in general, but we still get tough-love. That means any leaders will have to risk making short-term, austerity measures or unpopular decisions for the sake of the long term prosperity.

A Leo decan 3 Full Moon will not sugar-coat for the sake of popularity. In a sign that seems so ego-driven, it is surprising perhaps that this Full Moon February 2020 energy is actually more about helping others than itself (Especially now with Regulus in Virgo which is more about service to others). Much depends on the souls evolution of those touched by this full moon. Harsh aspects from their own chart could twist the energy into a ruthless drive with tyrannical tendencies. Mostly the moon here is admired for generating great courage. Heads of nations, companies or family, become trail blazers and will do whatever it takes to protect those in their care.

The roaring lioness who protects her cubs is the most obvious symbol of this Full Moon February 2020. At the mundane level this is the great patriot willing to die for their country. It is certainly best to keep these type of natives as your friend and not an enemy! Loyalty is demanded with the full moon February 2020, so woe betide you if you betray anyone at this time. At worst, those touched by this powerful Leo full moon will suffer greatly if they stoop to revenge, and they won’t care who else they bring down with them.

Full Moon February 2020 Astrology

New Moon aspects:  Moon trine Mars.
Full Moon February 2020

Full Moon 9 February 2020 Times
Los Angeles ~ 2:33 am. New York ~ 5:33 am. London ~ 10:33 am. Rome ~ 11:33 am.

Full Moon Fixed Star Merak

The closest star to the full moon February 2020 is Merak at 19º Leo which technically falls at the end of Leo decan 2. Merak is the Beta star in the Great Bear, Ursa Major. It is easily seen in the sky as on of the front two stars of the Big Dipper or the Plough that are contained within the body of the Bear. Robson says Merak can love ‘command and domination’. 1st-century Astrologer Manilus shows how these qualities in a positive light and I don’t believe the energy is always destructive. Rather it tames those that could be destructive;

“he will dispel the fury of the tiger, training it to become a peaceful animal, whilst all the other beasts which molest the earth with their savageness he will join in friendship to himself ”.

Looks like someone who can tame problem children and civilise those who are usually wild and unruly. Here we find Leo’s guiding, leadership qualities, since the bears are so close to the celestial pole. “motionless itself, it yet sees everything spinning about it. The top of the axis is occupied by constellations well known to hapless mariners, guiding them over the measureless deep in their search for gain.”

Bernadette Brady says the constellation Ursa Major gives “Insight, persistence, endurance and passive strength….It is the strength of patience, and the use of time to calmly solve problems rather than to take dynamic action” [1]. Fiery Leo histrionics happen all around these folk, yet there they are, doing their motionless polestar thing, centred without a hair blown out of place. In the end, this Leo decan 2’s eery calmness freaks others out so much, that they finally stop their commotion.

Full Moon February 2020 ~ YouTube

This post contains my notes for this full moon February 2020. The video pulls all the elements together and summarises the lunation’s energy and uses. I also talk about relevant moon/matrix issues that are pertinent to the current moon ‘spell’ and how we can best heal from them.

Full Moon Healing Crystal ~ Dravite

The Healing crystal I have chosen for the Full Moon February 2020 is the Dravite which is a brown Tourmaline. It is also known as champagne Tourmaline. It is an incredibly grounding stone and good for centering yourself and for taming that raging beast within!

“Emotional healing: Coming to terms with personal weaknesses and past failures to set us on our forward path to spiritual growth; for overcoming bad habits, self abuse and addictions, especially coffee, chocolate, alcohol or painkillers” [2]

“This stone assists you to let go of any old emotional problems that it brings to your attention so you can deal with the issues instead of burying them and allowing them to fester.  This brown crystal helps you to accept yourself, and it improves your self esteem, as it also helps you to love yourself. This crystal helps to inspire courage and persistence to keep going when you would rather give up. It has a calming and soothing action that assists you to feel more loving towards yourself.” ~ Healingcrystalsforyou.com

full moon february 2020

Full Moon February 2020 Tarot Card

Full Moon February 2020The tarot card associated with this Full Moon February 2020 is the 7 of wands. This is a card of giving it your all and of competitiveness. The keywords certainly fit well with Mars-ruled Leo decan 3: “Rivalry, Competition, Territory, Maintaining Power/Control, Staying at The Top, Resolve, Leader, Power, Control, Principles, Taking The Higher Ground, Holding Your Own, Strong Personality, Assertive, Being Certain/Convinced, Being Forceful… Defensive/Aggressive, Under Attack, Fighting…”

Interestingly even gossip is in there which can be a theme here with the poison that flies out of Alfard’s neck. (Another star in this decan) Karmically this can be a lifetime when “when you must stand up for yourself and not let others take advantage of you….” those who are more confident will have “bright burning ambition. It suggests that you are going after what you want and are prepared to fight your way to the top.

Your personality is strong and forthright and you are very confident in your approach. Your convictions are strong too and you believe passionately in what you are doing. Make sure to pace yourself. You do not want to burn out before you reach the finish line.” ~ Teachmetarot

The 3rd Face Of Leo

“A man who is old and black and ugly, with fruit and meat in his mouth, and is holding a copper jug in his hand. This is a face of love and delight and food trays and health” ~ The Picatrix

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1. Star & Planet Combinations. Bernadette Brady. p.160
2. The New Crystal Bible. Cassandra Eason. p.117
Artwork ‘3rd Face Of Leo’ J Swofford at: abnormalimage.com and JSwoffordArtandPhoto

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  1. Really love your full moon write-ups. It will be too far an orb from my 27° Leo Mars but it will be in the same house, my 4th. Leo is also my 3rd. Is this a good time for digging roots? I realize I always wanted a real life coven of witches to surround myself with, but unsure of how to attract it.

  2. this full moon will land in my 12 th house mercury retrograde takes place in pisces i have a lot of things lined up no astrologers mention that mercury is swinging between it’s exaltation and detrimental sign when progressed mercury passed thru my 12th house i was defrauded in the USA one too many times,now i’m doing house cleaning and collecting what i’m entitled to, leo also rules entitlement,i would like to “hear” or “read” more about chiron because chiron is transiting aries for 8 years.


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