February 25 Full Moon – Lion Tamer

full moon february 2013The Full Moon on February 25 2013 is at 7º Virgo. The archetype of the mentor guru V the lusty prodigy is very strong here with Chiron and Jupiter involved with a testing T-square. This moon is also important as a now direct Jupiter is still re-activating the spicy  November 2012 Lunar Eclipse  in the stormy Hyades. This time it is on Ain, the wandering, lusty, left eye of Taurus. Half-man/half-beastie boy Chiron in this moon suggests a real need to transmute our animal urges.
This full Moon will bring the Lady Luck New Moon issues to a head, but also remind us of our original plan that was seeded back in November.

The Full Moon is conjunct Asteroid Cybele, this mountain lion goddess is a full-on rave queen wild cat, with this Jupiter square she certainly will be roaring rather than purring. “Cybele is a sabre-toothed Ceres on steroids… with claws.” She may be wild but she is still wiser and older than her young manservant Attis. She has something to teach him about the wild side…This is one of those moons where you should go to a shamanic drum healing circle run by an eccentric old hippie. You will learn much. The Sun is conjunct Chiron in one of the most sensitive psychic decans of the zodiac. So there is a great potential for healing to take place and blockages to be removed if you do manage to get together with some musicians and have a jam.

Full-Moon-February-25Mercury is retrograde right now too and conjunct Mars so this could Moon could bring to a head some of the nasties I mentioned in the Mercury Retrograde post such as “drug-fuelled arguments and domestic violence” If you happen to be in a rocky relationship, be vigilant. However the North Node is trine the Mercury/Mars conjunction and making a learning triangle*. Lessons to be learnt here, the potential for some karmic rebalancing and since the North Node is on the lucky northern scale of Libra hopefully justice will prevail.

Full Moon Aspects

Moon square Jupiter “This aspect knows no restraint and can over-react, over-reach and promise the world when it has no idea if it can deliver. Moon square Jupiter is a gambler and risk taker, 90% of the time luck does swing their way, but when they do fail, they fail spectacularly.” Oooh well this is really going to throw some gasoline onto the Cybelean wild fire isn’t it? It does have its positive side though “Their lust for life is infectious and the radiant smile they wear is usually enough to make-up for and distract from any annoying diva behavior.” It might actually be a great month for organizing a drag-queen or fetish party. Get out your most flamboyant costumes and rig up the karaoke machine. Top of the request list; Moon square Jupiter goddess herself… Cher. ( Cybele trine Mars would you “Believe”!)

Sun square Jupiter will bring out the need to create ones own luck that was seeded at the Lady Luck New Moon. “Lucky breaks and popularity can lead to an inflated ego and excesses in other beliefs and in material areas of life. If the ego is kept under control from the tests that the square brings, then the expansiveness of Jupiter can lead to great personal and material success.” Full Moon February 2013Chiron in the T-square emphasizes the need for some spiritual guidance to help with self control. Dial a Shaman. If this moon is aspecting our own chart strongly this maybe the point at which we realize we might need some help managing our anger issues or addictions. With Mercury Retrograde happening at the same time we can take this opportunity re-wire our negative thoughts and zap the root of any subconscious programming. Look at what triggers any rage during this moon, a clue might come from which house this moon falls into.

The Sabian symbol for this moon is “A girl takes her first dancing lesson”. Again stressing the importance of finding a wise mentor. The girl has to feel the music in her body, become entranced by it, much like Cybele does with her accompanying Dionysian dancers. But the teacher also lays down some rules and steps to follow. During this moon one has to accept and surrender to the teachers experience. There is a balance to be made between logic and intuition. One has to let oneself go but then also pay attention to the instructions. The healing takes place because one is finding balance between the two hemispheres of the brain. The lesson for this moon is like the tarot card “Strength”, one must learn to tame the beast within, without castrating it completely.

Full Moon keywords

Balance, taming, mentoring, drag-queens, trans-gender, transforming, techno trance, inner-strength, anger management, de-programming, reveling, shamanic healing rituals, drumming, tribal dancing, sound therapy, drum & bass, belly dancing, totem animals, roaring lions, rugged terrain, whirling dervishes, winding up, letting-go, shamans, wise elders, old eccentrics.

*Learning triangles are an aspect pattern used in the Huber school of astrology. Learning triangles can be large or small, but always comprise of a red, blue and green aspect. In this case, the planets in square create the conflict, there is karmic adjustment between the planets of the quincunx then harmony is restored by the planets in trine.

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