Full Moon February 2012

Full Moon February 2012,

The Full Moon on February 7 is at 18º Leo 31’, it’s closest aspect is an opposition to Mercury and it falls on the fixed star Merak in Ursa Major, the Great Bear. This star is said to bring a love of command and domination if the sign Leo is tenanted, well the Moon is in tropical Leo. Merak also gives one the power to move on in life. The theme of courage continues as the big brave seeds of the Eagle Altair were planted at the last New Moon. We get some signs of what is coming to a head from two weeks ago. All the stars in the bear exude a quiet strength, but raise hell when roused. The Moon aspects may give a clue to what is stirring in the pot. Domestic security is threatened and we know this bear gets pretty vengeful when some one messes with her cubs.

February Full Moon Aspects

Moon opposite Mercury is going to be touchy about family matters. Communications will be difficult because of the blurring of clear thinking with hang-ups that originate from childhood. There is also an internal battle between the logical mind and gut instinct. But the restlessness creates a very driven personality.The state of flux could feel like the tides washing in and out, purifying. But also a time when we will feel rather strung out so there might be the temptation to self-medicate! But do try to resist if you have to make an important decision. A clear head is needed.

As this is a full Moon, we also have Sun conjunct Mercury which can give an over active imagination and odd phobias. People are prone to seeing the bogie men of their childhood under this influence. Anyone taking hallucinogenics at this full moon is gonna see weird shit! Not least because retrograde Mars is on the fixed star Denebola, the lions pissed-off tail and Venus is on…well yes it’s…Scheat 🙁 “Evil environment, suffering through own acts, danger of imprisonment or restraint”.

Full Moon on Asteroid Zelia

With the full Moon on asteroid Zelia, the paranoid atmosphere from this Moon could indeed bring amply ones worst fears and bring on a psychosomatic attack of the goolies. Zelia is the feminine form of Zelus which “personifies dedication, emulation, eager rivalry, envy, jealousy, and zeal.” Could these goolies then merely be an attack of the green-eyed monster? As we have seen from the aspects, childhood insecurities are clouding rational judgement. The mood is ripe for a crime of passion here. However there is a saviour of a trine between Saturn and Neptune which may help some discern what is real (Saturn) and what is fantasy (Neptune)

Leo Full Moon February 2012This could be a bitch of a Moon for those in its line of fire (18º fixed signs). Mercury’s involvement means some salacious gossip and a media love scandal. I say this because once you stick hellraiser/come seductress Eris in there you also get a repeat quincunx from Mars retrograde. The very same aspect as from the Full Moon of January 9. I wrote “Mars was on the cranky lions tail Denebola, just before the Full Moon – Thaw! This moon also talked about victimization, since we had a grand trine to Sedna. Mars was also revving up Eris too. You will not see the last of the skeletons let out of the closest on this day, they come back to haunt you around the 1st week of February (This Full Moon) and are resolved between June 16-18.” Have a look back at what was happening in your life on January 8/9 to get an understanding of this strange Mars/Eris/Sedna energy.

Full Moon Yod

Full Moon FebruaryThis revisited quincunx gives us a rather rampant Yod with the Sun/Mercury conjunction sextile Eris, both quincunxing the Mars retrograde. Those who actually have anything at 21º Virgo need to be vigilant. Mars here is vindictive and cruel. If scandal should arise then this star causes public disgrace! It could be something as trite as a spurned lover taking revenge with a kiss and tell or more seriously according to the Ebertins Denebola’s volatility can also cause major catastrophes. Mars was at 22º Virgo opposite the Vertex when the Costa Concordia crashed on January 13. So keep safe people and stay away from trouble. The bitter edge to this moon presses on all our insecurities. Light candles and pray quietly, but do not stoke the fire. Avoid getting caught in habitual karmic cycles of playing the victim. Sometimes the bravest thing is to walk away.

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