Full Moon February 2011 – Braveheart

Regulus StarThe Full Moon on February 18 2011 is at 29º 20’ Leo and it is conjunct the most majestic and proud star in the sky, Regulus. Of course the regal one needs an aspect pattern that befits his almighty presence. So the planets have laid out a mystic rectangle for the King to enthrone himself. This rectangle consists of the Moon’s Nodes and Neptune/Sun opposed Moon. The star Regulus is the star in the heart of Leo the lion. It supposed to bestow great honor. With the moon  “Occult interests, powerful friends, danger from enemies and false friends, gain by speculation, public prominence, great power, honor, wealth, benefits seldom last, violence, trouble and sickness. Makes women high spirited and independent.” [1]

As you can see Regulus and the Moon are not the perfect mix. For along with the great honor, we also get sickness and false friends. With the Neptune opposing this moon we do have to be careful of hangers-on and the false friends. Another thing we have to watch out for is the “Rack” aspect pattern that the Moon plugs into. Cards we have been playing close to our chest during the Going Ga-Ga New Moon will have to be put on the table at the Full Moon. A month ago we also had a mystic rectangle in the Star Wars Full Moon. As we had in the rectangle back then, Juno was active so marital unions are in focus once more. These months since the Lunar eclipse have been extraordinarily testing times on our intimate relationships. We have seen many break ups and even those marriages we thought solid have been pushed to breaking point.


Are you ready for some soul growth? Watch that rack start stretching your spouse (Juno), best friend (Lilith), lover (Mars) or mother (Moon) when you show them just what you have been hiding up your sleeve.
As a backdrop to all this we have Venus squaring Saturn, so we might be feeling a little restless in our committed relationships. With Uranus squaring those Nodes, we could be teased off our path by some nymph or wild idea. Sun Neptune warns against deluding ourselves with fantasy and letting that Regulus head swell so large that it bursts out of it’s own crown. There are no asteroids of any note conjunct the Moon this month, but I noticed it is conjunct the Uranian planet Trans-Pluto. This planet is about becoming whole, doing what you want regardless of what people think. This works very well with the solar/Leo sensibility.[1]  Robson. The Fixed stars & Constellations. p.196.


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