Full Moon December 2017 ~ Mystic Duel


The Full Moon on December 3 2017 falls at 11º Gemini decan 2.

Full Moon Aspects & Fixed Star

Tabit is found in the lion’s skin that Orion holds so triumphantly. This is a great warrior and needs to display his trophy’s. “Orion will fashion alert minds and agile bodies, souls prompt to respond to duty’s call, and hearts which press on with unflagging energy in spite of every trial.” ~ Manilus. Orion’s sexual energy seems to be about conquering territory; his sword hangs suggestively below his belt. If you look at naked Orion in a sky without light pollution and cloud, the phallus is very clear! For the Egyptians, Orion was Osiris and we know that this missing member was an important element of his resurrection..

Full Moon square Neptune. In positions of power the Moons popularity and Neptune’s mystique can be used as a smokescreen to cover up corruption. Those who work in the very Neptunian, spiritual arena can be tempted to abuse their care-taking/guru position. Neptune can rule deception, lies and delusion. Therefore Moon square Neptune can have criminal tendencies in its very lowest vibration. The Moon can fall victim to negative Neptune because of its tendency to do things unconsciously. The Moon (Public) can be very easily hypnotised by Neptune’s promise of salvation.

Full Moon quincunx Jupiter. Protection is BIG here, and parents will be incredibly nurturing, warm and generous to those in their care. Of course though, with Jupiter there is always the danger of going over-the-top. The temptation to indoctrinate children or pupils to fanatically follow a group’s own beliefs is very high. At this Full Moon certain members of the public can’t help but become completely enamored by a belief system, be it political or religious.

Full Moon December 2017

Full Moon December 2017 Chart

The aspect pattern of the Full Moon a T-Square to Neptune with an interfering quincunx from Jupiter. As you can see in my Jupiter in Scorpio post when Jupiter is in Scorpio decan 2 “Cult leaders and Gurus will be out in force during Jupiter’s longer stay in this decan. There will be genuine visionaries too though, so don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.” So there is definitely a competitiveness between the various belief systems. Not to mention we are coming up to Christmas. Oh what is the most politically correct name to call the festive season this year…? But hey, there are other myths to look at at this Full Moon. In the Full Moon December 2017Anunnaki pantheon, Enki is Neptune and Enlil Is Jupiter! “According to the Sumerians, Enlil requested the creation of a slave race, but then got tired of their noise and tried to kill them by sending a flood.”

Enki is the original scientist/creator god who tried to save humanity from the deluge sent to kill them. There is speculation that the Abrahamic Gods, (Jehovah and Allah) are based on Enlil according to Gerald Clark. [1] And both Jupiter and Neptune rule Pisces, the ‘Redeemer’ age that is ending. Due to the precession we are entering into the constellation of Aquarius (The water bearer is also said to be Enki.) “Why do we find Archangel Gabriel actively working for both Christianity and Islam? It’s hard to understand why God had to create a religion, but even harder, why he had to create two religions? Are those religions meant to balance each other’s power so that none of them could dominate the world, according to the doctrine divide and rule?” ~ Planet Of Gold.

Tuning Out or In?

Isn’t Jupiter supposed to be a benefic in astrology? Yet for the Sumerian’s, Jupiter is the creator of slaves? All is not what it seems at this Full Moon.. In the T-square there is an attempt by Neptune (Enki?) to clean up Neptune’s lowest vibration and turn it to that of the savior. Enki, or shall we say Atlantean energy, is trying to break through and conduct re-tuning. But the quincunx (if we read it as Enlil) could be trying to subvert this attempt at detoxification and pull Neptune to its lower vibration. This is what I believe happened in the 1960’s when there was an mass awakening against war on the planet, but then came… LSD and all the tuning out. Neptune is music of course and so those ‘good vibrations’ can very easily become warped, in some cases literally. The quincunx is karmic adjustment but it can also be very sneaky in its action also.

The Full Moon also falls very close to the Aldebaran/Antares axis. Technically the Moon is in Gemini Decan 2 and closer to Tabit which is why I haven’t focused too much on Aldebaran (At 9º 47′) as being the Full Moon star. But since we do have a theme of good twin Enki and bad twin Enlil I thought this polarity worth noting. In my write up of Aldebaran, you can clearly see the duel of the knight and the dragon. Aldebaran is the heroic Moon while Antares, (literally anti-aries) the anti-hero Sun for this Full Moon opposition.

Full Moon December 2017 ~ Summary

We can use this Full Moon energy to examine how sometimes opposites are two sides of the same coin. We can see this in comparative religions and take the esoteric route. There is definitely some mysteries trying to surface, but make sure to grab them before some dogmatic Jehovian tries to turn the positive, enlightening energy into some vacuous media meme or divisive trending hashtag. I can see something like the remembrance day Red Poppy V White Poppy debacle happening again but with a festive theme. It could be something as silly as “Traditional Christmas trees are too Victorian and Queen Victoria was a colonist, so tear down any fascist Christmas trees that have red (Bloody), white (Supremacist) and gold (Trump) decorations you fascist!” The only acceptable ‘holiday’ tree will be decked with rainbow inclusive baubles and pink unicorns. Or something like that… #IsMyNordicSpruceTooNordic?

Image Credit: Fair Rosamund and Eleanor. Frank Cadogan Cowper. British, 1877 – 1958

The extended YouTube version of this post looks at the true meaning of Yule, commercialisation, politically correct christmas trees, divide and conquer, good twin/bad twin, Enki & Enlil as Neptune and Jupiter. Enlil the slave creator, Orion/Osiris.


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