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Full Moon December 2013The Full Moon December 2013 on the 17th is at 25º Gemini and falls on the fixed star Al Hecka in Gemini decan 3. This is an extremely busy part of the sky. This Full Moon is a multi-talented, multi-tasking, multi-faceted super-parent who wants it all and does it all. Like tropical Gemini there are two sides to this Moon and each one is just as forceful and strong as the other. The Dark twin will be represented by the Moon on Al Hecka, which is not an easy star. It is also conjunct Medea who liked to poison people…

Al Hecka sits right on the tip of the bull’s horns in the constellation of Taurus. According to Robson generally Al Heckagives violence, male violence and danger of accidents” and with the Moon gives “Quarrels, evil habits and company, depravity.” If there is a difficult situation though, I believe this Moon could be telling us we need to take the Bull by the horns very literally. Because issues are coming to a head now that have been simmering under the surface for some time. So no more toxic brewing, the direct approach is needed. The Sun opposite the Moon is nearest to Shaula in the sting of the Scorpio “It gives danger, desperation, immorality and malevolence, and is connected with acid poisons.” Oh please! We not want any more negative Moons, not with Christmas coming and not when we are about to hit Venus retrograde. So for a limited time only, I am offering this Full Moon topped with the sickliest sugar coating I can find. This is full-on Christmas pudding grade sweetness, with lashings of brandy. What the Hecka, its Chriiissstmmmaaaaasss!!!! (Yelled like Noddy Holder)

Full Moon December Horoscope

So, just because Al Hecka is a bitch of a star, it doesn’t mean this Moon dooms us to a Christmas of pre-minstrel tension (Does anyone remember those really weird Black & White minstrel Christmas shows from the 1970’s? Why?!!?… but anyway) Al Hecka is sandwiched between two stars in the legendary Orion’s belt. Gemini decan 3 “are the zodiacs over-achievers, the want to learn everything, 7 different languages if they have to. They are greedy for knowledge and masters of commerce. They instinctively know how to wheel ‘n deal to the very top of their profession.” So something about the strife of Al Hecka helps to power the Orion’s juggernaut of success. It’s like the grit in the shell that makes the pearl. See, I told you there is a good side to this Full Moon oon after all! Generally Orion’s belt gives “strength, energy, industry, organizing abilities, notoriety, good fortune, lasting happiness, a sharp mind and a good memory.” With the Moon it gives “new and influential friends, valuable gifts, love of respectable women.” I think this suggests support from family and friends just when you need it. Christmas can be a tough time for those going through heartbreak. Some of us may be facing Christmas solo for the first time in years. Others may get nostalgic over the missing relatives at the Christmas lunch if they have passed away.

Full Moon Aspects

The multi-tasking aspect of this Full Moon is precisely what we need over the Christmas period. The only difficulty may come from the sting of the Scorpio from the Sun. Mercury in Sabik in Ophuichus might make us utter forked-tongue curses under our breath at some of our more “challenging” relatives. Or, the Sabik poison might simply take the form of alcohol. A few harassed festive chefs will be tempted to slip some extra rum into the trifle to sedate those very relatives… There is also the helpful influence of the Jupiter trine Saturn, which is in affect for an extended period over Christmas.Full Moon December 2013 This is also just what we need because generous Jupiter is a bridge builder and helps mend any family feuds. Saturn does well on Zubenelschemali, the lucky scale of Libra. Even if it a little reserved, Saturn here is still “favorable for gain and domestic matters” and “a good judge of human nature”. I think it will bring some patience, tolerance and understanding into the equation. The season of good will indeed.

There are not aspects the the Moon from the regular planets but there is a conjunction to Asteroid Medea, the gifted sorceress. Jason (of the Argonauts) promised to marry her if she helped him obtain the Golden Fleece with her magic, which she did. Medea had two sons by Jason, but unfortunately he decided to marry someone else. “In later myth Medea is usually remembered, not as the skilled healer, but as a revengeful and spurned partner, a woman caught in the grip of jealousy for which she had no antidote. By the classical period the playwrights depict Medea consumed with rage, murdering her own children to avenge Jason’s infidelity.” ~ Healing Stars. In earlier versions of the myth, Medea was a gifted herbalist and healer trained under Hekate. Only later, post Jason, was the wrathful side developed.

Medea’s Medicine

So there are two sides to this myth and this Gemini Moon, just like I said in the beginning. Medea comes from the same root as Medusa. Her decapitated head’s blood was toxic on one side and healing on the other. There is definitely an element of poison to this Full Moon from both Shaula and Medea. We will need to draw on the Jupiter trine Saturn to help us moderate the indulgences of the festive season. It’s just about getting the right dosage and we’ll all be fine. I think this Full Moon will seem daunting at first, just like Christmas often does. But once we are sat around the tree and glasses of wine and/or kiddies have melted a few hearts we will realise it’s actually not that bad. In fact it’s proving to be rather enjoyable, for some of us who have an allergy to Christmas, this might be a bit of a shock. The unexpected relief of how fun it has become may be where the over-indulgence of the poison comes into it. You might just find you enjoy yourself a bit too much. Just make sure you are well stocked up with Andrews liver salts. Happy Christmas!

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