December 28 Full Moon – Revelations


The Full Moon on 28 December 2012 is at 7º Cancer on Mirzam in the front paw Canis Major. This Full Moon has something to woof about and will transmit through asteroid Pythia, the oracle goddess which is conjunct the Sun. This Oak Full Moon is the first of the winter solstice where light is dawning again after the longest night. Mistletoe, the fruit of the oak was sacred. It represents endurance and calling on great strength from within. The Yod to Jupiter conjunct Lilith draws great power and determination from the Saturn sextile Pluto. Out with the old, in with the new.

Religion is the focus with this Full Moon igniting the big Aldebaran Jupiter Yod of the year, which peaked on the infamous date of December 21 2012, the day before the winter solstice. “We may see the raising of global spirituality to a new level of acceptance and understanding. We may well see the best and the worst at the same time, and this polar extreme is something common in the effect of the Royal Stars (Aldebaran). As Bill Tierney wrote about the Yod: “arriving at a fork in the road and having to proceed in one direction rather than another without knowing where it will lead to.” Our faith will be tested heavily at this Full Moon. For some the 21st seems not to have heralded the paradigm shift that was hoped for, at least not in an obvious way and not in an instant. There is no quick fix to consciousness. Isn’t that just like Jupiter though, here we are a week later and not one of his overblown promises have materialised! “Patience” says Saturn sextile Pluto. This transformation is slow but thorough; no stone will be left unturned.

Full Moon Aspects

The Moon is heavily aspected, Sun quincunx Jupiter of the Yod has utter faith that the path they have chosen is the right one. But “by putting so much of themselves, their identity on the line, if the scales tip then they can show the Jupiter tendency to excess in a negative way, through guilt or addiction.” One must use the energy of Sun conjunct Pluto to keep strong and focused on the goal ahead and not self-destruct before you get there.

The Moon trine Saturn; “has a strong need to prove itself to the world”.  The trine will soften the zealous energy of that Aldebaran Yod and tone down some of Jupiter’s tendency go overboard with its crusading. Saturn will also command Jupiter to put its money where its mouth is. The Pluto sextile Saturn is a relentless power surge pushing Jupiter to manifest something out of its hot gas. However it is this gas, which inspires Pythia’s prophecy. You cannot have a dream-come-true without the dream.

Moon opposite Pluto; “The Pluto scapegoat receives all manner of “evils” projected onto them from the other side of the opposition. These subjects find it difficult to trust others with their feelings or secrets, yet somehow they become the catalyst for bringing to light others peoples deepest darkest demons. They can push the collectives boil to the surface” In the mundane world what looks like is being brought to a head then is some covert operation to do with organised religion. We still have the Uranus square Pluto in orb, which this Full Moon is turning into a T-square. So the political upsets, intrigues, sex scandals, and exposes that have been the background of the year are again highlighted. We could see women attacking sexist religions and protests in the church, very apt since this Moon falls just after Christianity’s feast of the nativity.

Full Moon – Asteroid Pythia & Mirzam

Mirzam is in the constellation of Canis Major which also houses the great dogstar Sirius. Mirzam is known as the announcer star because it rises before Sirius and barks like dogs do before anyone in the house realises there is someone at door. Pythia is an oracle, some one who can envision the future. Here we have the power of foresight, predicting an outcome and having the confidence to stand by ones vision of the future. Jupiter as the focus of the Yod is also the planet of speculation. Pythia however can also be someone whose visions of the future are dismissed as crazed ranting. So we might see those in power branding any unpalatable truth revealed about themselves as deluded and paranoid “conspiracy theory’.


At this time of year where we take stock of the year gone past and assess what is possible for the year ahead. We make projections and assess trends. The Yod will make us strive and focus on our 2013 mission. Rather like the October 29 Full Moon which had a Diamond Yod, there is a lot of action around 7 – 9º of the zodiac. This time the cardinals will feel the effects of this Full Moon most (And I do mean the clergy as well as the signs!) and it will amplify the Uranus square Pluto transit they are already dealing with. Cardinals will be called upon to justify their actions and be transparent with their plans. 7 – 9º Geminis will simply get bombarded by bible bashers.. This Full Moon will prompt to make some important announcement publicly, like getting engaged or summoning someone to court. In doing this we will feel we are pushing the dream towards manifestation.

Full Moon Keywords

Broadcasting, media speculation, summons, sermons, speculations, reviews, visions, big promises, manifesting dreams, pushing forward plans, priestesses V priests, revolutions in the church, revelations, bible bashers, idle thrashers, blowing hot air, projections, probing secrets, no stone unturned, endurance, empowering, power hungry, doomsday prophesies, heretics, conspiracy theorists, scapegoats, holy ghosts.