Full Moon August 2021

The Full Moon 22 August 2021 falls at 29º Aquarius Decan 3.

The Moon fairs far better than the Sun in Aquarius decan 3 because here it can work its lunar sorcery calmly under the moonbeams. In this position, it isn’t enticed away from its principle goal by the Sun’s prideful desires for brilliance.

Those who feel a connection to this new moon will come to accept their un-acknowledgement by society at large. It no longer disturbs them a lot as they are aware how wrecked the framework is in any case. This full moon conveys how important it is to avoid the trap of service-to-self versus serving others.

In any case, there are a couple of nativitys with this position that fell foul to the ‘peculiar homegrown conditions’ that accompanies the Moon in this decan. (Ie. Woody Allen wedded his adopted daughter.)

The full moon august is full of Catch 22s. For instance; a helpful carer whose focus is mainly outside of the home. This mother may be better at nurturing others’ youngsters instead of her own. Princess Diana (who had this moon arrangement) pushed to the limit what was acceptable conduct for a princess. Her  pro-active way of dealing with good causes saw her in very close contact with AIDS patients which was huge ‘no-no’ at that point of time back in the 80’s.

Full Moon August 2021