Full Moon 26 August 2018 ~ Mopping Up

The full moon August 26, 2018, falls at 3º Pisces decan 1. The full moon August 2018 astrology shows an extremely complex blend of aspect patterns where the full moon forms the backbone of a kite (Inside a grand earth trine) The moon is also part of a yod to the North Node. Whenever there is so much going on at a full moon we know this will be an eventful and busy month for the collective. It is also a kind of mopping up moon from the seasons three eclipses and both the Mercury and Mars retrogrades (that go direct at August 19 and 28 respectively.) The effect of a full moon lasts for a month, so enough time get a grip on the fall out from this summer’s shenanigans.

The school holidays are coming to a close too. It’s the time of year for tying up loose ends in preparation for a the new semester. Boy, are there so many loose ends to tie up! The full moon falls between stars Sadalmelik the constellation of Aquarius and one of the most important stars in the sky Fomalhaut. Imagination is needed to somehow cobble together a collage of everything that has happened over the summer and make some sense of it all. “It’s complicated!” is an understatement..

Full Moon August 2018 Fixed Stars

Sadalmelik 3º ~ “Prominence in occult matters, success in large companies, favourable for gain. If at the same time a malefic be with Algol, death by royal command either by hanging or by decapitation.” [1] “ Good, or fortunate, associations; one’s creative work as well received. Beneficial friendships” [2] Fomalhaut 4º ~ “Secret business causing much trouble and enmity, but eventual gain after many difficulties. The separation is more benefic than the application.” [3] ” To catalyse idealistic or romantic feelings in others. To have illusions about what other people need to do, are able to do, or are able to achieve.” [4]

Moon on Fomalhaut as one of the archangel stars that can be extremely fortunate, but only if it uses its gifts with integrity and for the greater good. Otherwise, Fomalhaut can be corrupt, fall into sorcery and be disgraced. That’s the feeling of the whole decan really. Water needs to be kept flowing since it can absorb negativity more than any other element and of course stagnant water becomes toxic very quickly.

Robson says Fomalhaut “is said to be very fortunate and powerful and yet to cause malevolence of sublime scope and character, and change from a material to a spiritual form of expression.” The Ebertins say “According to tradition, this star is of quite a variable effect, either very good or very bad, depending on the overall cosmic structure. It is assumed, however, that the helpful influence is the greater one… Tied up with either Sun or Moon, the influence of Fomalhaut is said to be quite marked.” I have written a full post on Fomalhaut.

The great imagination generated by the Moon is obvious when you find that both Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci had their Moon here. This decan explores fantasy, the dreamscape and the surreal. There is also a sense of prophecy too. Those touched by full Moon will be able to access other timelines and weave together seamlessly elements from the past with those of the future. We feel connected to our childhood and there is a love of nostalgia. At this full moon, we find the magic in nature and are enchanted. Designers are able to pull out geometric shapes and styles from what they see in the landscape.

Full Moon August 2018 Tarot Card

Full Moon August TarotThe tarot card associated with this decan is the 8 of cups “Much inner and outer work needs to be done. You might feel the need to withdraw from the rat race to focus on what is of true worth and to hear your inner voice.  The Eight of Cups does not imply that your Personal Journey will be easy as many superficial and shallow layers will have to be peeled away before you will find your Personal Truth and Spiritual Core.” ~ teachmetarot.

It is clear that this decan does not focus on the rat race of the business world, rejecting material gain. Karmically this decan signifies turning your back on old behaviour patterns where you have stayed too long in a situation or relationship that was unfulfilling. This lifetime is a wakeup call, and you may have one very draining partner, with whom you suffered so much that you decide once and for all, ‘never again!’


Full Moon August 2018 Astrology

Full Moon August 2018

August Full Moon 2018 Aspects

Moon sextile Saturn.  The sensitive moon and severe Saturn do not usually make easy bedfellows, but the soft aspect warms and soothes things here nicely. The over-riding theme at this full moon then will be the need to achieve in order to build personal security. Moon sextile Saturn can be a critical or strict mother, used to keeping to a fixed timetable. This is a great full moon for getting all our homework done and deferring gratification. Those touched by this full moon will have a very strong work ethic and stamina and patience to see a job through to the bitter end no matter what obstacles confront them.

Moon sextile Uranus is an artistic aspect that flowers an original and eccentric mind. This full moon will support innovators and inventors that think outside the box. Those touched by this full moon will have an instinct for what is about to happen and be hip to new trends. Anyone connected to this full moon finds they have a hotline to the sway of public opinion, but will be swiftly off the scene before the idea falls out of favour.

Saturn trine Uranus was last years big aspect, but here it is revived but earth signs rather than fire. Usually, this is a revolutionary aspect and in my post, I called it “Revolver” but the trine “could be the sugar coated-pill that enables the Uranus changes to be made without too much rebellion. There is challenge to the reigning authority, but the changes made will seem familiar, so that people aren’t really thrown too much out of their comfort zone. It is like having a divorce in order to get back with an Ex from your teenage years! It is like a rejuvenation, feeling young again, even if you are past 50.. Uranus tends to make change drastically, but a trine from Saturn suggests that it will be done considerately and incrementally.”


Full Moon August 2018 To make the most of all this complex, dreamy, inventive and artistic energy at this full moon August 2018 make the gods work for you by immersing yourself in Pisces decan 1 energy. If your ascendant, Sun or Moon are in the mutable signs decan 1 you might find it hard to contain your over-active imagination and paranoia. To avoid too much fantasy and melodrama without a finished product, try focused meditation or yoga with the following:

Useful healing materials and props: The 8 of cups to gaze at, seaweed to eat, narcissus to adorn your table, Smithsonite crystal to hold, music in the key of F# to listen to, white sage, Iris root and nutmeg essential oils in a bath.

Smithsonite Meaning: A healing crystal to boost psychic gifts, relieve stress and boost your immune system. It aids being kind to yourself. Smithsonite works best “For anyone who is so severely stressed, and particularly if you who feel you may be heading for a nervous breakdown, this stone is well known for its ability to help you to feel better quickly.” ~ healingcrystalsforyou.

Full Moon August 2018 ~ Summary

This full moon August 2018 gives us many paths and many options to explore, maybe the problem is there are just too many options! Pisces decan 1 is “a bohemian artists dream, where one can catch the muses and write inspiring music, art and poetry. Here one can absorb, blend into the landscape and be receptive to the flow of inspiration from the collective. But oh so sensitive, there can be the problem of feeling other peoples pain.”  Trying to maintain a structure and focus will be important.

The earth grand trine is great in that it is a grounding aspect. It will help bed-in Uranus that has newly arrived in Taurus. However, Uranus is currently retrograde and heading back to re-enter the last degrees in Aries once more. It certainly feels like there are a good few loose ends to tie up. Those touched by this full moon might be surprised to see just how much mangled up bits of old wool there are in whatever project or relationship had been reopened for inspection. Once the mess has been sorted out though, you should find you have a lovely set of unsullied colours to create something totally new from the old, just like Saturn trine Uranus does best.

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4 thoughts on “Full Moon 26 August 2018 ~ Mopping Up

  1. Right opposite my 3’06 virgo ascendant. I need to cut a pisces loose. Been way too fishy for me.

  2. Haha, don’t believe someone has been living the same experience through the summer as me.
    Ex resurfaces when mars is conjunct my mercury 8 deg aquarius (ex being narcissistic, recovering alcoholic, so another similarity) and it’s a long distance relationship too. We’ve broken up and made up again through the summer. Crazy eh?
    My sun, moon, jupiter, uranus, neptune and chiron all within the 28 deg mars retrograde phase through aspect !
    My mother, who I think he always had a bigger crush on than me is dying and the next full moon is conjunct her sun. I think one of the reasons he’s sticking around is because of her imminent departure.

    I’ll be glad when this crazy summer is over and done with, emotionally worn out.

    1. What a great article! Glad to see someone else thinking along the immunity line. Beware Neptune!!! Thanks for that 🙂

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