Full Moon ~ Karma Chameleon

The Full Moon on August 20/21
is at 28º Aquarius decan 3 on Gienah in Cygnus. It’s an intense one since the Sun will be on Alfard in the Watersnake while Saturn is still on the April Lunar eclipse point. Sun conjunct Ceres brings the Persephone myth sharply into our consciousness “There seem to be themes of sudden great gain or loss which forces growth. These people might find pain is involved if they have to separate from their family for any reason. Sun with Ceres can feel scarred, betrayed or tainted by some family scandal, inheritance or ancestral trait.” Both of these on poisonous Alfard are going to highlight the pain of withdrawal. Sometimes we can’t help but be pulled down into Pluto’s pit. Heavy-duty karma from the past is a powerful magnet. Having it fester deep inside us makes it toxic. This concentrated poison seeks release and as it is rising to the surface of our souls we will tend to attract a Pluto soulmate to help burst the karmic boil. It’s messy and painful and make take a few years, but we will be a brand new person by the end of it.

Pluto will often be the very same person with whom you created this poison many life times ago. This is a two way karma, one takes revenge the next life, and eye for an eye and so on. Then it becomes more enmeshed, others are drawn in and entangled. Messy… If we project the demon onto Pluto, cursing him for the toxins and our addiction to them, then we are just falling into the trap of blame and self-victimisation. Every karmic relationship is a dance, spinning in circles on the wheel until one of the partners decides they are too dizzy and must step off. At first one feels sick, the room is still spinning, there is no anchor to gain momentum from, it’s like we’ve lost a limb. With this Full Moon the weight falls in Leo decan 3. The Sun is dignified here and we are not too far from Regulus. It is like the heavy King is flinging his lightweight partner around, he is leading, but our Full Moon is all over the place, her feet cannot touch the ground. She is the Swan, what royals eat for dinner….

So in this situation the Swan needs to remember she has wings, she can fly. Through her roller coaster dance with the serpent king, this swan discovers there is more to life than looking beautiful and gliding around a pond in a stately home. She is rudely thrown into the sky, but from that elevated position she can see that there are many other ponds, rivers, seas and even vast oceans out there to discover. The North Node and Saturn have been hovering on past and future eclipse points. Between April and November this year we have a portal, a window for the Swan part of our soul to take a deep breath and start flapping those virgin wings for the first time. Exciting, scary, exhilarating… Karmic ties are loosening; our higher selves cannot help but speak out now when they see unbalanced relationships.

Full Moon August 2013 Horoscope

In this Full Moon we have a learning triangle with Jupiter square Uranus screaming for freedom, smashing those chains that we put on ourselves. The North Node sooths all this by saying, “Have no fear, the universe supports you, if you speak your truth”. Venus quincunx Neptune emphasises karmic rebalancing for historical soulmates. The Full Moon is conjunct Asteroid Ulula, which is the genus of owls, including the great grey owl and the screech owl. Owls in folklore are both revered and feared. In ancient Greece they were a symbol of good fortune whereas the Romans saw them as omens of disaster. Of course they are also associated with Lilith as her screech owl and baby killer since in “Malaya it was believed that owls ate new-born babies, the Swahili believed that owls brought sickness to children, in Arabia it was believed that owls were evil spirits that carried children off in the night.”  I think it is interesting that it was thought that one could get an owl to wring its own neck by walking in circles around it since an owl will watch something so intently while its neck can turn almost 360º. So now we are back to the cycles of fate.

The Full Moon is on fixed star Gienah in Aquarius decan 3 which itself is ruled by the Moon. “It brings the confrontation of the old with the new, this is the most revolutionary and edgy decan of Aquarius. This decan marrys the swan’s unbridled imagination (and libido) with the transformative spiralling tail of the sea-goat. The tail is known as “The Gate Of Gods” which was said to be the portal of ascension back to heaven. Therefore this area is a departure gate, the last boundary between one dimension and another.” This is quite a solemn moon, standing at the crossroads, looking at the new dawn with trepidation. It is a huge wrench to step away from the familiar past, (no matter how dark) to pastures new. Past karma is a powerful magnet, it is fate, the fatal attraction. Sometimes we can fear freedom more than the comfort of bondage if imprisonment is all that we have known. Look at the cases of prisoners who re-offend because they actually prefer jail. The tomb is womb.

We are being urged to evolve through the learning triangle; Jupiter square Uranus sets us free, Uranus quincunx North Node on fixed star Acrux, the crucifixion of our soul stretched and contorted back into shape. North Node trine Jupiter is the resolution, the promise of “fame, honors and riches” pulsing from mega-watt Sirius. Majestic Zeus here rewards you with “Business success, journeys, help from relatives, ecclesiastical preferment.” if we can pass through this transition with grace. Aries, Scorpio and Cancer Decan 2 along with Aquarius Decan 3 and Leo decan 3 are going to feel the effects of this moon most acutely.

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