Full Moon August 2012

Full Moon August 2 2012The Full Moon on August 2 2012 is at 10º Aquarius and conjunct Asteroid Cyrene, the lion-taming huntress. We have a sparkly and enthusiastic Moon trine Jupiter, roaring fun and innovation. We have some nice geometry too, what Esoteric Astrologers call “The Cradle” See chart. Pluto is pulling fresh, exciting ideas and visions out of cocoon, like a butterfly. Moon trine Jupiter can be super-mum.

This aspect pattern is protective, but at the same time the base of the cradle is two freedom-loving planets Jupiter sextile Uranus. The Moon tames the wild and free outer planets, the lion. In aspect Jupiter and Uranus can be “The Quickening”. All this language so far speaks of having to cut the umbilical cord and strike out on ones own, like the Uranian cracking of the egg.

The baby in “The Cradle” aspect pattern represents the interface between the material world and the spiritual. People with this aspect in their natal chart retain their childhood innocence all their life, they have great faith that the world is essentially good and harmless. The archetype is quite Cancerean. These subjects cling to their childhood and their children, but also like to be clung to. The challenge for this Full Moon is to leave the security of the cradle and go into the outside world. It’s like both Jupiter and Uranus here need to bounce the baby out of the comfort of the soft, cosy womb into the empty space of the chart order to become independent.


Full Moon Horoscope

In the full Moon chart, Pluto is the midwife helping to pull the baby out by the square to Uranus. This is a lovely healing aspect pattern though, because it can absorb the conflict and pain of others without being burdened by it. They can wall themselves off with the cradle and the problems cease to exist. Meanwhile outside the energy is discharged against the walls and becomes harmonious. This is how the trines and sextiles here work:

Full Moon August 2 2012 AstrologySun Sextile Jupiter “The warm and giving personality of these people is contagious, they lift the spirits of those around them so often end up being very popular.” Sun Trine Uranus “their self esteem is enhanced by this heightened self awareness. The usually non-personal nature of Uranus is given the personal touch with this aspect and you can see this humanistic side.”

Moon trine Jupiter “Popular, opulent and of high status, these people expect success and usually get it. Jupiter is lucky and with the Moon has the knack of attracting fortune.” Moon sextile Uranuswill find an inventive way to channel this electric, restless energy. The sextile is a Venusian, artistic aspect and flowers an original and eccentric mind that thinks outside the box. These people are innovators and inventors.”

You can see all the aspects work together, but in quite an electrifying way. Sudden revelations, a surge of healing energy. Jupiter should bring out the best in Aldebaran “honor, intelligence, eloquence, steadfastness, integrity, popularity, courage,” and I would think spiritual growth and a chance for awakening, especially with the sextile to Uranus. Uranus on high flying Algenib in Pegasus “Active and eccentric mind, reformer or agitator, great influence over the minds of others necessitating journeys, peculiar ideas in advance of the time, mystic and fond of mysteries”. I think we could have the birthing or great new ideas, inventions and humanitarian projects. This combination has great vision and I think may bring out some discovery that will benefit humanity as a whole.

New Inspiration

Full Moon August 2The Sabian symbol for this moon carries on the same innovative and inspirational theme. “During the silent hour, a man receives new inspiration which may change his life.” At last, a pretty benign Full Moon, it’s all good news and just what we need after the very dark, “Barking Mad” New Moon we have just experienced. This Moon should soothe and help heal the bruises we received two weeks ago. We are being asked us to continue the meditative and reflective approach that we started at the New Moon.

We need to quieten the mind so it can receive “counselling” from other dimensions. This fits with Mercury Retrograde where I advised we could re-wire negative belief patterns. This moon shuts down the noise of the rational mind. There is harmony, but also excitement. Asteroid Cyrene adds a little spice, Apollo feel in love with her as he witnessed our butch nymph wrestling with a Lion. Apollo obviously appreciated a strong lass, and fell for her biceps rather than her femininity, how very Uranian. Apollo still managed to steal Cyrene off to Libya however, where he named a colony after her.

August 2012 Full Moon Keywords

Innovations, Inventions, Well Of Creativity, Inspiration, Expiration, Breathing, Meditation, Visionaries, High Flying, Awakenings, Intuitive flashes, Being Alone, Contemplation, Staying home, Reflecting, Rewiring, Resolving, Re-birthing, Quickening, Protecting, Cutting the umbilical cord, Emerging from the cocoon, Progressive love, Unusual attractions.

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